[KACT] Are our juniors "standards-based" students?

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 12:17:03 -0600

I came across a statement in the ACS's Chemistry in the National Science
Education Standards that stated something in a way that really hit me (the
last sentence mainly, but I'm giving a little of the background):


".content standards and benchmarks represent national consensus regarding
what all students should be capable of knowing and doing.Thus, for example,
science content standards for grades 9-12 are based on the assumption that
students have previously mastered all standards-based science expectations
for grades K-4 and 5-8..If standards-based science had been fully
implemented in a school system in 1996, it would be 2007 before 11th graders
possessed the knowledge and skills of a full standards-based K-10 science


Well, it'll be 2007 in a few weeks.how do your juniors look?  Mine say they
have never had to write their own lab procedure until my class (and even if
you take into account that some students always say they haven't been
exposed to something when they really had."You never taught that".at least a
couple would remember it if it truly happened.how could 80 kids all forget
designing their own lab procedures?) and they're missing many other of the
"standards" they should have had by now!


Now that science is going to included in NCLB (many schools have put science
on the back burner in lower grades to focus on math & reading to pass NCLB
up to now) are we just now going to start the K-12 science process.will it
take another 10 years before our juniors are "standards-based".if so, that's
possibly 10 years of poor test results!


Just some thoughts!




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