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Good idea--on both accounts.  I still want to tweak that one a little bit and 
that's something I want to do--add  more waters.  I'll start a compilation of 
them in the "filing cabinet" on the KACT teacher resource section...I'll start 
a new page for "animations"...if anybody makes any, send them on!

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Thanks for the info.   Your project looks nice.    
Just a quick thought about the animation....  Should you have mulitple waters 
also pulling of the Cl- ion?   In the current version I think you just have one 
H2O pulling the chlorine off.    It would be cool to create a repository of 
such animations so we can share our work with others (and not have to create 
all of them ourselves).
Bruce Wellman
Olathe South HS

>>> "Deters, Kelly" <DetersK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 10/26/2005 11:23 AM >>>

From another ListServ (I think), I heard about ChemSense animation software.  
I've been looking for a good, easy to use, cheap (preferably free) software to 
use to create animations of molecular movement/processes as a part of the 
ancilliary materials for my new textbook.  I've looked at several, and this is 
by far the easiest and fastest to learn.  

You can see it and download it at www.chemsense.org and there's a 5 page "Quick 
Start" guide (PDF file) you can download that really does show you all you need 
to know to get you started.  They also have examples made by teachers and 
students on their site, and activities designed that you could do with your 

I played with it this morning and made a movie in about an hour--I can see that 
my next one will go much faster as with anything, there is a learning curve!  
You can see my first attempt at 


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