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  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 08:35:21 -0500

Sounds good to me.

Melissa N

>>> DetersK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/28/05 7:55 AM >>>
I looked more closely at the locations this morning.

There's actually 6 people that are closer to Topeka and 4 people that are 
closer to Wichita.  Of those 4 people in that are closer to Wichita, 3 of them 
are very near each other (Pomona, Goddard and Wichita) and could car-pool.  So 
I think, with the exception of Melisa W (in Liberal), Topeka is a better 
choice.  And Melisa would have to drive 5 hours to even get to Wichita (7 to 
Topeka)--which if it was me, even 5 hours one-way wouldn't be worth it just for 
a meeting and lunch.  

So I think it makes the most sense, gas-wise and time-wise, to have it in 
Topeka (which is closer to more people) and perhaps the 3 people from the 
Wichita area (Brad, Angela and Nancy) could ride together (save on gas and have 
some company!)

How does that sound?


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