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Kelly. I have emailed David Pollack about meeting during KATS camp, and
offering some workshops for the chemistry strand at KATS.  I am awaiting his
reply.  I will contact you as soon as I hear back from him.. N



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<<KACT Officer Meeting 11-05-05.doc>> 
I'm sorry that some couldn't attend because of illnesses or other
obligations.  I know it's impossible to ever find a time and place when
everyone could meet.

I'm attaching the minutes from the meeting--If the attachment won't go
through on the ListServ (I haven't tried sending an attachment yet), then
I'll send another email directly to officers (not through the ListServ) that
I'll attach it to.  

The first 2 pages is a summary of all that we discussed.  The third page is
a list of duties for the various people.  Let me know if you have any
questions about your "duties"

Since we only had a partial group present, if any of the discussion in the
minutes sparks additional ideas or comments, please share them on the
ListServ and I'll attach them to the minutes as "electronic additions"--I
want to get everyone's input in this group!

Thanks, Kelly 

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