[k9] K9 version 1.27 released

  • From: Robin Keir <robin@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: k9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 10:29:15 -0800

K9 version 1.27 has been released (Mar 13th 2004).

Bug fixes and changes:

- Copy to clipboard right-click menu option wasn't working in the 
Storage Area or Server Check sections.
- Debug log windows are now limited to the last 512 K of text to help 
reduce memory usage.
- Modified update behavior on the Advanced page when editing or creating 
a new account.
- Added Advanced page option to reduce CPU priority when K9 is minimized.
- Added option to always score emails after the Storage Area emails have 
- Increased maximum line length for filter lists from 256 to 1024 
- DNSBL lookups are disabled for the remainder of a session if they are 
taking too long (cached values are still used).
- Changed statistics percentage values to show 2 decimal places.
- Server Check log results are now shown in a similar format to the 
Proxy log.
- Added Recent Emails "new", "good" and "spam" counts to system tray 
icon tooltip.
- Improved ability to detect message size for use with "Don't filter 
messages larger than..." option.


Work is currently in progress on the Server Check section of K9 so you
may find one or two glitches in that area right now. I am thinking
of adding some kind of automatic email check and spam deletion
functionality but haven't yet decided how to organize the display and


The latest version of K9 can be downloaded directly from the following

   EXE installer version (installer and uninstaller)

   ZIP version (no installer or uninstaller)

You can safely install over any existing copy without losing any

For answers to commonly asked questions visit


Thanks for your support!

All the best.



K9 home page: http://keir.net/k9.html

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