[k9] K9 version 1.25 released

  • From: Robin Keir <robin@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 16:06:30 -0800

K9 version 1.25 has been released (Jan 31st 2004).

Bug fixes and changes:

- Added Copy to clipboard right-click menu to copy headers/email.
- Was only going to K9 website if Recent Emails page was last page shown.
- Added new token to mark non 7 bit messages when the encoding type
   suggested it was 7 bit.
- Fixed "hang" problem with emails that contained no body text.
- Fixed a problem with the "translate TOP to RETR" option.
- Fixed a problem with timing out on large emails + slow connections.
- K9 no longer attempts to manipulate non-standard line endings in the
   email body section.
- Using the filter lists and the "Any" keyword, K9 will now concatenate
   the header and the body and search it in one operation as opposed to
   previously searching the headers then searching the body.


This week saw poor old K9 taking a hammering from the Mydoom virus/worm.
Due to the nature of the virus arriving in many different forms (ZIP,
EXE, SCR etc.) and it supposedly encrypting itself in a different way
each time an infected host restarted, coupled with the fact that many of
the Mydoom emails contained essentially no body text meant that K9 had a
hard time keeping up with it.

Many antivirus products automatically intercept email traffic to your
computer with no changes required to your email programs. However, many
still use a "proxy" mode, similar to how K9 operates, that requires
changes in your email program settings to tell it to use the antivirus
program to check your emails.

If you are concerned that your antivirus program is not seeing emails
containing viruses because of changes you have made to your email
program in combination with K9, the easiest thing to do is...

o  Temporarily disable your antivirus program email checking option.
o  Configure your email program to work with K9.
o  Re-enable your antivirus program email checking option.

This way your AV program should pick up the correct K9 settings from your
email program and adjust them to point to the AV program.

I'm afraid I don't have any further details on how to configure
particular antivirus applications. I use NOD32 (www.nod32.com) which I
find very reliable and it analyzes emails for viruses transparently with
no changes required to either my email program or K9.


Hopefully version 1.25 will have fixed the "hanging" problem on certain
emails that did not contain any text, or that had specific mal-formed
headers. The problem was caused by emails with completely empty body
text and K9 not properly determining the end of the headers section and
thus sending an error message back to the email program, which would
more likely than not drop the connection.

The other item worthy of mentioning is that I found a problem that would
have affected large emails or any email that took a long time to
download into K9 before being passed to the email program. This will
hopefully fix all of those "K9 has problems with large attachments" bug

In an attempt to better identify some worms and viruses I added 2 new
features to K9.

The first is designed to spot the random junk "Mydoom" style emails, or
in fact any email that doesn't properly adhere to POP3 standards by
claiming to be 7 bit compliant but using 8 bit characters.

The second option is the creation of a word that will be added to the
word databases showing what kind of attachment an email had. For
example, an email with an attachment called "test.scr" would cause
the creation of a word (as seen by double-clicking an email in K9)
"Attachment!scr". With this method K9 will better learn to know what
kinds of attachments are "spam".


The latest version of K9 can be downloaded directly from the following

   EXE installer version (installer and uninstaller)

   ZIP version (no installer or uninstaller)

You can safely install over any existing copy without losing any

For answers to commonly asked questions visit


Thanks for your support!

All the best.



K9 home page: http://keir.net/k9.html

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