[k9] K9 version 1.23 released

  • From: Robin Keir <robin@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "k9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <k9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 09:56:28 -0800

K9 version 1.23 has been released (Jan 11th 2004).

Bug fixes and changes:

- Added color selection customizer for list windows.
- Added a "K9 Website" item to system tray menu.
- Added simple session statistics logging to the file "sessions.txt".
- Increased "From" line to 80 characters from 40 in the
   whitelist/blacklist right-click menu.
- Changed default DNSBL server again, this time to sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org.
- K9 no longer monitors for changes in the filter list files if the
   options are not selectd on the Configuration page.
- Found a problem in the whitelist/blacklist code that may have
   prevented certain matches being made.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when using regular expressions.
- DNSBL cache wasn't properly expiring entries.
- Wasn't creating the Emails directory on first installation on Windows
   9x systems.


The dreaded "vanishing Recent Emails" problem will hopefully have been
fixed with this release. The problems stemmed from changes I'd made back
in version 1.20 to provide K9 with the ability to change the location of
the Emails directory. Due to a combination of events new installations
on Windows 9x systems may not have had the Emails directory created at
all and would have resulted in no emails ever being seen in the Recent
Emails window or the Storage Area.


By popular demand I have added the ability to customize the text and
background colors in the lists. No doubt there may be other combinations
of colors for different types of good/spam foregrounds and backgrounds
but this feature should satisfy most people. See the new "Custom colors"
checkbox and button on the Configuration page.


K9 can now log brief session statistics. These will be saved to the file
called "sessions.txt" found in the K9 Emails\DB directory. The file is a
"comma-separated values" table suitable for importing into a spreadsheet
application. The format of the file is

     date, time, good count, spam count, accuracy1, accuracy2

where "accuracy1" and "accuracy2" are the overall accuracy values as seen
on the Statistics page.

The email count values are the number of good and spam emails received
during a single email download session. If no emails were seen during a
check then nothing will be logged.


I have changed the default DNSBL server again. This will only affect new
installations. Spamhaus' original announcement implied that
xbl.spamhaus.org included both cbl.abuseat.org and their own list, but
apparently this wasn't the case.


The latest version of K9 can be downloaded directly from the following

   EXE installer version (installer and uninstaller)

   ZIP version (no installer or uninstaller)

You can safely install over any existing copy without losing any

For answers to commonly asked questions visit


Thanks for your support!

All the best.



K9 home page: http://keir.net/k9.html

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