[k9] K9 version 1.17 released

  • From: Robin Keir <robin@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 21:07:24 -0800

K9 version 1.17 has been released (Nov 20th 2003).

- Added DNSBL support.
- Fixed problem decoding MIME headers with some emails.
- Enhanced the right-click filter context menu.
- Rules added from right-click context menu are checked for duplicates
   before being added to lists.
- Shows overall accuracy statistic in the status bar.


DNS blacklist support is enabled from the Advanced tab. It uses an online
database of IP addresses known to be sources of spam. If enabled, K9 will
query this database for each email as it passes through the program to
determine if any of the IP addresses in the currently in the email have
been blacklisted and if any are it will add the hidden token "[DNSBL]" to
the word relevant word database.

By this method K9 will not categorically mark a blacklisted email as spam
but will allow the statistical analysis to "learn" if it is getting good
results from the DNSBL over time. It is possible for an IP address to be
blacklisted even if the address is really an innocent party since the IP
could be from a dialup user who has temporarily taken over the address
 from a previous user that was sending spam.

In addition to adding the keyword to the database, if the email in
question has been scored as spam K9 will add the word "[DNSBL]" to the
Subject or header line (as with the spam marker) so that the email
application can filter on this word if it so desires.

The default DNSBL I have chosen, CBL (http://cbl.abuseat.org/) was
found to provide very good results. However, you can change the
DNSBL server to any other similar server if you prefer. A good source
of information for this can be found at this URL:



The enhanced whitelist/blacklist menu is reached when you right-click
on a message in the window and select Whitelist or Blacklist and choose
an item to filter on.

You can now edit the text to be added to the whitelist/blacklist before
it is added to the list and also specify whether the letter case
(uppercase or lowercase) is relevant.

You can of course do all of this manually by editing the filter lists
directly but this menu makes it a little more convenient for people who
are not so comfortable with editing the file.


For the next version I will try to update the online documentation. This
is long overdue!


The latest version of K9 can be downloaded directly from the following

   EXE installer version (installer and uninstaller)

   ZIP version (no installer or uninstaller)

You can safely install over any existing copy without losing any

For answers to commonly asked questions visit


Thanks for your support!

All the best.



K9 home page: http://keir.net/k9.html

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