[k3] a lesson on Spam

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  • Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 10:04:55 EDT

Hello All,
I thought this announcement was shocking and worth considering...

"Outdoing most analysts' worst predictions, spam accounted for 82 percent
of all U.S. email last month." (from 

I try to help students learn about spam early to help them avoid it and to 
help them understand why it is bad (wastes time for people, overloads mail 
systems, creates a need for bigger systems etc.). I help them "see" this by 
about (and sometimes demonstrating) what would happen to their backpacks if I 
stuffed them full of papers -- a few that were important and a lot which were 
just junk ... and then what if that happened in their home mailboxes etc.

This little lesson makes sense to them and helps to understand the issue of 

Do you talk about Spam with your students? How about other ethical issues?

Gail Lovely
independent educator

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