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For those of you working with students at the upper end of this list's age 
range might find this project to be a good one for science and Language Arts - 
think there could be an art component too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Project Title: Bucket Buddies

Dates: March 15 - June 4, 2004

Purpose: Do you have leeches in your pond water? What about water
fleas or bristle worms? Project participants will identify organisms
in a local pond water sample and try to answer the question, "Are pond
water animals the same all over the country and the world?"

Subjects: Science, Language Arts

Grade Level: Grades 1-5, but the project is open to anyone who is

Summary: Participants will identify organisms in a local pond water
sample and then share their findings with other classes. Students will
look for similarities and differences in the data collected by all
project participants. This project provides students with practice in
the science process skills, as well as in writing to convey
information and explain ideas.

Registration Information: Registration is now open. There is NO FEE
required to join this project. All that we ask is that you review the
project requirements and join only if you can meet them all. To view
the project requirements and learn how to
register, visit the web site listed below.

Project Web Site: http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/bucketproj/

Carol Shields
Project Leader

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