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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 14:15:30 -0400

In computer class, we had students draw a picture for Mother's Day and
printed them on transfer paper and ironed them onto pot holders, dish
towels, tote bags, etc.  Some students also put their picture on their
project. They turned out very cute!

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> Hello to all!
> I am not sure if Mothers' Day is celebrated next month all around the world,
> but here in the US and in Australia we celebrate mothers and motherhood on
> the second Sunday in May. Every year I tried to find ways for my students to
> honor someone in their life -- their mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or
> adult friend - I always tried to make it something that came from their
> hearts and their hands, but that would be something the person they were
> honoring would be able to save and hold and enjoy for a long time.
> Have you had your students do things for Mothers' Day? Won't you share with
> the group?
> I will share a couple of my ideas in a later message --
> Gail
> www.GailLovely.com

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