[k3] Just for Fun (and learning...)

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:53:11 EST

Hello All!
Since Spring has arrived here in Texas I am finding myself in a bit of  
Spring foolishness -- fun and games are occupying my mind. When we can combine  
AND learning we have really hit on something powerful!
Next week (March 20-26) is National Bubble Week - what a great excuse  for 
some fun learning activities!
Check out the "Best of the Best" resources for young bubble blowing  learners 
on my website.
Direct link:  _http://www.gaillovely.com/resources/bubbles.htm_ 
OR, go to _www.GailLovely.com_ (http://www.GailLovely.com)  and  select the 
"Resources" tab and then scroll down to the bubble-pink  choices!
Gail Lovely
_www.GailLovely.com_ (http://www.GailLovely.com) 

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