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Thanks so much for the resources - I love your focus on the positive... the
heroes.  That's a great balance for our inevitable duty to respond to our
students' questions about today's tragedy... even if the only answer we
might be able to offer is, "I honestly don't know."

As an elementary school counselor, the impact that today's shuttle disaster
might potentially have on my students is very much at the forefront of my
mind, as I'm sure it is for all my fellow educators throughout the country.
The events our country has experienced over the past several years, along
with currently being on the edge of war, and now a space shuttle vanishing
before our eyes - is a lot for us adults to process and come to terms with -
I can only imagine how extremely overwhelming it is for kids to wrap their
brains around.  I am certainly earning my keep these days!

Anyway, there are some great resources on the web that educators and parents
can use as guidelines in helping kids deal with disasters, such as today's.
I'm including the URLs of two from the American Academy of Pediatrics:



If I can dig up some others, I'll be sure to post them.

Take care,

Maribeth Bush, M.S.
School Counselor
Lunt School
Falmouth, Maine

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> Today is certainly a sad day as we mourn the loss of the 7 heroes lost
> in the space shuttle disaster. I live here in the Houston area and know
> our local community is perhaps one of the hardest hit. Our young learners
> will come to schools and classrooms next week full of images and
> (some accurate, some not) about this disaster.
> In preparation for the anniversary of the 9/11 disaster I collected some
> resources which were appropriate for young people ... focusing on heroes
> bravery not on loss and grieving.
> Many of these are listed on my website ( www.GailLovely.com ) under the
> "resources" tab. One that seems like a positive way to face a difficult
> is:
> <A
> This is  a website which shares stories of how we all have brave moments.
> honors our bravery -- perhaps a really appropriate lesson for today's
> Some more samples of student "brave moments" are at: <A
> http://www.kids-learn.org/frosty/silverman.htm</A>
> Hope this helps you -- if not your students too.
> Gail

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