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Is Drawing4Children only PC?
Sharon Noeth Miller
Xenia Community Schools
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The ArtRange program is great for 4th grade and up, but it is too
complicated for my younger students.  I still prefer Drawing4Children
is a free download from KidsDomain.com for the younger students.

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Hello All!
While this FREE program will only run on Windows machines (at this
is an incredible PAINTING simulation tool - I downloaded it and began
 with it and while I do not have ANY art training or expertise it was
use  and really engaging... there is an interesting "tracing paper" tool
try too.  Did I say it is FREE?
Check it out - I believe little learners and older ones will find this

interesting as a "painting simulation".
I am imagining it as a tool for illustrating some poetry during National
Poetry Month next month...
Feel free to let us all know what YOU think about this FREE tool!
Gail Lovely
independent educator
_www.GailLovely.com_ (http://www.GailLovely.com) 

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