[k3] Early Reading Resources

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:34:45 EDT

Hello All!
I will be taking some time off for family vacation and some business travel 
to work with teachers in Ohio and Florida. During July I will be checking email 
only on the rare occasions when I am near a wireless Internet connection!

In the meantime, I recently spoke at the National Education Computer 
Conference (NECC) in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. At the conference I did an 
all day 
hands-on and minds-on session for Early Learning and the Internet and a one 
hour session on Early Reading and the Internet. Both sessions were great fun 
me -- and I hope a good learning experience for those in attendance.

I have posted on my website a rather ugly, but complete, listing of resources 
shared during the one hour session on Early Reading.  The direct link is:

Or you can find them by going to www.GailLovely.com and then clicking on the 
"Resources" tab and scrolling down to the NEW! Resource near the bottom of the 

I will leave these resources up for a couple of months.


Gail Lovely
independent educator

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