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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 3
January 20, 2004


Dear Education Professionals,

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Snowmen, Skating, Skiing ... It's Winter!
In many parts of the world, winter's snow and chilly temperatures offer a
teachable moment that should not be missed. But even kids in warm places love 
"experience" winter. The lessons and resources on this page are meant to help
all educators bring the wonder of winter into their classrooms!

Writing Bug: What Would You Do?
What if a friend shoplifted?

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 22.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Picture This!
Working with partners, students use sticky-notes as they write stories to
accompany picture books.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Happy Chinese New Year!

Groundhog Day
Activities, work sheets, lesson ideas, more.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Identifying Fractions" -- teaching simple fractions.

Math Fun! -- Five 'Invisible' Math Lessons
You may have to remind students that they're learning math after they've done
one of these five lessons from Education World. The lessons are "invisible"
because kids have so much fun they don't realize they are actually doing math!

Bug Me! -- Classroom Activities for Teaching About Bugs
If you thought bugs were for the birds, this swarm of activities will change
your mind! Included: Ten activities for teaching and learning with bugs.


Latecomers: Tips for Handling the Disruption of Students Who Come Into Class
You're already five minutes into the lesson and a late students walks in. How 
you handle the disruption? Do you stop the class? Do you ignore it? Included:
Classroom management expert Howard Seeman offers eight tips for handling

Strategies That Work: Celebrate the 100th Day of School
The 100th day of the school year is a classic "teachable moment." Celebrate the 

day by organizing a classroom or school celebration that engages students in
activities that promote special fun and memorable learning.

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
The Class Trip
Class trips offer unique learning experiences and allow students to experience
firsthand what they are studying. They also offer increased opportunities for
disciplinary problems. Nine tips to help you ensure educational and 
field trips.

Voice of Experience: Where Have All the Staff Rooms Gone?
As working lunches become the norm in schools, educator Brenda Dyck reflects on 

a time when the staff room was the hub of the teaching community. Included:
Ideas for improving social networks and teaming in your school.

Teacher Feature: Starring Michelle Gay
Young photographers use pictures as an inspiration for writing!

Teacher Diary: On the Road to National Certification
Our five candidates for national certification scramble to finish the process.

Contests and Competitions
Kids Are Authors encourages kids' reading, writing, art skills.

Using Fairy Tales to Debate Ethics
What better way to spark a spirited classroom debate on ethics than by 
the complex messages often found in fairy tales? In this Education World story, 

guest editor Elaine L. Lindy introduces three tales -- Puss in Boots, Jack and
the Beanstalk, and a Tibetan tale, From the Elephant Pit -- that can be used 


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Discover Mars
What is the Time on Mars? Is There Water on Mars? Was there ever Life on Mars?
What does Mars Look Like? The sites below can help you and your students
discover the answers to those questions and more.

Sites to See: Safety
Keeping kids safe, as well as teaching kids to stay safe, is a priority for 
parents and teachers. These Web sites will help in that effort by providing
safety information and activities for kids, parents, and teachers on topics
ranging from online safety to natural disasters and accidental injury.

A Techtorial: Find Lost Files and Folders
Have you lost an important computer file -- a student worksheet, a mid-term
exam, or a workshop presentation? Don't panic! Computer files and folders are
rarely lost, just misplaced -- and most misplaced files can be found with a
little effort and ingenuity.

Cool School of the Week
South Girard School, Phenix City, AL.

The Inter-Activity Center
Alpha-Bits project explores vowels and consonants.

Getting Started on the Internet: Add YOUR Name to a Listserv -- TODAY!
Every teacher should join a listserv. Listservs offer a quick and easy way to
connect with teachers around the world. Don't miss out on the sharing, the
learning, and the fun!


 >From Custodian to Principal
After working with students and teachers as a school custodian, Jack Yates knew 

he wanted to be an educator. With support from family and colleagues, Yates
earned two degrees, and now is an elementary school principal.

No Educator Left Behind: Reading First
How does Reading First help teachers teach reading?

Responsive Classroom Practices Teach the Whole Child
As part of its Lessons from Our Nation's Schools series, Education World
recently visited two elementary schools that use the Responsive Classroom
approach to teaching and learning. By intertwining social and academic 
advocates of the Responsive Classroom system say, children become more
independent learners and more considerate people.

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. Healthful Snack Program Bears Fruit -- A U.S. government pilot program that
supplies fruits and vegetables to schools for snacks is winning over students 
the idea of more healthful eating, participating schools say.
2. Mars Mission Launches Lessons -- Schools around the U.S. and the world are
following the progress of the Mars rover Spirit and launching space-related
projects of their own, including building replicas of the Martian landscape.
3. Parents Run School Help Desks -- The Philadelphia School District is
recruiting and training parents to work as volunteers at help desks in some
schools. The volunteers will greet and assist parents and other visitors.
4. Report Recommends Performance Pay for Teachers -- Paying teachers based on
student performance is among the recommendations of The Teaching Commission, a
nonprofit group formed in 2003 to improve the public teaching ranks.
5. Study: Laptops Can Improve Writing -- Some Canadian students who used 
for their writing assignments boosted their English test scores by 30 percent,
according to a report. The study involved sixth and seventh graders in British


Family Reading Nights Create Avid Readers
For administrators looking to increase student reading at school and at home 
improve parent involvement -- which would be most administrators -- family
reading nights have proven successful for many schools.

How I Handled Bringing on Board a New Assistant Principal
Six weeks into the school year, a new assistant principal was appointed to our
school. Although a summertime hire -- allowing for more one-on-one training 
-- might have been nice, I had to come up with a plan for helping the new AP

Principal Profile
Lucie Boyadjian, Glen Oaks School, Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Awards recognize service-learning programs.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Join the Discussion
What is the best fund raising idea you have seen?

Howdy, Neighbor! Collaborating with the District Next Door
Buying in bulk may be standard operating procedure for some companies and
families, but what about school districts? Two Wisconsin districts have started 

sharing purchasing and ideas about saving time and money, and administrators
hope the idea spreads to other school systems.

Character(istics) Count! -- What Principals Look for When Hiring New Teachers
A recent article on Teaching for Excellence discusses what school principals
look for in the new teachers they hire. Which of 15 "can-do" characteristics is 

most important? Education World asks the Principal Files principals.


The hottest education site-builder around.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
More than 35 federal agencies pooling education resources in one place.

Maggie's Earth Adventures
Appealing cartoon character leads kids on educational virtual treks.

Education World®





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