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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 17
April 27, 2004

Dear Education Professionals,

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Just the Facts: Five Games for Teaching Math Facts
Practice! Practice! Practice! That?s how most students learn their addition 
facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning 
math facts. But it?s OK to lighten up and add some fun to math-facts learning.

Writing Bug: Be a Sport
Which sport is your favorite?  

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 36.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Writing a Character Sketch
Write a character sketch about somebody you know well.

Internet Scavenger Hunt: April Showers Bring May Flowers
April showers and the water cycle.

Work Sheet of the Week
?Paragraph Games? -- teaching about main idea.

Pet Week Lessons for Every Grade
It's National Pet Week! Have you been feeling like the proverbial "old dog"? 
Learn some new tricks with five lessons that bring the delightful topic of pets 
into the classroom. From feline to fish to fowl, students enjoy learning about 
the animals that share our homes and our lives.


Strategies That Work: Family Reading Nights
Many schools, in an effort to improve test scores, are placing a renewed 
emphasis on reading. Planning a special night to showcase student reading and 
to get entire families involved is a sure way to boost reading excitement and 

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
Students Who ?Bother? Their Classmates
Students ?bother? their classmates in a variety of ways: by poking, tripping, 
pushing, interrupting, and ridiculing them. Whatever form the bothering takes, 
if the incidents come to your attention, you might need to get involved -- 
before a small problem turns into a large problem. Eight tips for dealing with 
students who pester their classmates.

Teacher Feature: Starring Sue Bailey
Virtual travelers use tools of technology!

Voice of Experience: Gaga Over Google: Photo Images Bring Lessons to Life
You probably know about the Google search tool, but have you made use of 
Google?s image  search engine? Max Fischer thinks Google?s image library is a 
virtual goldmine. Included: Ideas for using Google?s image search tool to bring 
lessons to life.

Contests and Competitions
Essay contest encourages social responsibility in technology use.

In Search of National Board Certification: One Teacher?s Perspective
Considering a bid for National Board Certification? In this week?s Voice of 
Experience essay, educator Max Fischer shares his experience. ?It was the most 
challenging teaching exercise I ever have undertaken. Simultaneously, it was 
the most rewarding,? says Fischer.

Tools for Teaching
Dr. Fred Jones writes about classroom management strategies you can use.


Educators Review EasyTech
Recently, Education World reviewers checked out EasyTech, an online program 
that merges technology training and instruction in core curricular areas. The 
reviewers used EasyTech in actual classroom situations, rated it on a scale of 
1-4, and shared their thoughts about the program's strengths and weaknesses. 
Read what they had to say!

Sites to See: Careers
Online Career sites can help young people make informed decisions as they 
explore career opportunities, choose a college major, or make the transition 
from school to work. Career sites offer job related information, as well as 
opportunities to practice such job related activities as interviewing and 
resume writing.  

A Techtorial: Save Time with Macros
A macro is a shortcut that allows you to perform a task simply by pressing a 
combination of keys on the keyboard or by clicking a single button on the 
toolbar. You can create macros to fill in commonly used phrases, create 
consistent formatting, or combine several tasks into one command.

Cool School of the Week
Mariposa Elementary School, Oakwood, Ontario, Canada.

The Inter-Activity Center
ExplorA-Pond offers hands-on lessons in pond ecology.

Cyber Study Hall: A Guide to Homework Help Online
Cyber-savvy students can have their own personal e-homework helper just a mouse 
click away -- if they just know where to look! Education World writer Glori 
Chaika hones in on online homework help resources that your students will find 

Cinco de Mayo WebQuest Includes a Fiesta!
Offer students a lesson about another culture and technology with a 
teacher-designed WebQuest! Music, food, and a piñata help make learning about 
Cinco de Mayo fun! Included: Bernie Dodge offers tips for Education World 
readers in "WebQuest -- Seven Steps for Getting Started."


A ?Nuts and Bolts? Approach to Classroom Successes
A former teacher, Dr. Jane Bluestein turned her pages of tips for teachers 
about classroom management and organization into a book and then a business. 
She works with educators seeking new ways to improve their teaching and 

Stopping School Violence
While some of the shock associated with major school shootings, such as the 
rampage at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, has subsided, school safety 
remains a concern for most educators. Many continue to search for more reliable 
ways to identify and stop violent students before they act. Education World has 
compiled resources to help school staff members keep violence out of their 

No Educator Left Behind: State Assessments
State assessments sound like they could take a lot of time and effort. What 
will be gained by them?

Inclusion Teaches Kids Who Struggle How to Succeed
Math teacher Cossondra George -- a former special ed teacher -- makes a strong 
case for inclusion, saying including special education kids in ?regular? 
classes motivates them to succeed.

The Weekly Survey
Who most influenced your decision to become an educator?

Last Week's Survey Results
Would you transfer to a "school in need of improvement" for more money?

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. Gifted Students Use Both Sides of Brain Better -- The right and left halves 
of the brains in teens with above-average math skills are better at integrating 
information than brains of average students, according to a new study.  
2. Monitoring Children's Media Usage -- The National PTA and Cable in the 
Classroom issued a report, "Navigating the Children's Media Landscape: A 
Parent's and Caregiver's Guide." It includes tips for supervising children's 
media usage.  
3. "Running" Restaurant Teaches Life Skills -- Some fifth graders from Oak Park 
Elementary School in Minnesota spent weeks training for a stint running a 
restaurant for a night. Students employed math and interpersonal skills.
4. Teachers Helping Teachers -- The U.S. Department of Education has launched 
the Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative, which recruits the nation's best teachers to 
share effective teaching practices with other teachers during summer workshops 
and roundtable discussions.    
5. Martial Arts Program Combats Gangs, Bullies -- A martial arts program at 
Longwood High School in Middle Island, New York, is teaching students to defend 
themselves -- and how to stay out of trouble. Teaching self-respect can help 
students reject gangs, school officials hope.

A Call for Better Middle School Transitions
The move from elementary to middle school, often at grade six, can be stressful 
and jarring for some youngsters. The National Association of Elementary School 
Principals and the National Middle School Association issued a position paper 
calling on teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators to make the change 
a smooth one.


School Stores Teach Lifelong Skills
This ?local shop? can stock merchandise ranging from pencils to tasty snacks, 
and sell its wares to students, teachers, principals and even the occasional 
visitor. A school store, however, is more than a ?convenience store;? its 
shelves also are stocked with the materials for building academic and lifelong 
learning skills.

Eliminating Lunch Money Messes
Probably every day in every classroom, a teacher hears, ?I lost/forgot/spent my 
lunch money,? sparking phone calls home, IOUs, or food collections. Pre-paid 
lunch programs can end the problems of missing money, and save parent and 
teacher time.  

Teacher Training: Web Resources for Staff Development
A first year teacher feels overwhelmed. A principal needs an evaluation rubric 
for integrating technology. You?re looking for a listing of summer workshops 
for teachers in your area. Where do you turn?

How I Handled Reviving Interest in Our School-Wide Literacy Effort
Our school?s ?Book of the Month? program had sailed along smoothly for a couple 
of years. In its third year, though, the program hit some rough spots. Students 
and parents began to lose interest. How could we revamp the program to bring 
back the enthusiasm it once had enjoyed?

Principal Profile
Mary Goedert, Village Oak Elementary, Novi, Michigan.

Urban Challenge Grants designed to bridge the digital divide.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Join the Conversation
Do you have a school motto, creed, or pledge?

Making Teacher Evaluations Work
Evaluating teachers is one of the most difficult jobs in any school district. 
The Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools handle teacher evaluation by 
incorporating it into an in-depth, wide-ranging approach to teacher learning 
called the Professional Growth System. Education World takes a close look at 
the system's practical elements and how it works.

Mission Statements With Vision: Where Is Your School Going?
What is your school's mission? If you have to search through your handbook or 
you can't recall the entire lengthy statement, you probably aren't making the 
most of your school's mantra! How can you make your mission statement more 
meaningful? Bring it into the classroom and give it vision!

If You Had a Choice, Would You Still Be a Principal?
What draws some educators to become school principals? What keeps them on the 
job? That's the question Education World asked our Principal Files principals 
this month. Perhaps some of what they have to say will inspire you as you go 
about your daily routine.

Sixty-Five Ways to Recognize Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week -- and 
All Year Long
Have you special plans for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-8)? Are you 
searching for new ways to show your teachers how much you appreciate their 
efforts? Education World's "Principal Files" principals share some things they 
have done to show their appreciation.


Robert Louis Stevenson Web Site
With e-texts, including the complete poems.

American Dreams
Companion site to the NBC TV show set in the Vietnam War era.

Native Access to Engineering Programme
Site on engineering, aimed at Aboriginal youth, but of interest to all.


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