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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 14
April 6, 2004

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Spring Has Sprung!
The Vernal Equinox is one of the four great seasonal changes every year. Day 
night are equal, and the changing weather can lift the spirits of young -- and
old -- alike! Don't miss this opportunity to have some fun and educate at the
same time!

Writing Bug: Too Much Violence?
Is there too much violence on television? Is there too much violence in video

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 33.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Poetry Shopping Spree
Students "shop" for poems that provide examples of literary elements/devices
such as metaphors, similes, personification, imagery, or onomatopoeia.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Peary and Henson arrived at the North Pole on April 6, 1909.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Using a Thesaurus" -- two printable activities.

April Is Poetry Month!
Education World editors have gathered poetry resources from our archive to help 

teachers everywhere celebrate National Poetry Month. You will find the 
archived resources: Poetry Lesson Plans, Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans, More
Poetry Activities and Projects, Poetry Articles and Resources.

Math Awareness Month
Education World provides practical resources for math educators. Here you will
find lesson plans, articles about what excellent teachers are doing in their
classrooms, and additional professional development resources.

Earth Day
In honor of Earth Day, April 22, Education World offers the following stories
and activities for classroom teachers.

April Fun
Daily games, puzzles...


No Retiring from Dedication
After 30 years as a third grade teacher, retirement could not stop Jill Herrick 

from remaining an educator. She founded a mini-grant program to help teachers
fund hands-on projects, and an awards program for third graders who "work their 

tails off."

Strategies That Work: Creating ABC Books
Have you ever had your students write ABC books? Creating ABC books reinforces
language skills and develops research skills. The activity also is a unique 
for turning students into teachers, as they share what they learn about a
curriculum-related topic.

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
Dealing With Toileting Accidents
When a student wets or soils herself in school, it can embarrass and distress
the student, disrupt the class, and give rise to ridicule and rejection. It is
critical that you deal with the incident in a way that is sensitive to the
student's emotional well-being, while preserving her dignity and self-esteem.
Eight tips for dealing with toileting accidents.

Teacher Feature: Starring Laura Nardi
Third graders get the "write" idea!

Voice of Experience: Tackling Big Projects: No Wonder Students Get Frustrated!
Have you ever wondered why some students begin project work with a bang that
soon fizzles out? Brenda Dyck has been working on a grad course; that 
has helped her reflect on the role emotions play in student -- and adult --
learning projects.

Teacher Diary
Nicole Chiarello's top ten tips for surviving the national certification

Contests and Competitions
Campaign Cam contest highlights election-year issues.

Grow a Garden of Opportunity!
Classroom gardens, whether outside or indoors, provide the perfect opportunity
to bring life to lessons in science, history, math -- even poetry!

Tools for Teaching
Dr. Fred Jones writes about classroom management strategies you can use.


Sites to See: April Fooled -- All Year Long!
Today's Web users can select from millions of Web pages created by experts,
pseudo-experts, enthusiasts, fanatics, and the just plain ignorant. With so 
resources -- some exemplary and some artfully packaged trash -- how can 
tell what's real and what's not? These sites provide April Fools Day fun and
all-year media literacy lessons.

A Techtorial: Keys to Keyboarding
Today, quick and accurate keyboarding -- typing on a computer keyboard -- is a
vital skill for all students, from the primary grades through high school and
college. Discover the best tools and techniques for teaching your students 
and accurate keyboarding.

Cool School of the Week
Brookfield Public School District, Brookfield, CT.

The Inter-Activity Center
Kids explore the wonders of nature with an online field journal.

Imagine the Schoolhouse of the 21st Century!
"This country's system of schooling was developed largely during the Industrial 

Age to prepare students for a workplace characterized by sitting in straight
rows and performing repetitive tasks under close supervision," says Internet
educator David Warlick. "It has to change." Learn how Warlick's New Century
School House project offers you a chance to help design education's future.


Starting School Reform from the Inside
Teachers and principals know their schools best, which is why they need to take 

the lead in school reform, says author Roland S. Barth. Only when everyone in a 

school commits to lifelong learning will education change.

Service Learning Thrives Despite Less Funding, Time
Even though demands on school time and funds continue to increase,
service-learning programs remain popular, according to research. Principals
praised their positive influence on student learning and school climate.

No Educator Left Behind: Charter Schools and NCLB
Why is the No Child Left Behind Act so supportive of charter schools?

The Weekly Survey
How important is service-learning and community service to the curriculum?

Last Week's Survey Results
What is the most important quality a good teacher possesses?

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. More States Adopt Anti-Bullying Laws -- More U.S. states are using the legal 

system to try to curb bullying in schools. Seventeen states have passed
anti-bullying legislation, and 11 other states considered proposals this 

2. Urban Schools Show Gains Under NCLB -- Students in the largest urban school
districts in the U.S. showed significant gains in reading and mathematics after 

a year under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, according to a study by the
Council of the Great City Schools.
3. Women's History Class Draws Mothers, Daughters -- To mark Women's History
Month, Ursuline Academy, an all-girls Roman Catholic school in Ohio, invites
mothers and daughters to attend an elective course, Women in American History.
Each week, one or two mothers share information about their lives.
4. Pay-for-Performance Plan Passes -- The Denver (Colorado) Classroom Teachers
Association became the first teachers' union in the U.S. to approve a
pay-for-performance salary system. Voters still need to approve spending an
extra $25 million a year for the plan to be implemented.
5. Retention Benefits Some Students -- Summer programs and repeating a grade 
help some young, disadvantaged students, according to researchers who studied a 

program in Chicago, Illinois. Some educators argue that retention does more 
than good.


Making Peer Mediation a Part of Campus Life
Teen skirmishes over rumors, perceived put-downs, and he-said-she-said 
might seem inconsequential to adults, but to kids they can be major
distractions. Mediation by peers can clear up misunderstandings quickly and
improve school climate.

How I Handled Finding Budget Money To Hire Help to Boost Student Achievement
More than 25 percent of our school's students have IEPs. Our special ed
student-teacher ratios are high, so I must find creative ways to ensure that
students get all the attention they need. I did some budget-number crunching 
came up with one solution.

Principal Profile
Phil Shaman, Neepawa Area Collegiate, a 7-12 school northwest of Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada.

Million dollar grant encourages excellence in K-12 economic education.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Join the Conversation
Do you have an advice for a principal who will be opening a new school in the

Logos Help Schools Define Missions
A chance question at the end of an informal meeting between two parents led to 
unique project that rallied an entire school community. The result of that
meeting was a design project that created a logo for Seattle's Beacon Hill
Elementary School -- a logo that expresses the mission and spirit of the 
focuses classroom instruction, and unifies the community.

 >From the Principal Files: The School of My Dreams!
This month, Education World challenged our Principal Files principals to dream. 

"Imagine your dream school!" we told them. Dreams are relative things, one
principal told us in response. And that is reflected in the dreams of 20 
principals from around the world. Join Education World's P-Files principals as
they share their visions of what a dream school might include. Most of their
ideas are quite simple, practical, doable. So why are so many schools so far
from their principals' dreams?

Could Four-Day Weeks Work for You?
Some school districts looking to save time and money have switched to four-day
school weeks, either leaving the fifth day free or available for tutoring and
parent conferences. Although some superintendents favor the concentrated class
time, some say the wear and tear from a longer day has not been worth it for
staff or students.


Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Long way from your classroom to Mars? Not anymore!

Book Browse
Excerpts from selected current books, reviews, interviews, and more.

Creative Chemistry
Delightful, bright site that makes chemistry fun.


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