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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 7 Issue 47
November 18, 2003


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Celebrate Books: A (Book) Week of Fun!
The calendar might identify November 17-23 as Children's Book Week, 
but for most teachers -- always on the lookout for new ideas to 
promote literacy -- every week is Book Week. For those teachers and 
their students, Education World offers the following additions to its 
extensive library of lessons emphasizing reading skills and enjoyment 
across the grades.  

Writing Bug: Giving Thanks
Three things I am most thankful for are...

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 16.

Jump Rope Math
This fun-filled math game can be used to reinforce math skills across 
the grades.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Learn about Ramadan.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
November 20 is the Great American Smokeout.

Book Week
More lessons, projects, events, ideas...

Dozens of lesson plans, projects for Geography Awareness Week.    


Strategies That Work: Journal Writing
Journal writing in the classroom can take many forms and serve many 
purposes. Whatever the intent or structure, however, for many teachers 
journal writing is an integral part of the curriculum. Included: Links 
to hundreds of journal-writing prompts.

Voice of Experience: Video Time Machine Engages Students, Energizes 
Teacher Max Fischer uses his video time machine -- a VCR with snippets 
of movies that offer teachable moments -- to bring Ancient Rome and 
other parts of his history curriculum to life.  

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
The Spitter
Few behaviors are more unappealing than spitting. The challenge for a 
teacher with a student who spits is to stop the spitting, while giving 
minimal attention to the student's behavior. Five tips for dealing 
with a student who spits.

Teacher Feature
Gwynne Isaacs' students "see the light!"

Teacher Diary: On the Road to National Certification
Our teacher diarists find support in a time of stress.

Contests and Competitions
Chemistry poster contest inspires creativity at all grade levels.

A seasonal twist to a persuasive writing lesson.


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Sites to See: Native Americans
Web sites created by and about Native Americans offer resources that 
help students of all ages learn about the varied histories and 
cultures of hundreds of American Indian groups, and better understand 
how those histories and cultures affect their lives today.

A Techtorial: Creating Test Forms with Microsoft Word
Creating test forms with Microsoft Word.

Cool School of the Week
The Somerset Hills School District, Bernardsville, NJ

The Inter-Activity Center
Investigate the first Thanksgiving.

Great Sites Article: Thanksgiving
Education World has found some great sites for Thanksgiving fun. 
Whether you're looking for games, crafts, coloring pages, recipes, or 
even creative lesson plan ideas, one of these sites is sure to have 
what you need.


Teaching Self-Control: A Curriculum for Responsible Behavior
Martin Henley has created a curriculum for teaching students the 
self-control skills they need to control impulses, manage group 
situations, and adapt to school routines. The Teaching Self-Control 
curriculum includes role-plays, simulations, learning center 
activities, and children's literature that can be used to teach those 

NCLB: If It's Sauce for the Goose...
Veteran teacher and Education World contributor Max Fischer suggests 
that if the federal government, under the No Child Left Behind Act, is 
going to hold schools to strict accountability standards, then all 
entities receiving federal funds also should be held to such 

No Educator Left Behind: Subject Area Competency
This series helps educators understand the impact of the federal No 
Child Left Behind Act.  This week: Can a teacher demonstrate 
subject-area competency in more than one subject -- such as civics and 
government or chemistry and physics -- by passing a single test?

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. Mentors Aim to Stop Teacher Drain -- The education department at 
the University of Washington is planning one of the most comprehensive 
teacher-preparation programs in the U.S., which will track and provide 
guidance to master's students for two years after they graduate.
2. Prizes Lure Students to Tests -- Some Wisconsin schools are 
offering students movie passes, gift certificates, and other 
incentives to take the state's standardized tests. Schools with low 
participation or performance risk sanctions.
3. Ten NCLB Misconceptions -- With debate ongoing about implementing 
the federal No Child Left Behind Act, The Washington Post recently 
compiled ten statements often heard about the law but "not firmly 
anchored in reality."
4. Nation's Report Card Shows Gains -- Data from the National 
Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released this week showed 
improvement among U.S. fourth and eighth graders in mathematics, and 
gains by minority and low-income students.  
5. Fighting Bullying Statewide -- A law that took effect in New Jersey 
this fall requires that all school districts have an anti-bullying 
policy and ways to respond to bullying or other forms of harassment. 
About six states now have laws regarding bullying.  

**** See Ron Clark on Education World Every Day! ****
You've seen him on Oprah. You've seen him on the Today show. Now Ron 
Clark, author of The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator's Rules 
for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child, can be seen 
each and every day on Education World. Check out our NEW TODAY column 
every school day to read another of his 55 rules!


More Principals E-Mailing Parents
Police are at the school... a snowstorm causes early dismissal... a 
last-minute meeting is scheduled... Instead of picking up the hone to 
call parents, more principals are tapping on their computer keyboards. 
Increasingly, principals are finding that e-mail is the best way to 
communicate -- for them and for parents.      

How I Handled A Parent Complaint About a Teacher Who Called Her Son 
Resorting to name-calling or put-downs is never appropriate behavior 
for a teacher. Even in the most difficult situations, the teacher must 
remain the role model for behavior. So what did I do when confronted 
with a parent complaint about a teacher's name calling?

Principal Profile
Belinda Akin, Monticello (Arkansas) Intermediate School.

Eleanor M. Johnson Award honors reading teachers.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Great Staff Meetings: Pointers from the Principals Who Lead Them
Stuck for ideas for effective staff meetings? Looking for ways to make 
sure everybody is present and interested? Education World's "Principal 
Files" team has some ideas for you!


Einstein Archives Online
Get inside Einstein -- an extensive library including pictures and 

The Dynamic Earth
Smithsonian site for budding geologists.

Rebuilding Iraq
A Scholastic News magazine special online report on Iraq.

Education World®





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