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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 7 Issue 42
October 14, 2003


Dear Education Professionals,

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Pick a Pumpkin Activity!
Pumpkins are the ultimate October icons -- the fruit of the month, if 
you will. (Yes! Pumpkins are a fruit.) This month, celebrate pumpkins 
with these across-the-curriculum activities. Included: Art, science, 
language, and math activities.

Writing Bug: A Fitting Introduction
A person you admire is coming to speak at your school -- and it is 
your job to introduce that person to the audience.

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 11.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: Spelling Relay
Caroline Lowther, who teaches at Captain James Cook Elementary School 
in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), submitted this week's lesson, 
in which students participate in a spelling relay contest.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Why leaves change color in autumn.

Spook-tacular lesson ideas!


Strategies That Work: Shared Reading
Many teachers use shared-reading -- an approach to teaching reading 
that engages students and makes them better readers. Included: Reading 
expert Dr. Janet Allen and two teachers offer tips for a successful 
start to shared reading.

Shared Reading: Listening Leads to Fluency and Understanding
When Janet Allen entered the teaching profession, she was shocked by 
her students' lack of enthusiasm for reading. In desperation, she 
turned to pearls of wisdom from her mother and created an approach to 
teaching reading that worked for her middle and high-school students. 
Later she discovered that her method had a name -- "shared reading" -- 
and research to back it up. Now hers is just one of the voices 
promoting this strategy that produces engaged learners and better 
readers through read-aloud experiences.

Voice of Experience: Teachers' "Antennae" Help Them Better Understand 
At-Risk Students
Educator Kathie Marshall makes an extra effort to get to know the 
"whole student." In this essay, she shares strategies and techniques 
she uses to open up the lines of communication between teacher and 
students and gain a better understanding of at-risk students.

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver: The Whiner
Few behaviors are more annoying to teachers than whining. The student 
who constantly responds in a shrill, high-pitched voice can annoy even 
the most tolerant teacher. Seven tips for dealing with students who 

Teacher Feature
Kathleen Eveleigh's daily update gives parents something to talk 

Teacher Diary
Involving students and parents in the process.

Contests and Competitions
Young inventors invent tools you can use.

A Feast of Nutrition Ideas on the Internet!
If you're looking for fresh ideas to squeeze into your classroom 
nutrition lessons, you'll find a feast of ideas on the Internet!


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Learn to Accessorize: Hardware and Software Essentials
Last week, members of the Education World Tech Team offered insight 
into the nitty-gritty of computer buying: How powerful should your 
processor be? How much memory do you need? What operating system 
should you choose? This week, our experts go beyond the basics to 
offer advice on the peripheral hardware and software that will make 
your computer a truly useful personal and professional tool.

Sites to See: Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is a strong predictor of a student's academic 
success! The sites below offer articles, information, research, action 
initiatives, and more for parents and teachers, as well as ideas about 
how educators can increase parent involvement in schools.

A Techtorial: Using Hyperlinks To Create Student Portfolios
As a student accumulates a variety of work in a particular class or 
grade level, the student -- or his or her teacher -- might want to 
save samples of that work in electronic folders or "portfolios." 
Hyperlinks can make those e-portfolios fun and easy to create.

Cool School of the Week
Broken Arrow Public Schools, Broken Arrow, OK

The Inter-Activity Center
GeoGame helps kids learn -- and teach -- geography.

University Students Design Custom Software for Local Schools
Students enrolled in a computer software seminar at Brown University 
design and develop custom software for classes in Providence (Rhode 
Island) schools. Could your local university do the same for you?


Rallying Cry from a "Champion for Children"
Emmy-winning producer/reporter Thomas Baldrick took a leap of faith 
and left his job in television to devote himself to efforts benefiting 
children. As the author of two books that focus on kids and how adults 
relate to them, he now visits schools and presents workshops for 
students, teachers, and parents. The man who has been dubbed a 
"champion for children" shares some insights he has gained through 
countless meetings with youngsters and discusses how teachers can more 
effectively reach them.

Soapbox: What's the Best Way to Motivate Kids?
What's the best way to motivate students? More engaging curriculum? 
Outings? Chris Kline, a former junior high school science teacher in 
Arizona, writes that not one approach works for all students.

No Educator Left Behind: School Report Cards
This series helps educators understand the impact of the federal No 
Child Left Behind Act.  This week: How are school report cards 
compiled and what kind of information do they provide?

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. Test Prep Ends Kindergarten Naps -- The Gadsden, Alabama, public 
schools has ended nap time for kindergarteners, saying students need 
more time to prepare for mandatory state tests. Children will be 
permitted to lay their heads down if they are sleepy, school officials 
2. Kids Pack Saturday School -- Hands-on learning, generous use of 
technology, and small classes are drawing third and fourth graders to 
Danville Kids' University, a half-day Saturday program in Danville, 
Kentucky. Sixty-five percent of the fourth graders attended last year.
3. Schools Get Help Dealing With Bomb Threats -- A package of 
resources for preventing and dealing with school bomb threats is now 
available from the federal government. The package was compiled by the 
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. 
Department of Education.
4. Parents Sue Over Wireless Plans -- Parents in Oak Park, Illinois, 
are suing the school board to block plans to install wireless local 
area network technology in classrooms. The suit claims school 
officials are ignoring studies that show high frequency 
electro-magnetic radiation poses health risks.
5. Virtual School Students Need Traditional Monitoring -- Staff at 
Cincinnati, Ohio's, Virtual High School have revamped the program 
after half the students were dropped last year for failing to complete 
assignments. The program now has more structure and monitoring.

**** See Ron Clark on Education World Every Day! ****
You've seen him on Oprah. You've seen him on the Today show. Now Ron 
Clark, author of The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator's Rules 
for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child, can be seen 
each and every day on Education World. Check out our NEW TODAY column 
every school day to read another of his 55 rules!


Student-Led Conferences Successful in Elementary, Middle Grades
As student-led conferences grow in popularity, educators are finding 
ways to improve their flow and productivity. Preparing students and 
parents for what's involved and practicing before "going live" can 

Principal Profile
Beth Burt, Scott Johnson Elementary in Huntsville, Texas.

Teacher Training: Navigating the Information Highway
Successful professional development depends on the acquisition of 
information -- information that motivates, informs, challenges, or 
cautions. Yet, with print and online magazines, e-mail and 
e-newsletters, discussion boards, Web sites, and more flooding K-12 
educators, how do they choose which resources to use? Teacher training 
expert Lorrie Jackson offers advice on how to select the professional 
development resources that will be most effective for you and your 

Inspiration Software offers scholarships to "inspired" teachers.

Five-Star Speaker
Bert Simmons on classroom management.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?


Ricci Adams'
Interactive tunesmiths' training ground with online music lessons.

The Braille Bug
Learn Braille online.

Free images for classroom use.

Education World®





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