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April 30, 2004

Inside this issue:
    1. New pages at Web English Teacher
    2. Sites to check out
    3. Henry's Tulips
    4. Links for AOL users

1. New Pages at Web English Teacher

    Margaret Atwood
    Ideas for teaching The Handmaid's Tale.

    Poetry Slam
    Tips for having a poetry slam in your classroom.

2. Sites to Check Out

    Navigating the Children's Media Landscape: A Parent's and
    Caregiver's Guide

    National PTA and Cable in the Classroom have released a report,
    Navigating the Children's Media Landscape: A Parent's and
    Caregiver's Guide, by the American Institutes for Research.
    The report offers guidelines to help teachers, parents, and
    caregivers deal with all the media available to children now. It
    includes the following:

    * specific guidelines for establishing a family media  plan
    * strategies to take control of children's media usage
    * simple techniques for deciding what's appropriate, when

    At the same site, find Thinking Critically About Media: Schools
    and Families in Partnership, which makes the case for teaching
    media literacy at school and at home.

    Monologue Archive
    Comic, dramatic, and classical monologues for men, women,
    children, and seniors. It is also possible to browse for
    monologues by playwright.

    NCTE's "1984+20" Project
    "The National Council of Teachers of English is sponsoring a nationwide
    reading and discussion of George Orwell's classic novel 1984 this
    October." Learn more and find supporting links here.

    Public Art in the Bronx
    This site links works of art and literary works with similar
    themes. It includes activities to help students make the

    Winged Sandals
    Available in both HTML and Flash versions, this site has stories,
    games, activities, historical background, and more. It's a terrific
    site to use as an introduction for middle school students.

3. Henry's Tulips

My neighbor Henry lived on a disability pension for many years. He and his wife 
struggled to make ends meet; they never had money for extras. Henry loved 
things, and every spring he gave me advice over the fence as I set out bedding 
The potted flowers Leah received for Mother's Day stayed beautiful all summer 
of Henry's care. Aside from an occasional tomato plant, they were all the 
garden he

    One fall a lady at his church gave Henry a handful of tulip bulbs, 
leftovers she
didn't have room for. He couldn't have been more pleased. He planted them close 
his house, smiling, imagining what they would look like when they bloomed.

    He died unexpectedly as winter began.

    The granddaughter who cut the grass the next spring didn't know to watch 
for tulips,
and she mowed them down before they even budded. The mangled leaves grew and 
were cut
back repeatedly throughout spring and into the summer. I was sure the 
frustrated bulbs
would die and Henry's dream would come to nothing.

    But tulips are made of stern stuff. They came up again this spring, and 
last week
they bloomed: red, pink, coral, and lavender. As I leave for school each 
morning, I
can almost see Henry smiling.

    And in late April I can use an extra smile. The freshmen are floundering in 
research papers; the sophomores are struggling with Shakespeare; the juniors 
want to be seniors; and the seniors -- well, they're planning Prom. My careful
lesson plans are mangled by fire drills and spring field trips. I sometimes 
if I am accomplishing anything with my students.

    Memories of Henry make me reconsider my attitude. My classroom is the 
garden I
have. While we may experience setbacks, there will still be growth, and if I 
can just
hang on, I may get to see the kids bloom. It's time for me to be made of stern 
colorful) stuff.

    Thanks, Henry!

4. Links for AOL users
Margaret Atwood</a>
Poetry Slam</a>
<a href="<http://www.ciconline.org/navigate>http://www.ciconline.org/navigate";>
Navigating the Children's Media Landscape</a>
<a href="<http://www.monologuearchive.com/>http://www.monologuearchive.com/";>
Monologue Archive</a>
NCTE's "1984+20" Project</a>
Public Art in the Bronx</a>
<a href="<http://www.wingedsandals.com/>http://www.wingedsandals.com/";>
Winged Sandals</a>

Pray for peace.

Carla Beard
Web English Teacher
This newsletter is copyright 2004, Web English Teacher.  Permission
is granted to forward it as long as this copyright notice is included.


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