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We Have Many Voices Update,  Volume 3, Issue 6 April 12, 2003

Announcment From The bi-monthly ezine "We Have Many Voices"
We have updated our website where we bring you the news behind the news.

A brief description of each article is listed below, and you may read
them in their entirety at our web page:
We Have Many Voices Ezine


Tribes Find Common Ground in Sorrow
by Martin Kasindorf, USA TODAY

TUBA CITY, Ariz. - On the desert mesas east of the Grand Canyon, Hopis and 
Navajos have been
quarreling for centuries over land, grazing rights and water. Now, war and loss 
have eased the tensions,
at least for a while.

The Native American tribes united in anxiety when Army Pfc. Lori Piestewa, 23, 
was reported missing
in an ambush in Iraq on March 23. When word came over the weekend that she had 
been killed in action
and her body found, shock stirred Hopi and Navajo alike.


Memorial Fund Created for Piestewa Children
A memorial fund has been created for the two children of Lori Ann Piestewa.


ANWR Hearing Denied
by Gwich'in Steering Committe and Arctic Village

Two days before a scheduled field hearing to be held in Kaktovik, Alaska 
regarding oil and gas development
in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, requests to add a visit to the Gwich'in 
community in Arctic Village have
yet to be acknowledged.
On April 5, the Resources Committee will hold a field hearing on legislation 
regarding drilling in the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge. The Gwich'in Nation has made this request in an 
effort to institute some degree of
fairness to the process. Despite the fact that the Gwich'in Steering Committee 
and Arctic Village have requested
both personally and in writing that the Resources Committee hold a field 
hearing in Arctic Village, the Committee never replied.


Why Am I Confused?
by Paul Barry

We have read, seen and heard reports that many Iraqi soldiers were fighting in 
civilian clothes ... contrary to the Geneva Convention.


"Wish You Were Here" - Poem

How did YOU sleep last night?


Enviro-Rant >From an All Natural Soapbox
by Jamie Lockard

Wow! What a wild couple of weeks eh? Absolute madness worldwide. Another couple 
of my
predictions has come true. We're now in the heart of Iraq and guess what came 
up in Congress
again? ANWR drilling. Now ain't that a big ol' surprise.

Action Alerts
collected from various sources

The "Stoic" Indian
by Paul Barry
In each issue, you will find a funny story here. Perhaps, even a true story
or one with a moral.


Moccasin Telegraph - News of Interest from Indian Country
Gathered by Raven Weaver


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