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Subject: We Have Many Voices Update,  Volume 2, Issue 25 January 4, 2003
We Have Many Voices Update,  Volume 2, Issue 25 January 4, 2003

Announcment From The bi-monthly ezine "We Have Many Voices"
We have updated our website where we bring you the news behind the news.

A brief description of each article is listed below, and you may read
them in their entirety at our web page:
We Have Many Voices Ezine

Wisconsin Native Voices No Longer Absent From Their Own Histories
by Suzanne Westerly

    Like branches weighed down by a winter's heavy snowfall only to once
again stand strong in spring, the twelve Indian nations of Wisconsin have
been burdened with the weight of almost two hundred winters of traumatic
events. But today, like branches coming to life in spring, Wisconsin Indian
nations are once again standing strong. Culturally, politically and
economically, the quality of life for many people of Wisconsin's Native
nations is improving.

U.S.A. Land of Stupidity?
by Matt Smith

    I have recently found out that a militia has been formed in Arizona.
It consists of approximately 230 people, more or less. They have decided to
protect the United States border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration and
drugs. Illegal immigration? What the...? Who invited their ancestors to
Turtle island in the first place? Drugs? More drugs hit the streets here in
the U.S. from within our borders than could ever be brought from Mexico. The
obvious question to me here is what is this militia actually gonna
accomplish? The answer -- murder and human rights abuse. How many Mexican
people will lose their lives at the hands of well armed bigots? Why is the
U.S. government gonna allow this militia to even exist? Because it doesn't
give a damn about Mexican life or their human rights. If this militia was
formed in a community of color (black, brown, or red) a massacre would
result. Just ask Joe "Kil! lsright" Stuntz, Anna Mae Aquash Pictou, or
Leonard Peltier. It must be illegal to protect your own Elders but legal to
take the lives and human rights of others as long as it doesn't interfere
with the Governments agenda.

2003 - Happy(?) New Year
by Kasey Wolf Weaver

    January 2003. I can't believe how this year has flown by. I was
trying to think what I did last year to bring in the New Year and what I was
thinking about. I know I was home here with my wife and thinking of our
family. I was thinking of a friend of mine, a man I think of as a brother.
He had lost his only daughter in the World Trade Center three months
earlier. I was thinking of my brother and his family who welcomed a new son.
This year my wife and I welcomed a new nephew. Life and death, the circle

Indians Fight to Regain Lands Lost to Railroad
by Stephanie Strom

    LEECH LAKE RESERVATION, Minn. - Richard Robinson Jr. remembers how
much his grandfather Martin Bobolink, a hospital janitor, looked forward to
retiring and returning to his land here. "He told us there was buried
treasure there because his dad had put up gangsters," said Mr. Robinson, the
acting chairman of the Leech Lake band of the Ojibwe tribe.
    But Mr. Bobolink quickly learned that the land and any loot that
might be on it was not his. The Bureau of Indian Affairs told him he had
signed the land over to the United States in exchange for a few thousand
    "He swore until he died that he never received a check and never
signed any papers," Mr. Robinson said. "He was dead certain."

Graham Greene receives Spirit Best Actor Nomination for "Skins"
by Roscoe Pond

    Graham Greene has received a Best Actor nomination from the
Independent Spirit Awards for his portrayal of Mogie Yellow Lodge in the
film "Skins".
    Directed by Chris Eyre (Skinwalkers) Graham portrays a tormented
Vietnam Veteran who has earned three Purple Hearts but cannot put down the
alcohol. He is watched over by his younger brother Rudy played by Eric
Scwheig (Big Eden) as they both are trapped within the Pine Ridge Indian
Reservation. The LA Times calls "Skins","A wrenching, uncompromisingly bleak
film" and it's Stars, "Scwheig and Greene are actors of strong physical
presence. Each has emotional range and intensity that demolish movie
stereotypes of Indians as stoics".

Enviro-Rants From an All Natural Soapbox
by Jamie Lockard

    Greetings and salutations once again my friends. Merry belated
Christmas to you all. Yes, I said Christmas. Try and stop me you stuffed
shirt Tipper Gore wannabes that want to ban all references to Christmas.
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Guess what? The entire purpose
for Christmas was the birth of CHRIST. Hello!! If you don't like it ... go
to North Korea. I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms. Morons. Kiss my
jolly red ...
    The United States was founded on the basis of freedom from religious
persecution. So get off your high horses and shut the hell up. If you don't
like what's on the station, turn the knob. It's no different than the
10-commandment issue. In what country or religion is "thou shalt not steal"
a bad thing? Give me a break. Many countries will cut off your hands for
that. Adultery is dealt with via execution. Tolerance is the American bread
and butter so knock it off you Hitlerites. Next you'll want to get rid of
Valentine's Day cause hearts are EVIL!! They are red! The color of THE

Action Alerts
collected from various sources

The "Stoic" Indian
by Paul Barry
In each issue, you will find a funny story here. Perhaps, even a true story
or one with a moral.

Moccasin Telegraph - News of Interest from Indian Country
Gathered by Raven Weaver

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