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We Have Many Voices Update,  Volume 3, Issue 2 February 15, 2003

Announcment From The bi-monthly ezine "We Have Many Voices"
We have updated our website where we bring you the news behind the news.

A brief description of each article is listed below, and you may read
them in their entirety at our web page:
We Have Many Voices Ezine

Stars Shine at First Americans Awards
by Rob Schmidt

(BEVERLY HILLS) - Reflecting a strong year for Native-themed productions,
First Americans in the Arts (FAITA) bestowed their coveted feather awards on
a wide range of movies and TV shows. The winners included "Skinwalkers,"
"Windtalkers," "The Business of Fancydancying," and "Atanarjuat (The Fast

The Alienated State of America: A Hateful Divide
by Bryan Craeg Evans

The conditioning of American society to the acceptance of tyranny has been
slowly increased over the past half-century, since the formation of the
CIA/NSA National Security state. The advent of television opened a channel
of mass manipulation never before available to political ideologues. The
human mind became the brave new frontier, ripe for colonization.

The Exercise of Fancy Dancing*
(with apologies to Sherman Alexie)
by Cathy McCarthy

Last October I experienced one of those 'eureka' moments that might fit more
with the likes of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, or even Bill Gates
than to a middle-aged gray-haired woman - writer-wannabe, like me. It
happened in the middle of a round dance in the Leavenworth Penitentiary gym
where I had the honor of participating in the Fall Spiritual Gathering of
the Native American Inmates. My partner, a respectful and handsome young man
was taking me through an arch of human arms when it came to me: This is
aerobic exercise, Indian style!

Truth in Metaphor: NAJA Convention 2003
June 18-21 Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Native American Journalists Association's Board of Directors has chosen
Green Bay, Wisconsin to be the site of the 2003 convention. Some of the
highlights include new twists on recurring themes in Native America, such as
innovative discussions on the mascot issue, mainstream coverage of gaming,
sovereignty rights, free press issues and the environment. Plenary topics
include: "The Emerging Native Middle Class," "Indian Treaty Rights and the
Hostile High Court," and "High Stakes and Real Deals." During the
convention, NAJA and NewsWatch will release a new Reading Red Report on the
status of mainstream coverage of the mascot issue.

News bits from the Endangered Species Coalition
submitted by Kasey Wolf Weaver

The Endangered Species Coalition is a dedicated group of people working to
stop extinction. These news quips were part of daily news digests about
endangered species, biodiversity related issues and the people working to
stop extinction from the Endangered Species Coalition.

The Spirit of Our People: Subsistence Rights
by Chief Evon Peter

As Alaska Native peoples we are again at a critical point in time. The
decisions we make and the actions we take will forever impact the spirit of
our people and the ways of life we cherish. The pressures that are pushing
us to take action are coming from within our people and from external
forces. If we fail to make the right choices and act upon them, we threaten
the future of our people. This is my call to our people, leaders, and
supporters for unity, openness, and solidarity as we stand firm to confront
the challenges that lie before us.

NCAI President Tex Hall Asks Cooperation for Indian Country
by David Melmer

The president of the National Congress of American Indians recently turned
the nation's attention toward Indian country with a State of American Indian
Nations Address.

Tex Hall, chairman of the Hidatsa, Arikara and Mandan or the Three
Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota and the president of NCAI, offered a list
of issues paramount in the minds of the tribal leadership as an informative
agenda to which the President, Congress and the American people can join in
cooperation and help resolve the problems affecting Indian country.

Enviro-Rants From an All Natural Soapbox
by Jamie Lockard

Well, it's official folks. Bush is a moron. But then we knew that already.
However, an official report by some self-important scientist has declared
that fish, cannot feel pain. Apparently their brain is too small to have the
neuro-somethings to feel pain. So what does that mean for the Bush
administration if they have no brains at all? We all know they run on fuel
cells . right?

Action Alerts
collected from various sources

The "Stoic" Indian
by Paul Barry
In each issue, you will find a funny story here. Perhaps, even a true story
or one with a moral.

Moccasin Telegraph - News of Interest from Indian Country
Gathered by Raven Weaver


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The Many Voices Staff,

Lynne Pennington, Webmaster, Arts and Crafts
Donna Ennis, Health Issues
Kasey Weaver, Environmental and Health Issues
Jamie Lockard, Environmental Issues
Raven Weaver, News Research & Administration
Vicki Lockard, Legal & Political Issues
Paul Barry, Go-Fer

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