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We Have Many Voices Update, Volume 3, Issue 1 February 1, 2003

Announcment From The bi-monthly ezine "We Have Many Voices"
We have updated our website where we bring you the news behind the news.

A brief description of each article is listed below, and you may read
them in their entirety at our web page:
We Have Many Voices Ezine


The American Indian And The "Great Emancipator"
by Michael Gaddy

Perhaps the veneer of lies and historical distortions that surround Abraham
Lincoln are beginning to crack. In the movie, "Gangs of New York," we finally
have a historically correct representation of the real Abraham Lincoln and
his policies. Heretofore, many socialistic intellectuals, politicians and
historians have whitewashed these policies in order to protect Lincoln's
image because of their allegiance to the unconstitutional centralization of
power he brought to our government.
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People Magazine Review:- Bottom Line - Note Perfect

The Alienated State of America: A Hateful Divide
by Bryan Craeg Evans  
Here at the dawn of a new millennium, every person in America shares a fate
with every other person in the world: we have been colonized by a tight-knit
web of elitists bent on military superiority, in a struggle over dwindling
resources, with a global agenda. We've been hijacked by a militaristic cabal
of economic pirates and their henchmen, armed with high-tech weapons and
secret technologies, under the guise of "Security," backed by a toothless
media and their advertisers. We're being held hostage by this arms-dealing
coup détat, threatened daily with nuclear warfare, germ injections,
unreasonable search and seizure, imprisonment, and various other violations
of human rights.


Whose Union?
by Vicki Lockard  
OK, folks, here I go. First, I must admit that I did not watch, or listen, to
Dubya's speech. Every time he gives that smirk of his, I go ballistic, and my
blood pressure just wasn't up to it. But, I certainly have some comments
about what he said.


My Response to the State of the Union
by Kasey Wolf Weaver  
I just listened to President George W. Bush deliver his State of the Union
address.....for the second time. The first time I was at work, and I caught
only bits here and there. When I got home, I listened to the whole thing.

2003 America's Ten Most Endangered Parks
submitted by Kasey Wolf Weaver
For the fifth straight year the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in
Tennessee has been included in the National Parks Conservation Association's
"America's Ten Most Endangered National Parks." The list released this month
highlight what is believed to be the most threatened within the National Park
Service's 388 sites.

Poets Against the War
by Sam Hamill

Supporting Terror
by Matt Smith
Ever seen the TV commercial, you know the one, the one that tells us "that if
you buy drugs, you might be supporting terrorists"? Do you buy it? I don't. I
do not condone the use or the sale of drugs, but this statement is simply not
true. Most of the drugs sold on our streets come from right here in America,
I have never heard of a drug shipment coming from Al-Qiada. Have you? Ever
had anyone ask you if you wanted some "Osama crack cocaine"? Or "Al-Qiada red
hair"? I didn't think so.

Action Alerts  
collected from various sources


The "Stoic" Indian
by Paul Barry
In each issue, you will find a funny story here. Perhaps, even a true story
or one with a moral.


Moccasin Telegraph - News of Interest from Indian Country
Gathered by Raven Weaver

Thank you!
The Many Voices Staff,

Lynne Pennington, Webmaster, Arts and Crafts
Donna Ennis, Health Issues
Kasey Weaver, Environmental and Health Issues
Jamie Lockard, Environmental Issues
Raven Weaver, News Research & Administration
Vicki Lockard, Legal & Political Issues
Paul Barry, Go-Fer
"We Have Many Voices" is a free, bi-weekly, online Magazine addressing issues
of interest to Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and First Nations people. We
do not provide subscriber or visitor names to anyone. Some articles presented
in "We Have Many Voices" may contain copyright material. We have received
appropriate permissions for republishing any articles. Material appearing
here is distributed
without profit or monetary gain to those who have expressed an interest. This
is in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 Fair Use doctrine of
international copyright law.

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"We Have Many Voices" is a copyright © 2001, 2002, 2003 of Lynne Pennington,
Kasey Weaver, Raven Weaver, Donna Ennis, Jamie Lockard, Paul Barry and Vicki

The "We Have Many Voices" web site and its design is the Copyright © 2001,
2002, 2003 of Lynne Pennington.
All Rights Reserved.

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