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Subject: This Week On NASAexplores
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 13:02:56 -0600

This week on NASAexplores we're featuring an article from NASA's Science
Mission Directorate. In "Staring at the Sun", NASA's Solar and Heliospheric
Observatory, called SOHO, gets a place in the spotlight. SOHO has made some
incredible observations of the sun that were never possible before its
launch. An abstract of the article can be found below, as well as brief
descriptions of the accompanying lessons for each grade level.

A new contest is challenging NASA web visitors to guess which day and at
what time SOHO will find its 1,000th comet. SOHO has discovered almost 900
comets and is on track to find its 1,000th sometime this summer. Go to their
Web site for more details.

To access the articles and lessons, please visit the NASAexplores web site.

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Staring at the Sun

NASA's SOHO spacecraft does what humans can't--it stares at the sun. Find
out what it has learned in nine years of constant solar observation.

Lesson 1 - Parts of the Sun: To learn about the Sun, our closest star.

Lesson 2 - Track the Sunspots: To use NASA photographs to track the
movements of three sunspots.

Lesson 1 - Origami Sun: To make an origami sun, and to learn more about our
nearest star.

Lesson 2 - SOHO and the Sun Web Quest: To use the Internet to learn more
about the sun and the SOHO mission.

Lesson 1 - Explosions From the Sun: To measure the motion (speed and
acceleration) of coronal mass ejections from the sun.

Lesson 2 - Classified Stars: To explore the similarities of stars through a
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.


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