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We've always been intrigued by the phrase "Blackberry Winter"
and actually got to experience one this week at Hilton Pond
Center for Piedmont Natural History.

For an explanation of "Blackberry Winter"" and some photos of
organisms associated with it, please visit the 8-14 May 2006
installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" at

As always we include a list of birds band and recaptured locally
during the period; this week there's also a report on a migratory
American Goldfinch banded locally and encountered far to
the north.


NASA Science News for May 22, 2006

A 22-year veteran of prospecting and mining on Earth has some no-nonsense advice for lunar explorers.


"Volcano Under the City"
Broadcast: May 23, 2006 at 8 p.m. ET/PT (Repeat)
(NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as
dates and times may vary.)

Deep inside a volcano, a team of scientists camps amid rockslides
and seething sulfur dioxide gas. Their mission: to study this deadly
mountain up close to find out what makes it tick. The fate of nearly
half a million people in a nearby city could be at stake. NOVA
accompanies this daring expedition in "Volcano Under the City." The
volcano is eastern Congo's Mount Nyiragongo, which erupted in
January 2002, surprising the city of Goma 11 miles away. Enormous
cracks opened in the ground nearby and spewed fountains of lava,
killing 100 people and leaving 120,000  homeless. Scientists'
biggest fear is that next time a fracture could open under the
city itself.

Here's what you'll find online:

Inquiry & Article

     Boom or Bust
     Can we forecast volcanic eruptions?

     Behind the Scenes
     Descend into Nyiragongo's volatile crater with filmmaker
     Antoine de Maximy.

Interactive & Slide Show

     Anatomy of Nyiragongo
     Find out what features make this unquiet volcano tick.

     Deadly Volcanoes
     Explore some of the worst volcanic disasters of the past
     four centuries.

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