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NASA Science News for November 9, 2006
Is the Moon Still Alive?
Conventional wisdom says the Moon is dead. Conventional wisdom may be
wrong. Today in the journal Nature, a team of NASA-supported
scientists announced evidence for fresh geologic activity on the Moon.

[NOVA Teachers]
Family That Walks on All Fours airs Nov. 14
Join NOVA next week when experts explore the mysterious story of
five siblings living in a remote Turkish village in "Family That
Walks on All Fours." Note: This program contains graphic
information about physically and mentally handicapped individuals.
Please preview it to determine its appropriateness for your
classroom. (Subjects covered: life science, evolution, genetics)

Space Weather News

Solar Activity Watch listen to the radio sounds of the sun.
Solar activity is about to increase--or so it seems.  An active
sunspot is hiding just behind the sun's eastern limb.  For the past
three days, it has been erupting, throwing clouds of magnetized gas
high above the sun's surface where they can be seen from Earth.  Some
of these explosions have also produced strong radio bursts heard in
the loudspeakers of ham-radio rigs.  Soon, perhaps later today or
tomorrow, the sun's rotation will turn the sunspot toward Earth,
providing a direct view of the active region.  If it is indeed a big
spot, we could be in for some stormy space weather in the days ahead.

Four Planets Gather around the Sun
FOUR PLANETS: Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury are all crowded around
the sun this weekend. The great conjunction is invisible to the human
eye (too much sunlight), but SOHO can see it. The spacecraft's
coronagraph is able to block the glare and reveal the planets. Visit
http://spaceweather.com for live images.
SOLAR WIND:  A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field,
sparking beautiful Northern Lights over parts of Scandinavia, Canada
and Alaska.  High latitude sky watchers should remain alert for
auroras on Nov. 11th and 12th.

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