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TEACHERPLANET NEWS - now read by 205,000+ educators
Issue # 13 - March 28, 2004

Dear Member,

This week's newsletter features many great resources. Of particular interest to 
some teachers will be our "Earth Day" feature found below. With Earth Day only 
three weeks away, you will find an incredible assortment of information on our 
feature page, including lesson plans, worksheets, resources and much more. 
Also, this week we have begun using a coding system next to some features. Here 
is how it works: (A) All Grade Levels, (E) suitable for Elementary, (M) Middle 
School, (H) High School, (ESL) English Language, (US) only available to 
US-based teachers, (CA) Canadian teachers, (G) Globally, (PG) safe for viewing, 
(R) contains language or materials that may be offensive - this will likely be 
used only in reference to some Jokes and Cartoons and never in reference to 
teaching materials.

Thanks and Have a Great Week!

In this week's issue:

A. Special Announcements
B. Humor and Inspirations
C. TeacherPlanet Features
D. Rona's Teacher Tools
E. Sites For Teachers
F. Career Centre for Educators
G. Latest News for Teachers


A. Special Announcements

Capella University helps you be one of those teachers who makes kids want to be 
teachers. Get the support you need to develop your skills, online interaction 
allows continual exchange of ideas, and both PhD and master's degrees from an 
accredited online university. To request a complimentary University Guide from 
Capella University <>CLICK HERE


B. Humor and Inspirations
    * <>Quotations - "Excellence is a habit. The 
things you do the most are the things you will do the best."  ~author unknown
    * <>Jokes for Teachers - Questions you hope 
your students don't ask!! (PG)
    * <>Education Cartoon - This week we have an 
Inspiring Story in place of the cartoon (Tissue may be required).
    * <>Teacher Spot - Coming Soon!

C. TeacherPlanet Features
    * <>Weekly Theme Pages - March 30th: 
<>Doctor's Day; April 
1st-<>Fool's Day; April - 
<>National Poetry Month;
    * <>Lesson Plans - The Gateway to 
Educational Materials (A)
    * <>Teaching Units - Earth Day! (A)
    * <>Worksheets - Printable Calendar for 
April (E)

D. Rona's Teacher Tools
    * <>Tool of the Week - Great Maps from 
Xpeditions! (M,H)
    * <>Rubrics - A Terrific Sample Rubric (A)
    * <>Certificates & Awards - Reading 
Achievement Award (A)
    * <>Gradebooks - Over 50 Electronic 
Gradebooks to choose from (A)
    * <>Books for Teachers - 5 Random Draw Winners 
Listed Here!

E. Sites For Teachers
    * <>Educational Posters - Motivational 
Poster - "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" (S. 
    * <>DVD's for Teaching - "12 Angry Men" DVD and 
Learning Guide (M,H)
    * <>Saving You Money - Fossils, Rocks and 
Time - Complimentary Guide (A)
    * <>Educational Software - Complimentary 
copy of "HS Accounting" (H)
- Over 990 Resources for Teachers (A)
    * <>Music for Teachers - Hilarious "Teacher 
Therapy" - a great gift for teachers (A)

F. Career Center
    * <>Weekly Job Feature - 5 Weeks left to submit 
your Job Application (A)
    * <>Resumes for Teachers - For New Teachers, 
those looking to change Jobs or applying for a promotion! (A)
    * <>Online Degrees and Courses for Teachers 
- AIU Online: Masters Degree for Teachers in just 10 months (A)

G. Latest News Headlines about Teachers - <>CLICK 
HERE - including...
    * Teacher taught her students to love learning
    * Teacher suspended for hostess moonlighting
    * Teacher bites kid on nose
    * Meet-the-teacher night less scary
    * Missing Teacher Found Dead
    * Teachers put on leave over racial claims
    * A suggestion for Bush's plan : Leave no teacher behind
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