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Special Edition: Grading Made Easy
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"For ten years I taught without an electronic grade book and I am embarrassed 
to admit that I spent endless hours each term calculating grades. Five years 
ago I discovered a simple software program and cut my grade calculating time by 
75%. I have since moved on to an even more advanced system and I can't believe 
I ever did this with a pencil, paper and calculator. There are many programs to 
choose from, so make a choice and save yourself some time and aggravation!!" - 
Miranda Blair (Classroom Teacher - Lee Elementary School)

Featured Grade Books:

Gradekeeper makes keeping track of grades easy! You can easily print reports, 
post grades securely on your school web site or to Edline or School Center. 
Gradekeeper is inexpensive. A school license is just $100, a district license 
is just $500, and new versions are yours at no additional cost. Gradekeeper is 
available for Windows, Macintosh, and Mac OS X. 
<> is a web based grading application for teachers, professors, 
and instructors of any grade level. It's easy to use, accessible from anywhere, 
completely customizable, and totally secure. Visit 
<> to try it 
out with fictional data, or start a free 30 day trial. Special offer for 
Teacher Planet members - only $17.95 annually.

TeacherEase - Web-based gradebook FREE to the first three teachers in your 
school. Simple easy to learn interface saves teachers time when preparing 
grades. Use it from home, school, or anywhere via the Internet. Can even let 
parents login  to view their child's grades online reducing phone tag and 
conferences. Increased parent involvement boosts student performance and saves 
you time  <>

GradeBookWizard is a powerful online gradebook, attendance, and class website 
solution for teachers at all grade levels. The familiar tabular layout and 
user-friendly interface makes grading a breeze. Teachers can easily post 
assignments, grades, announcements, and more to a secure website that is 
automatically created for each class. Visit 
<> to sign 
up for a free 30-day trial account.

Other Great Products:

eSembler for Education is a Web-based gradebook and attendance software 
designed for K-12 school districts. Their gradebook connects with any Student 
Information System, offering automatic class configuration with near real-time 
updates to student information. Most importantly, eSembler software has a 
PROVEN record of success. Visit their Web site for a demonstration; see why 
they offer a superior gradebook solution. 

GradeCam - an affordable cutting edge technology allowing you to scan grades 
into your existing electronic gradebook. Scan to enter everything! For multiple 
choice and true/false quizzes, GradeCam automatically determines the students' 
scores as it posts them, providing immediate feedback to students and teachers 
while saving hours of work. Compatible with all existing electronic gradebooks 
on a PC or Mac! <>

Grade Guide is a versatile, flexible, easy-to-use yet very powerful gradebook 
for WINDOWS with a wide variety of grading options and report 
formats.  Establish up to 30 separate grade categories for QUIZZES, TESTS, 
ATTENDANCE, etc.  Store students' names, ID's, section numbers, letter and 
number grades, and text notes.  Now compatible with Access and Excel., 

The Pretty Good Grading Program - Simplify your life: "Saving Teachers Time 
Since 1987", PGGP is an electronic grading program written specifically for 
elementary school teachers. PGGP provides an easy and efficient solution to 
grading in the self-contained classroom. The creator of PGGP is an elementary 
teacher, on special assignment, devoted to meeting the needs of his customers. 
For Windows or Macintosh. 

MarkBook® Class Management Software - Download a complimentary, full-function 
copy. It's not a spreadsheet. MarkBook handles multiple subjects with multiple 
terms, age calculation, optional web and Email reporting, text tracking, 
academic/attendance analysis, multiple calculations of 'central tendency', and 
more. Find out why teachers in 60+ countries look and feel good with 
MarkBook.  <>

This email is a Special Edition Newsletter distributed to all 
subscribers for informational purposes.

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