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You get the NewsBlast. You know the daunting challenges that face
America's public schools.

You know that most high school seniors score near the bottom percentiles
in math and science compared to other industrialized nations.

Why?  Because despite the fact that the majority of our teachers are
effective professionals, more than 25% of all our teachers are not
qualified to teach!  And too many unqualified teachers are assigned to
classrooms in high-poverty schools serving large numbers of minority
children. As if that weren't bad enough, America is facing a huge teacher
shortage -- we will need 2.2 million new teachers in the next 10 years to
keep up with the demand.

America is falling further and further behind when it comes to education.
Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of President Bush's No Child Left
Behind Act, so now is the time to act ... to help give all kids a good

Click here to send a free letter to your governor at

In case you don't know, No Child Left Behind is the President's sweeping
plan for education reform. The Act promises to improve the performance of
students in struggling schools across the country. One of the key
components of the plan is improving teacher quality.

Not surprisingly, having good teachers is the single most important factor
in providing a good education to kids.  Research shows that students of
the best teachers learn up to 6 times more than students of less effective

While many things need to happen to improve public education, the number
one thing we can do is to put a good teacher in every classroom. 

The No Child Left Behind Act will turn one-year-old on January 8th.  

A year has gone by.  What progress has your state made on the President's
ambitious plan to improve public education? 

According to "Quality Counts 2003" just released by Education Week, states
and districts are taking steps to recruit and retain competent teachers,
but those efforts generally are not aimed at finding teachers for
high-poverty, high-minority, and low-achieving schools.

Has your governor drafted a detailed plan?  Have the initial goals of the
Act been met in your state?  Are teachers better qualified?  Are students
getting higher test scores? 

Now is the time to make your voice heard on the subject of education
reform. Please act today!

Click here to tell your governor to put a good teacher in every classroom! ;

It's every citizen's responsibility to make sure each of our states is
doing everything in its power to hire and keep good teachers in our

It only takes a second. And once you've sent the letter, please forward
this message to your friends and family. We all know the critical
importance of high-quality public education. Without it our kids, our
communities, our country, and our future are in jeopardy.

Thank you for your help.

Wendy Puriefoy
President, Public Education Network
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- believes that every child has a right to a
world-class education. Given the vital role teachers play in the lives of
young people, we think the best way to start is to put a good teacher in
every classroom. Public education is a cornerstone of a successful
democracy, and the key to the future strength of our communities. We
believe providing every child with access to the best possible education
means making sure each child gets a good teacher.
is a project of Public Education Network which seeks to build public
demand and mobilize resources to provide quality public education for all
children, especially poor and minority students.

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