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NEW THIS WEEK, November 17, 2005

Arts and Humanities

Holiday Craft Countdown: 30 Days of Crafts
Presented in the form of an advent calendar, this site offers daily holiday
craft projects for mid-November through mid-December. Includes an archive of
additional holiday craft projects, such as ornaments, cards, home decor,
entertaining ideas, and gift wrapping and boxes. From the website for HGTV
(Home & Garden Television).
URL: http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/pac_ctnt_988/text/0,,HGTV_22056_37027,00.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19719

How to Take Great Photos of Holiday Lights
This article offers ideas for taking photos of tree lights, candles, holiday
lights on buildings, and other indoor and outdoor lit subjects. Includes
tips for both film and digital photography, and examples of photographs of
holiday lights. From a photography school.
URL: http://www.nyip.com/tips/current/holidaylights.php
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19738

In Search of Myths & Heroes
Companion website to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program that "goes
in search of four of the world's most famous myths": the Queen of Sheba,
Shangri-La, King Arthur, and Jason and the Argonauts. Features general
information about myths, essays on the specific myths discussed in the
program, information about the archetypes ("universal symbolic patterns")
found in the stories, video clips, and lesson plans.
URL: http://www.pbs.org/mythsandheroes/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19733

Taking Better Holiday Pictures
This article contains some ideas for taking photos during the holiday
season, with an emphasis on portraits and photography of people. Discusses
background, lighting, and other tips for composing and taking better photos.
From a maker of photo editing software.
URL: http://www.adobe.com/education/digkids/tips/photo/holiday_photos.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19737

Winslow Homer in the National Gallery of Art
Companion to an exhibit of "oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints
by distinguished American artist Winslow Homer (1836-1910)." The exhibit
spans his careers from early oil paintings from the Civil War and classic
images of 19th century American life through his late watercolors of sea
scenes. Also includes biographic information with video clips. From the
National Gallery of Art.
URL: http://www.nga.gov/feature/homer/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19617

The Ageless Project
The goal of this website is to show that "the personal, creative side of the
web is diverse and ageless" by collecting examples of blogs maintained by
people of all ages. Browse the links to the blogs by era of birth (from the
1920s to the present), month of birthday, or specific year of birth. While
not scientific in approach, this personal project nevertheless shows
examples of blogs written by people of all ages.
URL: http://jenett.org/ageless/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19681

Google Maps Mania
"An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, ideas and tools being
influenced by Google Maps" and the applications known as "mashups," in which
Google maps are combined with other information. The site also provides
links to information about creating mashups and to mashup sites on topics
such as current events, transportation, weather, city information, real
estate, recreation, and tourism.
URL: http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19689

Kids' Search Engines
The Internet search services listed here "are designed primarily to serve
the needs of children, either in focus, or by filtering out sites that some
parents and teachers might find inappropriate for kids. These usually
include sites that deal with explicit sexual matters, porn sites, violence,
hate speech, gambling and drug use." Features an annotated list of sites,
filtering options for selected search engines, and information about
filtering and blocking software. From Search Engine Watch.
URL: http://searchenginewatch.com/links/article.php/2156191
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19711

Birder's World Magazine: Answers to Your Questions about Avian Flu
This FAQ about avian influenza (bird flu) focuses on topics related to
birding and feeding birds. Also discusses issues such as whether pet birds
can contract avian influenza, whether it is safe to eat poultry and eggs,
and what to do if you find a sick bird. Includes links to related resources.
URL: http://www.birdersworld.com/default.aspx?c=a&id=546
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19732





From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition
This November 2005 report "focuses on survivors of adult cancer during the
phase of care that follows primary treatment. The book raises awareness of
the medical, functional, and psychosocial consequences of cancer and its
treatment. It defines quality health care for cancer survivors." The "Read
and Purchase" link provides free access to the text--see "read it free" on
the left side of the page. Also includes links to related information. From
the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.
URL: http://www.iom.edu/report.asp?id=30869
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19654

Medicare "Drug Finder" Hits Snag
November 2005 article and audio file of a radio story about issues with the
implementation of Medicare's "Prescription Drug Plan Finder" website, which
is "supposed to help people pick their drug coverage" under Medicare's
prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D), registration for which begins
November 15, 2005. Includes a link to the Medicare website and a toll-free
telephone number. From National Public Radio (NPR).
URL: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5008698
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19735

Home & Housing
Cooking With Kids
Collection of recipes for foods children can help prepare. "Many of these
recipes include step-by-step instructions for your children to follow
including useful information about kids using microwaves." Includes recipes
for heart-healthy food and snacks. Also includes suggestions for helping to
get "children involved in mealtimes and to help them develop positive
attitudes about food." From the website for home and family magazines, such
as Better Homes and Gardens. Note: Site generates pop-ups.
URL: http://www.homeandfamilynetwork.com/food/kids.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19638

Cooking With Kids With Lynn Fredericks
This site features children's activities related to ingredients (along with
related recipes), with thoughts from chefs "about feeding their own children
and ... some of the recipes for the foods that their kids like to eat." From
StarChefs magazine, "serving the foodservice industry and food aficionados
since 1995."
URL: http://starchefs.com/kids/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19640

Dungeness Crab: Pride of the West Coast Fleet
Article about this main commercial crab species south of Alaska. The article
describes how "around San Francisco, the season usually begins in November,
and cracked crab is as much a tradition at some Bay Area Thanksgiving tables
as turkey." Also includes a recipe for sole stuffed with crab. By a San
Francisco Bay Area cookbook publisher and author. Note: Includes links to
commercial content.
URL: http://www.sallys-place.com/food/columns/harlow/dungeness_crab.htm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19742

Kidshealth: Recipes
Collection of recipes for healthy foods children can prepare. "Making food
yourself -- with a little help from a parent -- is a great way to learn
about food and meal preparation. And we have plenty of recipes for you to
try -- from pizza to pancakes." Includes recipes for children with cystic
fibrosis, diabetes, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease, as well as
vegetarian recipes. Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis. From the
Nemours Foundation.
URL: http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/recipes/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19634

Kitchen Window
This National Public Radio (NPR) column focuses on seasonal cooking and
entertaining. The website features commentaries on food and recipes for
dishes such as pear tartlets, black bean pumpkin soup, root vegetable
cassoulet, roasted chicken, kalbi (Korean barbecue short ribs), ceviche,
honeysuckle sorbet, and lavender martinis.
URL: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4578972
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19741

Mr. Breakfast Recipes: Thanksgiving
This small collection of recipes focuses on ideas for using Thanksgiving
leftovers in breakfast dishes. Includes recipes for dishes such as turkey
and mashed potato frittata, turkey omelets, turkey apple breakfast sausage,
maple sweet potato muffins, and sweet potato waffles. From Mr. Breakfast, a
website that contains breakfast recipes and breakfast restaurant reviews;
the author is a graduate of a cooking school.
URL: http://www.mrbreakfast.com/thanksgiving.asp
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19722

No Two Alike
This 2005 article recounts a journey to "rural Turkmenistan, near Iran's
northern border. 'The birthplace of the pomegranate was here in the Kopet
Dag Mountains of Central Asia. ... And here is the last place on Earth where
wild pomegranates grow.'" This article has been abridged for the website of
the Orion magazine.
URL: http://www.oriononline.org/pages/om/05-6om/Baer.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19730

Product Safety Tips: Turkey Fryers
The Underwriters Laboratory uses this site to explain why it has not
certified any deep-fat turkey fryers. A dramatic video demonstrates how
easily fires are started by this equipment, and also shows how easily these
units can be tipped over. Includes a list of other hazards associated with
these fryers, and tips for "safer use" for those backyard cooks who
"absolutely must use a turkey fryer."
URL: http://www.ul.com/consumers/turkeys.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/15686

Sinkie: The International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink
The day after Thanksgiving is designated as Sinkie Day (Standing In
Nutritious Kitchens Ingesting Everything). With tongue in cheek, the author
shares letters from guilt-free Sinkies, lists ways to spot other Sinkies,
and provides other useful information to free us from the guilt, shame, and
embarrassment of being discovered eating with fingers over the kitchen sink.
URL: http://www.sinkie.com/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/8822

Thanksgiving Holiday Guide
Highlights of this collection of features on Thanksgiving cooking include
tips for cooking turkeys in a convection oven and carving a turkey, poultry
labeling terms, Thanksgiving recipes with "an Asian touch," vegetarian
recipes and ideas from chefs, "down-to-the-wire" recipes, and a Thanksgiving
feast with wine accompaniments. Provides many recipes, including ideas for
leftovers. From SFGate.com, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle.
URL: http://www.sfgate.com/food/special/pages/thanksgiving/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19718

Whole Foods Market: Winter Holiday Guide
In addition to a collection of holiday season recipes, this site includes
features such as gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, ideas for entertaining
guests with special diets, substitutions for alcohol in recipes, guides to
holidays spices and natural sweeteners, meal planning and kitchen tips, and
more. From a natural foods grocery chain.
URL: http://www.wholefoods.com/recipes/list_holidays.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19724

FindLaw: Family Law Center
Articles and resources about family law issues in the United States. Main
topics include adoption, child custody, child support, divorce, and marriage
and living together. Includes links to laws and related materials for each
state and for specific topics, such as international adoption, physical and
legal child custody, child support guidelines, spousal support (alimony),
prenuptial agreements, same-sex couples, and more.
URL: http://family.findlaw.com
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19698




The registry is organized by state and by grade level.
The registry also includes sites for charter Schools, virtual schools,
school districts, state and regional education organizations, state
departments of education, state standards and state administrators.


"Jesus Malverde"
Story about Mexican folk hero Jesus Malverde (known as "the Angel of the
Poor" and "The Generous Bandit") and how he has also become the patron saint
of Mexican drug smugglers. Discusses the legend of Malverde, his shrine in
Culiacan, Mexico, drug smuggling, and controversies related to Malverde.
Excerpted from the book "True Tales From Another Mexico"; part of the
website for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline program "Drug
URL: too long to display; see LII item
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19695

College Football Rivalries
A list of traditional college football rivalry games in the United States,
with "each rivalry ... listed under the team alphabetically first." Includes
series record and description of trophy for each rivalry, and games which
are often played on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Also includes a list of
longest rivalries (more than 100 games played) and a note about what makes a
rivalry. From an enthusiast.
URL: http://www.1122productions.com/rivalries/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19736

Why Are Rivalries So Intense?
A description of the different reasons underlying college football
rivalries. Includes a discussion of in-state rivalries (between public
schools and between public and private schools), border wars ("schools in
states adjacent to one another"), and trophy games (such as for the "Old
Oaken Bucket, Paul Bunyan's ax or Bo Schembechler's hat"). Also includes a
comment about the effect of Hurricane Katrina on the Bayou Classic, the
annual game between Southern and Grambling State. From ESPN.
URL: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=jones/050902
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19739

Regional: Washington State
Marriage in Washington [State]
This series of radio programs looks at topics related to marriage in
Washington state, including domestic partnerships, unmarried couples who buy
houses, marriage and immigrants, and polyamory ("the practice of having
committed relationships with more than one person at a time"). From KUOW
Puget Sound Public Radio.
URL: http://www.kuow.org/pvf/pvf_marriage.asp
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19559

Seattle and King County Food Bank Resource Directory
Find listings for food pantries, emergency food bags, food for infants and
babies, and other emergency food programs in neighborhoods in Seattle and
King County, Washington state. Includes food pantries serving specific
populations (such as Asian and Pacific Islanders and people with HIV/AIDS)
and food banks serving all of Seattle or King County. From the City of
Seattle Human Services Department.
URL: too long to display; see LII item
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19675

Tobacco Prevention Program: Initiative 901
Brief FAQ about Washington state's Initiative 901, which "amends the 1985
Clean Indoor Air Act and now requires that ALL work places be 100% smoke
free." Discusses details of the ban, effective December 2005 (passed on the
November 2005 ballot), which also restricts smoking "25 feet from all
doorways, windows and air intakes" of most indoor enclosed public places.
From Public Health, Seattle & King County.
URL: http://www.metrokc.gov/health/tobacco/901.htm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19670

Weaving Women's Words: Seattle Stories
This online exhibit presents the stories of 30 "Seattle Jewish women born in
the early decades of the twentieth century [who] opened their life stories
and their homes to two oral historians and a photographer." Includes notes
on the interview process, commentaries, the narrators' words and
biographies, a list of recurring themes, and photographs of artifacts owned
by some of the women. A collaborative project of the Jewish Women's Archive
and the Museum of History & Industry (Seattle).
URL: http://www.jwa.org/exhibits/seattle/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19690


Women In Science

Special Edition

Changing Girls' Attitudes About Computers
Computer Wonder Women
National Women's History Month
What you can do to help GRRLS get into technology!
Best Online Resources For Women and Minorities in Science and Technology
Educating Girls in the New Computer Age
HERSTORIES Classroom Project


Regions of the World
Indepth: France Riots
Background information about the 2005 riots in France, which started in
October in the Paris suburbs and spread to other towns in France. Includes a
map of affected areas, a timeline with links to related news stories,
photos, and a video clip. From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
URL: http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/paris_riots
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19714

Mirror Dance
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Independent Lens
documentary about "Cuban-born identical twins ... who become estranged
through politics when one moves to the United States and the other remains
behind. Though separated for almost 40 years, both continue to share a
passion for dance." The site includes information about the National Ballet
of Cuba, the Cuban Revolution, and the filmmakers. Also includes links to
related information.
URL: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/mirrordance/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19729

Red-Color News Soldier: A Chinese Photographer's Odyssey Through the
Cultural Revolution
The black-and-white photographs in this traveling exhibit (2003-2005) of
work by Li Zhensheng document Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution in
China (1964-1976). Provides photo descriptions (mouse over images to view)
and background information about the photographer and the project. In
English and French.
URL: http://red-colornewssoldier.com
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19687

Special Report: France
Collection of news articles and commentary about politics and current events
in France. Covers topics such as the rioting in France that started in
October 2005 in the Paris suburbs and spread to other areas of the country.
Includes photos and interactive features. From the Guardian Unlimited, the
online companion to the British newspaper The Guardian.
URL: http://www.guardian.co.uk/france/0,11882,681877,00.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19712

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton
This site "is producing a scholarly online edition of Newton's alchemical
manuscripts integrated with new research on Newton's chymistry. ... [A]bout
two hundred fifty [pages] have been edited and are available online,
including Newton's Most Complete Laboratory Notebook [written between 1669
and 1693]." The site includes text transcriptions, interpretive notes, and a
guide to symbols relating to these materials first discovered in 1936. From
Indiana University.
URL: http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/newton/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19684

Investigators Release Preliminary Findings of Levee Failures at Senate Hearing
Article about how "many of the New Orleans levee and floodwall failures in
the wake of Hurricane Katrina occurred at weak-link junctions where
different levee or wall sections joined together, according to a preliminary
report released [in November, 2005] by independent investigators from the
University of California, Berkeley, and the American Society of Civil
Engineers (ASCE)." Includes links to the Senate testimony and the full
report. From the University of California, Berkeley.
URL: http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2005/11/02_levee.shtml
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19723

National Weather Service: Climate Prediction Center: Climate Assessment
A collection of material providing a "technical review of global climate
variations and their global impacts on seasonal and annual time scales."
Includes topics such as north Atlantic hurricane seasons (NOAA forecasted "a
95% to 100% chance of an above-normal 2005 Atlantic hurricane season," in
August 2005), West and Midwest flooding, and heat and dryness in Europe.
Also includes seasonal monitoring information. From the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
URL: too long to display; see LII item
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19702

National Weather Service: Climate Prediction Center: Winter Outlook
"In October the CPC [Climate Prediction Center] posts the Winter Outlook,
which reviews climate influences on the upcoming winter season and the
likely weather impacts on various regions of the United States." Also
includes a link to information about climate factors helping to shape
anticipated winter weather, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, or NAO,
and the Madden-Julian Oscillation, or MJO. From the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
URL: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/winter_outlook/index.shtml
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19699

Society & Social Science
100 Best Communities for Young People
The winners of a first-ever national competition to identify the 100 best
communities for children were announced in September 2005. "The winning
communities -- ranging from small towns to urban neighborhoods across
America -- are being celebrated for their commitment to provide healthy,
safe and caring environments for young people." Includes a list of the
winning communities, selection criteria, and a FAQ. From America's Promise
-- The Alliance for Youth.
URL: http://www.americaspromise.org/100Best/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19705

Intelligent Design in the Classroom
Series of stories on intelligent design--"the theory that an intelligent
force had a role to play in the creation of the universe"--and the
educational system. Includes a look at the debate in several states and
links to related articles about evolution, creation myths, academic freedom,
and related topics. From National Public Radio (NPR).
URL: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5011327
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19716



Research done by US military schools has shown the #1 difference
in children's scholastic success depends on parental involvement.
You can model their success by simply inviting your parents into
your school and ask them to be active in the classroom.



Kids Design the Future
Information about a program in which children are involved in the design of
new technology for use by other children. The site features a description of
projects (such as a "digital library of information about animals"), papers
(on topics such as the role of children in the design of new technology),
and video clips. From the Human Computer Interaction Lab, University of
URL: http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/kiddesign/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19717

PASt Explorers
This Portable Antiquities Scheme [PAS] website "is designed for use in the
classroom, museum or at home" and provides teaching and learning resources
"aimed at children between the ages of 7-11" and related to the English
National Curriculum. It features information and materials about English and
Welsh historic periods (prehistoric, Iron Age, Roman, and medieval), a
database of objects (such as Roman coins), an introduction to archeology,
and more. From the British Museum and other partners.
URL: http://www.pastexplorers.org.uk
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19704

U.S. Seminaries Under Scrutiny
Radio program transcript from October 2005 about how "America's 229 Catholic
seminaries ... are currently getting the once-over from a team of inspectors
sent by Rome in what some commentators are describing as a witch-hunt for
homosexuals and liberals." Also includes a copy of the "Instrumentum
Laboris," the "list of questions that are being put to every seminarian and
every seminary professor," and links to related information. From the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).
URL: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/8.30/relrpt/stories/s1488009.htm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/19707


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