North Dakota Grant opportunity

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Hello everyone -
We've just heard about a grant opportunity for schools in North Dakota that
is nicely aligned with the innovative Generation YES programs.

The North Dakota Educational Technology Council is offering Classroom
Transformation Grants ( ).

Among the goals are, "... changing and improving the way teachers and
students use technology resources ..." and, "... new processes, activities
or programs that have potential for spurring positive
systemic changes in a school building or district."

Any of the research-based Generation YES programs could fit easily into this
grant and support your technology plan:

GenYES - students helping teachers with technology integration. GenYES has
nine years of research showing that having students work with teachers
changes the way teachers use technology in the classroom. It's a systemic
way to model a culture of respect for the learning process. Grades 4-12

Generation TECH - Create a student tech support team at your school.
Students need validating, real-world experiences, and schools need help
keeping technology up and running. A perfect match! Grades 8-12

TechYES - Student to student mentoring and technology literacy. TechYES
helps you build a project-based technology literacy certification program in
your school, based on ISTE NETS standards. Grades 6-9

The application is due January 26. Give me a call if you would like any
assistance filling out the forms; we have lots of grant narrative that will
apply to this application.

Let us know if you are planning to apply!

Sylvia Martinez
Vice President, Generation YES
Toll free: (888) 941-4369 x107
email: sylvia@xxxxxxxxxx

Generation YES - Youth and Educators Succeeding

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