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Date:         Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:47:07 -0500
From: "Winters, Kirk" <Kirk.Winters@xxxxxx>
Subject: [EDInfo] New Learning Resources in Arts, Science, & Social Studies

      THIRTEEN NEW LEARNING RESOURCES in arts, science, & social
      studies have been added to FREE.  They're described below.

      FREE makes finding federal learning resources easier:

      It's not too late to tell us what you think about FREE & help
      us improve it: http://www.ed.gov/free/survey/


"All the Mighty World: Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1960"
      shows photos of one of the most important photographers of the
      19th century.  Fenton photographed the English countryside,
      country houses, cathedrals, the royal family, still lifes, &
      figures in Asian costume.  His photos documenting the Crimean
      War are among the first to depict war. (NGA)

"Art Zone"
      invites children of all ages to design a virtual mobile;
      create a collage, painting, or a geometric sculpture online;
      design & texturize 3-dimensional shapes (and see how artists
      create these effects without a computer); create a "pixel
      face"; & orchestrate an array of colorful shapes & patterns
      online. (NGA)

"Dan Flavin: A Retrospective"
      looks at the life & works of an artist whose career-long
      exploration of light established him as a progenitor & chief
      exponent of minimalism.  His use of fluorescent light is
      featured in this exhibit, the first comprehensive
      retrospective on one of the most influential artists of the
      late 20th century. (NGA)

"Gerard ter Borch"
      displays 14 pieces by one of the finest of all Dutch 17th-
      century painters.  Ter Borch (1617-1681) was unrivaled at
      capturing the elegance & grace of wealthy burghers &
      expressing with subtlety the interactions between figures.  He
      is renowned for his refined interior scenes & his mastery in
      rendering materials, particularly satins, which are
      notoriously difficult to paint. (NGA)

"Gerry Mulligan Collection"
      presents audio excerpts, scores, photos, & information about
      the jazz composer & band leader who elevated the baritone sax
      to the status of a solo instrument and, with his piano-less
      quartet, helped establish the "West Coast jazz" sound.  The
      autobiography section includes Mulligan's recollections of
      playing with Charlie Parker & the months he spent with Miles
      Davis & others at Gil Evans' apartment leading up to the
      "Birth of the Cool" album. (LOC)

"Summer Teacher Institute 2005: Storytelling & the Visual Arts"
      will focus on storytelling & the visual arts.  Two 6-day
      sessions will be held at the Gallery & other Washington
      locations.  Each session will accommodate eighteen
      participants.  A detailed description of the program & the
      application are online.  Applications are due March 15, 2005.


"NeMO Explorer"
      allows students to explore a seafloor observatory
      geographically or by topic.  Learn about seafloor animals,
      hydrothermal vents, mid-ocean ridges, axial volcano, lava
      flow, & technology & tools.  Operate (remotely) a vehicle that
      takes you to the seafloor near an active submarine volcano.
      Explore black smoker vents, new lava flows, & unusual life
      forms. (NOAA)

"Tsunamis & Earthquakes"
      uses animation & virtual reality to show how tsumanis are
      generated by earthquakes.  Learn about tsunami research &
      mitigation efforts -- how sediments are transported by a
      tsunami, how researchers decipher the geologic record of
      prehistoric tsunamis, & the seismograph network of the west
      coast tsunami warning system. (USGS)

Social studies

      looks at American political parties of the past, presidential
      inaugurations, images of presidents & first ladies, our first
      uniform election day, political cartoons by Pat Oliphant &
      Herbert Block (Herblock), the 1877 electoral commission
      created by Congress to resolve the disputed presidential
      election of 1876, the 19th & 24th amendments (ending the poll
      tax & giving women the right to vote), & the Nixon-Kennedy
      debates. (LOC)

"Stephen Ambrose: Victory in Europe: May 1945"
      offers the audio of an hour-long lecture in which Stephen
      Ambrose reviews the Allied strategy to end World War II in
      Europe.  Ambrose, a leading expert on this period, evaluates
      success of the strategy & reflects on its long-term
      implications. (SI)

"Vote: The Machinery of Democracy"
      looks at the history & variety of voting methods in the U.S. -
      - the voice vote, "party ticket" (paper ballots listing
      candidates from just one party), Australian ballot, gear &
      lever machine, & others.   Voting reforms of the early 1900s,
      when the U.S. electorate doubled, are described.  Kinds of
      voting equipment used in counties across the U.S. are shown on
      a map.  Innovative design improvements are discussed.

"Westpoint in the Making of America, 1802-1918"
      looks at the history of the U.S. Military Academy at West
      Point, its contributions to American history, &
      accomplishments of selected West Point graduates.  Proposed by
      George Washington in 1783 & created 20 years later, West Point
      became an important American institution before the Civil War.

"Within These Walls"
      tells the stories of five families who lived in one house in
      Ipswich, Massachusetts, over a 200-year period.  The 10-room
      Georgian-style house was built in the 1760s by a wealthy
      miller & maritime merchant.  Subsequent inhabitants fought in
      the Revolution, against slavery, & in World War II. (NMAH,SI)

LOC -- Library of Congress
NGA -- National Gallery of Art
NMAH,SI -- Nat'l Mus. of American History, Smithsonian Institution
NOAA -- National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
SI -- Smithsonian Institution
USGS -- U.S. Geological Survey

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