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Integrate Literacy, Music, and Technology into the classroom.
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"Earth as Art: A Landsat Perspective"
      shows striking photos of Aleutian clouds, Atlas Mountains
      (Morocco), Bolivian deforestation, the Great Salt Desert in
      Iran, Dragon Lake (Siberia), the Everglades, Ganges River
      delta, Iceland fjord, Karman vortices, Kilimanjaro (East
      Africa), the world's largest glacier (Lambert Glacier), &
      more. (LOC)


"Long Island Consortium for Interconnected Learning in Quantitative
      presents physics problems, calculus projects, problem sets for
      precalculus, multiple choice & essay questions for Calculus I-
      III, business/math problems using spreadsheets & calculators,
      & 23 math research projects. (NSF)


      offers resources for biotechnology instructors.  Find online
      courses, lab equipment, information on biotech in high school,
      & more.  A biotech news roundup includes articles on genes & a
      range of topics -- anxiety, addiction, acne, cystic fibrosis,
      depression, muscles, sudden oak death, prostate cancer, &
      others. (NSF)

      features resources for training chemical technicians:
      instructional materials, industry standards, professional
      development opportunities, chemical technician careers &
      salaries, molecule of the week, chemistry in the news, a
      newsletter, & answers to questions such as "Why are some
      schools considering a ban on soda machines?" (NSF)

"New Jersey Center for Advanced Technological Education"
      provides two instructional modules that integrate mechanical,
      computer, & electronics technology:  a golf course module & a
      fairground rides module.  The Center also offers a curriculum
      model for engineering & science technology disciplines,
      professional development for teachers, competitions for
      students, & course descriptions. (NSF)

"South Carolina Advanced Technological Education"
      features resources for students considering engineering
      technology as a career:  frequently asked questions, facts on
      engineering technology, salaries & job openings, information
      on creating a resume & cover letter, interview tips, & a
      streaming video featuring women engineers. (NSF)

Social studies

"America on the Move"
      tells how transportation changed America.  A classroom
      activity guide looks at foods & families on the move (1880s),
      workers & products (1920s), early highways (1930-40s),
      suburban communities (1950-60s), & movement of the world's
      people & products (1970-2000).  A collection of 1,000
      artifacts & photos can be searched by region, time period, or
      type of transportation (air, road, water) or vehicle. (SI)

      examines the Civil War through collections of artifacts.
      Topics include slavery & abolition, Abraham Lincoln, the first
      Union officer killed, soldiering, weapons, leaders, cavalries,
      navies, life & culture, Appomattox, Winslow Homer, & Mathew
      Brady.  A Civil War timeline is included. (SI)

"George Washington: A National Treasure"
      takes an in-depth look at the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait
      of our first president.  Explore the symbolic, artistic, &
      biographic meanings of the sword & books by clicking on those
      & other objects in the 1976 painting.  Learn about
      Washington's life, ideas, accomplishments, & his tremendous
      influence on the U.S. (SI)

"Hall of Presidents"
      shows portraits of U.S. presidents.  Each painting is
      accompanied by a brief description of the president & his
      accomplishments. (NPG)

"Just Vote!"
      offers a set of five lessons to encourage student involvement
      in the political process (Grades 9-12).  Among the topics:
      what is a good law, the Constitution's role in evaluating
      laws, what is a good citizen, the history of suffrage, &
      skills required of an informed voter. (NCC)!.shtml

"Lewis & Clark as Naturalists"
      presents flora & fauna as described by the explorers during
      their journey across America in 1804-6.  Follow their 3,700-
      mile trail using an interactive map, or browse the collection
      of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, & amphibians by
      category. (SI)

"Lewis & Clark: Mapping the West"
      features maps of the famous expedition.  The Corps of
      Discovery collected 30 maps from Indians, trappers, & traders,
      & prepared 140 maps -- most of them drawn or compiled by
      Clark.  The website shows the King map (created for the
      expedition) & the first map displaying their geographical
      discoveries.  Descriptions of expedition members, life on the
      trail, & help provided by Indian tribes are included. (SI)

"Living a Tradition: Visit the Last of the Shakers"
      recounts a journey into Shaker country, including a visit at
      Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, Maine, where the last of
      the world's few Shakers keep the old ways.  Learn about Shaker
      worship, moral codes (hard work, celibacy), their founder (a
      blacksmith's daughter born in Manchester, England, in 1736), &
      their many inventions -- flat-edged brooms, a rotary harrow, &
      others.  View Shaker works & recipes, & hear Shaker music. (SI)

"National Constitution Center"
      offers lessons on the Declaration of Independence, Bill of
      Rights, electoral process, executive branch, federal powers,
      war making, First & Fifth Amendments, freedom of speech,
      Founding Fathers, jury duty, separation of powers, & suffrage.
      "Teaching with Current Events" features news stories relating
      to the Constitution, discussion starters keyed to the news, &
      perspectives by commentators & elected officials. (NCC)

"The Fight,"
      companion to a PBS film that premieres October 18, looks at
      the 1938 bout between American Joe Louis & German Max
      Schmeling in the context of African-American history & the
      coming war with Germany.  70,000 fans crammed into Yankee
      Stadium, & millions turned on their radios to witness, on the
      eve of World War II, what has been called "the most important
      sporting event in history."  Listen to the broadcast of this
      fight & their earlier bout in 1936. (NEH)

LOC -- Library of Congress
NCC -- National Constitution Center
NEH -- National Endowment for the Humanities
NPG -- National Portrait Gallery
NSF -- National Science Foundation
SI -- Smithsonian Institution


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