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Date:         Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:11:57 -0500
From: "Winters, Kirk" <Kirk.Winters@xxxxxx>
Subject: [EDInfo] New Learning Resources: Thanksgiving, Science & Social 
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      TWELVE NEW LEARNING RESOURCES in science & social studies have
      been added to FREE.  They're described below.

      The Continental Congress's proclamation recommending that
      "inhabitants of these states" observe a day of Thanksgiving
      (1782) is featured on the FREE homepage, with a link to
      Thanksgiving resources at the Gateway to Educational
      Materials.  FREE makes finding federal learning resources
      easier: http://www.ed.gov/free

      Help us improve FREE: http://www.ed.gov/free/survey/


"Quake: 1906 San Francisco Quake"
      tells why the April 18, 1906, earthquake along the San Andreas
      Fault was "one of the most significant earthquakes of all
      time."  See photos, eyewitness accounts, the 1906 seismogram,
      & casualty & damage statistics.  Learn about the flurry of
      scientific investigation unleashed by the quake & the advances
      that followed. (USGS)

      is a focal point for educators of aerospace technicians.
      Aerospace curricula, exams, professional development, & other
      resources are provided. (NASA & NSF)

"The Space Weather Center"
      explores the solar cycle, solar wind, Earth's magnetic field,
      the ionosphere, auroras, states of matter, plasma (which makes
      up 99% of visible matter in the universe), & other sun-earth
      topics.  Online games let students launch solar particles at
      Earth, bowl with protons, & watch charged particles move in
      magnetic fields.  Information is provided on space weather
      research, space weather modeling & forecasting, & the National
      Space Weather Program. (MA)

Social studies

History - American Music
Educational CyberPlayGround WEQUEST for
"Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" Funk Brothers
Chosen Best Documentary Non Fiction Category
-- New York Film Critics Circle 12/16/02
2 Grammy nominee - Best Movie Soundtrack 1/7/02
People Magazine Review:- Bottom Line - Note Perfect

"After the Great Earthquake & Fire, 1897-1916"
      provides 26 films of San Francisco from before & after the
      Great Earthquake & Fire.  The earthquake struck on April 18,
      1906, along the San Andreas Fault, damaging most central
      California cities & killing more than 3,000 people.  These
      films show Market Street, Chinatown, a parade, San Francisco
      viewed from a balloon, & vast devastation from the 8.3
      magnitude earthquake & 3-day fire. (LOC)

"The Chinese in California, 1850-1925"
      presents 8,000 photos, paintings, letters, diary excerpts,
      pamphlets, & speeches that portray the experiences of Chinese
      immigrants in California during that time period.
      Contributions of Chinese immigrants to commerce & business,
      architecture & art, agriculture & other industries are
      described.  Chinatown in San Francisco receives special
      treatment as the oldest & largest community of Chinese in the
      U.S. (LOC)

"A Civil War Soldier in the Wildcat Regiment"
      documents the Civil War experience of this captain in the
      105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers.  More than 350
      images of correspondence, photos, & other materials are
      provided from 1861-1865.  The letters discuss the regiment's
      movements, military engagements, & the daily life of soldiers
      & their views of the war. (LOC)

"First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820"
      consists of letters, journals, books, newspapers, maps, &
      images documenting the land, peoples, & exploration of the
      trans-Appalachian West.  The first European travelers, their
      relations with Native Americans, new settlers' migration &
      acquisition of land, navigation down the Ohio River, planting
      of crops, trade in tobacco & horses, & the roles of African
      Americans, women, churches, & schools are documented. (LOC)

      looks at European & Chinese immigration to the U.S., early
      20th century immigration documents, 350 years of Jewish life
      in America, America as a religious refuge (17th century),
      Irish words, the Tenement Museum in New York City, & the first
      Yiddish cookbook in America.  The website includes images of
      Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty, stories, & interactive
      timelines & maps showing immigration patterns. (LOC)

"The Price of Freedom: Americans at War"
      features a timeline of America's wars, from the Revolution to
      Iraq.  Watch an interactive presentation on each war --
      slideshows & movies, text & photos, & dozens of artifacts
      (firearms, flags, uniforms).  Read an overview of each
      conflict; learn about its causes, major events, &
      consequences.  Gain a sense of how wars have shaped our
      history. (NMAH)

"Raid on Deerfield: the Many Stories of 1704"
      tells the story that began when 300 French & Native allies
      invaded the English settlement of Deerfield, MA.  They
      captured 112 Deerfield men, women, & children, who they
      marched 300 miles to Canada.  Later, over one-third chose to
      remain among their captors.  Events are examined from 5
      perspectives:  the Mohawk, Abenaki, Huron, French, & English.
      More than 100 artifacts, 13 interactive maps, 12 essays, & 100
      illustrations are included. (MA)

"With an Even Hand:  Brown v. Board at Fifty"
      presents more than 80 photos, letters, newspapers,
      manuscripts, maps, music, & films related to the Supreme
      Court's 1954 decision that "separate educational facilities
      are inherently unequal."  The online exhibit is organized in
      three parts:  previous court cases that laid the ground work
      for the decision, the argument underpinning the ruling & the
      public's initial response, & the aftermath. (LOC)

"World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings"
      explores the creation, heaven & earth, & the founding of
      civilizations, all from the viewpoint of 50 cultures.  170
      images & stories from Bali, China, Ethiopia, Greece, Hungary,
      Iceland, India, Japan, Java, Mexico, Rome, Russia, Yoruba, &
      elsewhere are organized around three questions:  Where did the
      universe come from? How can we explain it? How can we record
      our experience of it? (LOC)


MA -- Multiple Agencies
NASA -- National Aeronautics & Space Administration
NSF -- National Science Foundation
NMAH -- National Museum of American History
USGS -- U.S. Geological Survey

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