New Intellectual Property Rights Policy

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Subject: New Intellectual Property Rights Policy
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Dear GEM Consortium Members:

If you are a GEM Consortium member whose resources are available in The
Gateway, you will be receiving a letter in the next few days of a policy
change regarding the distribution of the metadata records for your

Since the beginning of the GEM project in 1996, its policy has permitted
unrestricted, non-profit use of GEM metadata by Consortium members.  The
revised policy provides for open access to GEM metadata by both
not-for-profit and for-profit applications and services.   This change is
intended to encourage the broadest possible dissemination of GEM metadata
resulting in the broadest possible exposure of your organization's
resources to educators. For example, the policy change will allow creators
of educational instructional management systems for K12 schools to include
GEM metadata within their systems, creating another avenue for teachers to
find your resources on your websites.

The revision in policy is the result of over a year of deliberations on
the part of the GEM Administrative Group, Futures Working Group and
Governance Board.  The proposal to amend the existing policy was approved
by the Governance Board at its semi-annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on
March 27, 2004.

Please note we are only talking about the metadata records - the
description of the resources that the user sees when they search
TheGateway. We are not talking about your full text resources that are
housed on your websites.

If you agree with the new policy, you need to take no action. If you do
not agree to wider distributing of your metadata, then you simply need to
sign and return the form to us.

The new policy is available at:

Please conntact me at geminfo@xxxxxxxxxxx with any questions you may have.


Nancy Virgil Morgan
Assistant Director
Gateway to Educational Materials

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Project
Email:                  geminfo@xxxxxxxxxxx


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