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Hello Educators,

Coming next week is the final installment to the mini-series,
"The Elegant Universe." In "Welcome to the 11th Dimension," NOVA explores
some questions that string theory may be able to answer about the nature
of the universe. (Subjects covered: mathematics, physics, atomic theory,
energy, properties of matter)

In the coming weeks:

Nov. 11 -- Wright Brothers' Flying Machine

Nov. 18 -- Magnetic Storm

Nov. 25 -- Volcano Above the Clouds

For a full listing of the fall season, visit

Karen Hartley
Teachers Editor
NOVA Web Site
E-mail: NOVA_Teachers@xxxxxxxx

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NOVA Presents "The Elegant Universe"
Broadcast: October 28 and November 4, 2003
(NOVA usually airs Tuesday nights. Check your local listings.
This program has one-year off-air taping rights.)

     Watch the Program Online
     View the entire three-hour program online in segmented chapters
     annotated with curriculum connections. Available following the
     broadcast. (Requires QuickTime or RealPlayer plug-in.) (Grades 9-12)

     A Theory of Everything?
     Learn the basics of string theory and why it might hold the key to
     unifying the four forces of nature in this excerpt from The Elegant
     Universe by Brian Greene. (Grades 9-12)

     A Conversation with Brian Greene
     Read about what it's like to be a string theorist, ways string
     theory might be experimentally supported, and advice for aspiring
     theorists in this interview. (Grades 9-12)

     Viewpoints on String Theory
     Compare what seven leading physicists have to say about the nature
     and meaning of string theory. (Grades 9-12)

     Imaging Other Dimensions
     Consider why it is so difficult to visualize a world with more than
     three spatial dimensions. (Grades 9-12)

     The Making Of
     Travel from London to New Mexico and places in between in these
     behind-the-scenes photographs taken during the production of NOVA's
     "The Elegant Universe." (Flash plug-in required.) (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

     A Sense of Scale
     Start at the scale of an apple and travel by powers of 100 down into
     the infinitesimally small world of strings. (Flash plug-in required.)
     (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

     Resonance in Strings
     See how resonance affects both an everyday string and the tiny
     strings of superstring theory. (Flash plug-in required; non-Flash
     version available.) (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

     Multidimensional Math
     Begin with a point and end with a hypercube in this interactive
     that takes you from one to four spatial dimensions. (Flash plug-in
     required; non-Flash version available.) (Grades 9-12)

     Elementary Particles
     Find out about matter and force particles, including their properties
     and when many of them were discovered or confirmed. (Flash plug-in
     required; non-Flash version available.) (Grades 9-12)

     Smashing Pictures
     See images and computer reconstructions of particle accelerator
     discoveries of such fundamental particles as the strange, charm, top,
     and bottom quarks. (Flash plug-in required; non-Flash version
     available.) (Grades 9-12)

     NOVA News Minute: Einstein's Dream
     Use this news clip to introduce students to a science topic related
     to this week's program. Available when the program airs. Transcript
     included. (QuickTime or RealVideo plug-in required.)

     Teacher's Guide
     A 32-page companion Teacher's Guide for this series explores current
     theories, nature's four fundamental forces, the essence of strings,
     extra dimensions, and more. (Grades 9-12)

     Program Transcript
     The site includes a complete narration for
     this program.

Plus Resources.

                          * * * * * * * *

Major funding for NOVA is provided by the Park Foundation, Sprint,
and Microsoft. Additional funding is provided by the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting and public television viewers.





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