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First Nation American Indian classroom Resources found on the Educational CyberPlayGround.

Thanksgiving Resources
The 1621 feast between the Pilgrims and the Indians was not the first official Thanksgiving. On June 20, 1676, following the massacre over King Philip and 700-800 Pequot Indians in Connecticut, the council of Charlestown, Massachusetts unanimously voted to proclaim
June 29. 1676, as a day of celebration and Thanksgiving.


Native Village: www.nativevillage.org

<<<>>><<<>>>NATIVE VILLAGE<<<>>><<<>>>
October 15, 2007, Issue 180

<<<>>><<<>>> OPPORTUNITIES HIGHLIGHTS<<<>>><<<>>>
"I like to inspire kids that you can set your mind to whatever you want to do, and physical handicaps are not really debilitating obstacles. You can work with whatever the Creator has given you and
make a good life.''  Wayne Newell, Passamaquoddy
Writing Our Hope
People To People International Global Youth Forum
Minority Access Internship Program
College Affordability Essay Contest
America Recycles Day
NFL Youth Football Fund Grassroots Program
Toy Challenge Contest
Voices of Youth

<<<>>><<<>>> WEBSITE HIGHLIGHTS<<<>>><<<>>>
"If you don't know something, ask someone who does."  Rosa Winfree, Lumbee
Going Home
Manoomin Project
Hopi Water Wisdom
Caribou Kayak
Indigenous Weather Knowledge
Our Future Flies on the Wings of Pollinators
Chief Big Foot Memorial Ride
The Universal Flag

<<<>>><<<>>>NEW <<<>>><<<>>>
2007 Native American Music Award Winners
The Team That Invented Football
This Halloween Think Green
Resolution of the Declarations of Indigenous Peoples
Plain Text Version: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2007-2008 LCF Utility and Heating Assistance

<<<>>><<<>>>SPECIAL FEATURES <<<>>><<<>>>
Papal Bull, Columbus Day and European Invasion
This Month in Native American History: October
Native Food Information
Celebrating an Indian Summer
The Kingdom of Hawaii Announces Secession
21 Ways to Scalp and Indian
2007 Native American Music Awards
Five Years After the Makah Historical Whale
Navajo Codetalkers Dictionary
Percent of Population Under Age 18 that is American Indian or Alaska Native Alone
Petition for American Indian Day
Mysterious Picture

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