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From: Nasaexplores.Com <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: NASAexplores This Week
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 17:54:35 -0600

This week on NASAexplores we're featuring articles from NASA's Space
Operations and Aeronautics Research Mission Directorates.  You will find how
the International Space Station has been repurposed in "Station Without
Shuttle."  You may never see flying commercially the same again when you
read "Countdown To Takeoff."  Below are abstracts of the articles, as well
as brief descriptions of the accompanying lessons for each grade level.

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Otherwise, you can wait for the answer to be posted next Thursday.

Topic 1: Station Without Shuttle

By the time the next Station parts are installed on ISS, NASA will have more
flight time with the current 11A configuration of Station than any other
spacecraft, including Shuttle.  The grounding of the Shuttle fleet meant
that instead of focusing on the next configuration of ISS, the Station team
has had to switch gears and start trying to figure out how to make the most
of what they have.

Lesson 1 - I Need Water: To learn the importance of water.

Lesson 2 - Water For Everyone: To learn the difference between water use on
the Space Station and on Earth.

Lesson 1 - Water Conservation Posters: To use the Internet to find out more
about water conservation, and to create a poster to share water saving tips
with classmates.

Lesson 2 - Building A Modular Space Station: To build a modular space
station and to understand how the International Space Station is made up of
a series of independent modules.

Lesson 1 - Flux Changes With Angle: To show how the change in surface area
can affect the air resistance (or the magnetic flux).

Lesson 2 - One Piece Of Station At A Time: To learn about the remaining
International Space Station (ISS) pieces that have yet to be placed in orbit.

Topic 2: Countdown To Takeoff

You're sitting in your seat, ready to take off on a commercial jet flight.
Maybe you're going across the country, or just a few cities away.
Regardless of how far you'll be flying, an amazing amount of preparation has
gone into making sure your flight is uneventful and smooth.  Before the
pilot ever boards the plane, hours of work have already been completed.

Lesson 1 - What's My Job?: To learn about jobs related to the field of

Lesson 2 - Balance The Weight: To use number operations to solve a problem.

Lesson 1 - Weights And Balance: To solve word problems relating to airplane
weight and the balancing of cargo on an aircraft.

Lesson 2 - Plotting The Course: To work as a team with coordinate
information to plot obstacles, and to determine the best route for a plane

Lesson 1 - Flying Takes Balance: To use the data given to prepare a
commercial plane for flight.

Lesson 2 - Ground Crew Checklist: To construct a schedule (checklist) for
ground crews to use for safely preparing aircraft for flight (takeoff and


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