NASA: February Education File Schedule

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Subject: February Education File Schedule
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:26:39 -0500 (EST)

The NASA Television Education File schedule for February 2005 is
available on the NASA Web site at the following address:

In the coming years, NASA will fulfill its Vision for Space
Exploration by sending robotic missions to the moon to prepare the
way for humans to return. Spirit and Opportunity are still going
strong on Mars, and in 2005 the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will look
for water below Mars' surface and scout for future landing sites.
Enhance your classroom science resources and tune in during the week
of February 14 through 20, 2005, as NASA TV features NASA educational
videos about the moon, Mars and the Vision for Space Exploration.
Multimedia products and Web resources related to this theme are
available from the "Back to the Moon and On to Mars" Extra Web site.

The Education File may be preempted by other events. If you plan to
use program content in your classroom or any situation where program
interruption would cause a problem, we suggest you capture
programming on video tape prior to scheduling your use of it. There
is also information from the Central Operation of Resources for
Educators (CORE) Web site about how to order copies of some of the
programs shown over NASA TV.

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