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The Library of Congress is now accepting applications for its 2007
Summer Teacher Institutes. The Institutes provide educators from
grades 4-12 across the nation with the opportunity to engage in
intensive study and exploration of a specific topic using the staff
expertise and facilities of the Library of Congress.

Participants in our summer institutes will:

* Discover Library of Congress primary source materials
* Develop strategies for using primary source digital content in teaching
* Engage in inquiry learning in hands-on workshops
* Learn from Library of Congress subject matter experts
* Network with other teachers from across the country and share ideas
and experiences
* Leave with a plan for creating a lesson or activity to be used with
their students.

The four sessions are:

July 11-13Incorporating Primary Sources into the Teaching Process

This institute will help teachers take advantage of the instructional
power of primary sources-that is, the documents and objects left
behind by the participants in past events. Though many teachers are
familiar with the importance of primary sources, they are unsure about
how to use them in the classroom or how to help students use them in
projects. In this workshop, Library of Congress specialists will
introduce participants to the unique characteristics of primary
sources, while helping explore some of the millions of digitized
primary sources available on the Library's Web site. Participants will
look at ways to introduce students to primary sources, as well as to
help them understand how to use-and cite-primary sources in projects
of their own.

July 17-20
Advanced Session: Using Library Resources to Create Lessons

Teachers who have attended the Library's previous summer institutes,
or who have served as American Memory Fellows, now have the
opportunity to build on their skills with this advanced institute.
Participants will work closely with Library staff to improve their
skills in searching the Library's Web site, to learn more about using
collections at the Library, and to develop primary source-based
teaching materials for use in their own classrooms. In addition to
attending training sessions with Library staff, participants will
undertake intensive individual research in the Library's collections
to discover primary source documents that support their teaching
goals. By the conclusion of the institute, each participant will have
created the initial stages of a lesson plan or other primary
source-based learning experience that they can take with them and
integrate into their teaching. For previous institute participants or
American Memory Fellows only.

July 25-27
Primary Sources and Literature: A Backdrop for Learning

As school systems begin to focus on improving reading student reading
scores on standardized tests, more and more teachers are looking at
ways to combine reading with social studies or other classroom
subjects. In this institute, participants will learn ways to bring
books together with the rich and varied primary source materials that
can be found in the Library's collections. By presenting great works
of literature in the light of unique historical documents and
artifacts, teachers can not only provide their students with a more
vivid and engaging reading experience, but can also build the
historical understanding and critical-thinking skills students need.
Bring several favorite historical children's or young adult fiction
books to use for assignments.

August 8-10
Incorporating Primary Sources into the Teaching Process
See July 11-13 session

The Institutes are open to all grade 4-12 educators, including
teachers, librarians and media specialists, and technology
coordinators in public, public charter, private or religiously
affiliated schools, as well as home schooling parents. Content is
geared to professionals working with students from upper elementary to
high school.

Participants may only attend one session and must have experience
using the Internet for research. The number of participants for each
session is limited to 20. There is no charge for the institute or
materials. Participants will be responsible for transportation to and
lodging in Washington, D.C.

The deadline to apply for the Summer Institutes is March 15, 2007

Please visit our Web site to register for this event:

Please send any questions about the Institutes to summerinstitutes@xxxxxxx


The National Endowment for  the Humanities

The application deadline for K-12 teachers
and  for community college faculty is March 15, 2007.

Apply  directly to the program directors for
each individual workshop.  A list of the locations, application
procedures, and program directors for the workshops is available at
the NEH website.

K-12 teachers should go to


community college faculty should  go to

"Landmarks of American History and Culture" workshops to be held in the summer of
2007.  Under the program, educators from across the United States
travel to historic landmarks for intensive, week-long workshops to
deepen their knowledge-and their students' knowledge-of the
nation's history in places where it was made.  Twenty-four
"Landmarks of American History and Culture" workshops will be held
in the summer of 2007.

Among the Landmarks workshops, 19 have been
developed for K-12 teachers and an additional five have been
designed for community college faculty. The initiative is funded
under the Endowment's "We the People" program.

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