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Librarians' Index to the Internet: Fun and Humor, March 27, 2003

Dear New This Week readers,

Most of our new sites this week are about the Iraq war or related
topics. We will distribute those in a separate mailing, and we encourage

you to visit the special site:

War or no war, next Tuesday is April Fool's Day, and we felt we could
all use a little fun in our lives right now. And don't forget you
can search and browse our site to find such classic resources as The
Lipstick Librarian, Cheese Racing, and Laughlab--see our Sports,
Recreation, and Entertainment page for "Jokes and Humor."

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria,
  And our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

To read New This Week on the Web,  go to:

To see over 11,000 other great resources, go to:

               SIX FUN SITES

The Toaster Museum Foundation
   Articles, trivia, art, Toasty Links, and more about this bread
   enhancement device. This foundation and its Web museum
   were created because "much can be learned about
   cultures through the examination of everyday items...the
   history of the toaster is the history of 20th Century
   Cultural Trends and Industrial Design...a more emotional
   response is that they are fascinating, funky and fun,
   demonstrate the better side of human ingenuity, and
   simply uplift one's spirits!"
   Subjects: Electric toasters...
 IFLANET Library Humour
   Learn how many catalogers it takes to change a lightbulb
   from this light-hearted site featuring jokes, humor, and
   lists such as Library Principles for Students from the Old
   Testament and Index Liberis Prohibitorum (Index of Forbidden
   Books for Children). From the International Federation of
   Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).
   Subjects: Libraries -- Humor
   Created by mg

 Museum of Hoaxes April Fool's Day Gallery
   This site presents The Origin of April Fool's Day, The Top 100
   April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time, and a quiz, which
   challenges sorting the truth from the outrageously false
   stories reported by the media on April first. It also includes
   a chronological index of hoaxes from the Middle Ages to
   the present, and an essay on reasons to hate the
   Subjects: April Fools' Day...
   Created by jh

On This Day (April Fool's Day)
   A lighthearted but accurate historical review of April Fool's
   Day, from the New York Times Learning Network.
   Subjects: April Fools' Day
   Created by kgs
   To broadcast laughter among kids of all ages, this site fills
   the bill with over 12,000 children's jokes and childish
   humor. There are browsable categories of jokes about
   animals, holidays, Internet, monsters, school, sports,
   riddles, and more. The knock-knock section is indexed by
   name, so you can find out if there's one of these popular
   jokes attached to your name. (Note: has many annoying pop-ups.)
   Subjects: Wit and humor...
   Created by jh

 The World's First Website for Cats!
   (May not work in all browsers.) Choose a bird, a bee, or a
   "When the program is finished loading, your critter will move
   randomly around the screen. Your kitty will love the moving
   and be a good kitty for the rest of his life."
   Subjects: Cats...
   Created by wh

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