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War and Peace: Resources Related to the Current Iraq Crisis


For our entire collection of over 11,000 records, see

This Special Edition presents a variety of resources related
to Iraq, and replaces the smaller "Perspectives on Iraq" collection.

In Background and Buildup, read about sanctions, weapons inspections,
national security, the military, and background information on Iraq.

In News, Commentary, & Other Topics, browse resources related to civil
defense, war reporting, terrorism alerts, and a wide variety of
perspectives on all sides of this issue.

We will continue to add resources to this collection.

We hope you find this information useful.

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria,
  And our 100+ intrepid contributors!  

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The following is a sampling of resources from War and Peace


The World Factbook: Iraq
   Key facts, maps, statistics, demographics, and a
   nutshell history of Iraq. From The World Factbook,
   published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency
   Subjects: Iraq

Iraq Update
   U.S. Department of State resource on Iraq, with official
   texts, key reports, and fact sheets. Saddam Hussein's
   Iraq is a special report (in English and Arabic) detailing
   specifics concerning Iraq under his rule. There is further
   information about the United Nations mandate to
   disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction
   (chemical and biological weapons and long-range
   missiles) and its oil-for-food program. Related Web
   sites, including nongovernmental organizations, are
   Subjects: Iraq

Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation
 and Propaganda, 1990-2003
   "Apparatus of Lies discusses the lies that Iraq has used
   to promote its propaganda and disinformation." The
   site includes a downloadable PDF version and related
   links. From the Office of the President of the United
   Subjects: Propaganda -- Iraq...

Statement of United Church of Christ Leaders
 Opposing U.S. War Against Iraq
   This statement from the United Church of Christ (UCC)
   concludes that "the case for a preemptive attack on
   Iraq has not been made."
   Subjects: United Church of Christ -- Attitudes

Iraq War Debate, 2002
   An extensive, browsable directory of lightly annotated
   links to resources related to the question of war with
   Iraq, including suggested Boolean searches for
   research enquiries. Some resources are fee-based.
   From the University of Michigan Documents Center.
   Subjects: Iraq

MEDLINEplus Health Information: Biodefense
 and Bioterrorism
   High-quality information about biological weapons,
   including anthrax, botulism, mustard gas, plague,
   smallpox, and tularemia. Also includes news and
   general resources about bioterrorism.
   Subjects: Biological weapons

Saddam's Ultimate Solution
   A companion site for a television program that explored
   the question, "are Iraq's chemical and biological
   weapons attacks on Kurdistan part of a larger agenda
   of terror?" Discussion, photo essay, interactive maps,
   and more. From the WIDE ANGLE documentary series
   produced by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).
   Subjects: Iraq -- Foreign relations

Talking With Kids About War and Violence
   This "guide can help you develop effective ways to
   communicate with your children, monitor their exposure to
   news, and soothe their fears." Particularly nice Age by Age
   section, with "tips on limiting media exposure, recognizing
   signs of stress, and how each age interprets war and
   violence." From the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).
   Subjects: Parenting

Security Council Resolution 1441, 8 November
   This site presents the full text of the "Resolution on the
   return of weapons inspectors to Iraq, adopted
   unanimously by the UN Security Council on 8 November
   2002" (S/RES/1441 (2002)). Below this document is the
   "Joint statement issued by Russia, China and France
   outlining their interpretation of UN of the resolution."
   From Arab Gateway, which "aims to introduce
   non-Arabs to the Arabs and their culture."
   Subjects: Iraq

NewsLab Links for Journalists: Internet
 Resources for Covering Iraq
   Links to online resources for journalists covering the
   conflict with Iraq, focusing on the region and the work
   of war journalism. From NewsLab (a nonprofit
   organization associated with the Columbia University
   Graduate School of Journalism), the Project for
   Excellence in Journalism, and the Park Foundation.
   Subjects: Iraq

Just War--Or a Just War?
   In this widely-distributed commentary on the potential
   conflict in Iraq, former President Jimmy Carter argues
   that "as a Christian and as a president who was
   severely provoked by international crises, I became
   thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and
   it is clear that a substantially unilateral attack on Iraq
   does not meet these standards."
   Subjects: Carter, Jimmy, 1924- -- Views on war

Season of Peacemaking
   This resource from the National Council of Churches
   (NCC) provides resources to help "raise opposition to
   preemptive military action against Iraq." Includes
   advocacy talking points, denominational and ecumenical
   statements, related links, and "A Litany for Peace" by
   Carol Bragg of the Rhode Island Peace Mission.
   Subjects: War on Terrorism, 2001-

Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act
   "If you're a reserve component service member called
   to active duty, you're protected by a law that can save
   you some legal problems and possibly some money as
   well." The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act (SSCRA)
   can provide such benefits as "reduced interest rate on
   mortgage payments, reduced interest rate on credit
   card debt, protection from eviction....and delay of...civil
   court actions." From the Department of Defense (DOD).
   Subjects: Soldiers -- Civil status -- United States

Homeland Security Advisory System
   A clear, plain-language guide for the color-code system
   used to indicate "threat conditions for possible terrorist
   attack" in the United States, from Severe (red) to Low
   (green). Includes advice for individuals, families,
   neighborhoods, schools, and businesses; also available in
   Spanish. The site offers additional "materials dealing with
   terrorism and unexpected events." From the American Red
   This U.S. Department of Homeland Security site
   discusses biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiation
   threats, and suggests ways to prepare for unexpected
   terrorist attacks. Instructions are provided on how to
   assemble an emergency supply kit, develop family
   communications plans, and stay informed about
   possible consequences of terrorist threats. Includes a
   downloadable brochure, Preparing Makes Sense, Get
   Ready Now.
   Subjects: Terrorism -- United States -- Safety measures is an online network that connects people
   with national, left-leaning, grassroots political
   organizing. Originally organized for "reaching [national]
   closure on the Clinton scandal," its focus now includes
   the possible conflict with Iraq. Activities include anti-war
   protests, circulating petitions, raising money and
   awareness, publishing articles, and coordinating with
   other activist organizations.
   Subjects: Political participation -- United States

Conflict with Iraq
   This news site covers the conflict with Iraq. Includes
   links to and a discussion of a "dossier" detailing alleged
   Iraqi human rights violations. Maps provide Iraqi bases,
   army bases, oilfields, weapon sites, and other related
   information. Includes profiles of key players in the
   conflict, including Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush.
   Includes relevant documents and related links. An In
   Depth British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report.
   Subjects: Iraq

Covering News in Wartime
   These articles, links, and guides provide "ideas and
   strategies for handling the special challenges wartime
   presents for journalists." This page is one of the tools
   for journalists provided by, "the online
   home of the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the
   Committee of Concerned Journalists."
   Subjects: War -- Press coverage

Operational Rations: Meal, Ready to Eat
   Information about that well-known military comestible,
   the MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). "The MRE is a totally
   self-contained operational ration consisting of a full
   meal packed in a flexible meal bag." Includes
   instructions for ingestion, shelf life guidelines, images,
   and for that anticipatory prandial experience,
   descriptions of available "menus." From the U.S.
   Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

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