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NEW THIS WEEK for October 9, 2003


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We start with four humorous sites, then proceed to 30 more sites
related to the California recall election, animal protection, backyard
burning, brownfields, Halloween safety, copyright, MRIs, the Korean
War, gourds, tigers, electronic voting software, several slang
dictionaries, telemarketing statistics, steam-powered automobiles,
and the mysterious death of the Red Baron.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Find more sites related to animal protection, plus sites related to
copyright, earth science, DNA, recipes, the history of yellow fever,
spiders, and a list of plants toxic to pets.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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                          FOUR HUMOROUS SITES


   Amazon [Butterfly Ballot]: Usability or Confusability?
   This humorous graphic presents a user interface for designed in the manner of the butterfly ballot
   used in Florida in the 2000 presidential election. From
   Subjects: Elections -- United States -- Humor ...
   Created by kgs

   English, as She is Spoke at McMurdo
   What are midrats? Bunny boots? Freshies? All are part of the
   unique vocabulary used by the residents of McMurdo Station,
   the United States base in Antarctica. This browsable list
   includes definitions for nearly 100 terms with internal
   cross-reference links. Lots of fun even if you aren't going
   to "The Ice."
   Subjects: McMurdo Station (Antarctica)...
   Created by nh

  McGonagall Online
   A gateway for information by and about William Topaz
   McGonagall, famous for his bad poetry. Find poems,
   biography, articles, McGonagall's autobiography,
   bibliographies, and more. Searchable. Provided by an
   Internet hobbyist who in obscurity doth toil, this excellent
   resource to bring to a hard boil.
   Subjects: McGonagall, William ...
   Created by kgs

   The Ig Nobel Home Page
   "Each year [in October], ten Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded.
   The selection criterion is simple. The prizes are for
   'achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced.'"
   Find award winners (some of whom are blissfully unaware of
   this honor), video clips, "personal reminiscences of some
   participants," and more. Ig Nobel Prizes activities are
   organized by the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR).
   Subjects: Research -- Awards...
   Created by kgs


                             NEW THIS WEEK


   Animal Protection Institute (API)
   "API's mission is to advocate for the protection of animals
   from cruelty and exploitation." Topics include hunting;
   trapping; exotic pets; importing endangered species; animals
   in agriculture, science, and entertainment (such as
   circuses); the API's Primate (formerly Snow Monkey)
   Sanctuary; and more. Offers action alerts, information about
   recent legislation, news items (in "Media"), and a large
   collection of fact sheets in the "Publications" section.
   Subjects: Animal welfare
   Created by kgs

   Backyard Burning
   "Burning household waste in your backyard is harmful to your
   health and the environment. This site explains these
   problems and provides alternatives." Includes information
   about state and local backyard burning practices and
   restrictions, sections on human health and environmental
   effects, brochures, and related links. From the U.S.
   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
   Subjects: Incineration -- Environmental aspects...
   Created by je

   BBC Food
   Articles, recipes, and other food-related information from
   the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Features a
   searchable and browsable directory of recipes from the BBC's
   cooking shows, including vegetarian and seasonal dishes.
   Also offers interviews with chefs, feature articles, program
   details, a glossary, and sections on healthy eating,
   children's nutrition, and cooking basics.
   Subjects: Cookery...
   Created by jwa

   Black Box Voting: Ballot-tampering in the 21st Century
   The somewhat complicated design of this Web site obscures
   its interesting and highly topical content, which includes
   the full text of "Black Box Voting," a book exploring the
   limitations of electronic voting software, with an emphasis
   on the Diebold system. The story archives are searchable and
   browsable by month. Registration required to post comments.
   Subjects: Electronic voting...
   Created by kgs

   California Secretary of State: Statewide Special Election,
   October 7, 2003
   Election results for the historic California recall election
   of October 2003. Includes state and county results for the
   recall of Governor Gray Davis, the gubernatorial candidates,
   and the two state ballot measures. From the California
   Secretary of State.
   Subjects: Recall -- California...
   Created by kgs

   Cavers Slang Dictionary
   Spelunkers have a specific vocabulary to describe their
   sport. This browsable site "of cavers' terms comes from
   postings by individuals from all over the world, and
   reflect[s] the lingo of various regions." From the Cavers'
   Digest electronic mailing list.
   Subjects: Caving -- Terminology...
   Created by nh
   A Web site devoted to ending the practice of using animals
   in circuses. Includes extensive advocacy materials,
   arguments against animal circuses, and a directory of
   animal-free circuses. Some material available in Spanish.
   From People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
   Subjects: Circus animals...
   Created by kgs

   Did You Fly JetBlue?
   "If you flew on JetBlue before September 2002, a file
   containing a variety of personal information about you may
   have been created by a Department of Defense subcontractor
   called Torch Concepts. On this page you will find
   information about what kind of information may be in your
   dossier, and how you can find out." From the American Civil
   Liberties Union (ACLU).
   Subjects: Privacy, Right of ...
   Created by kgs

   Directory of California Voting Systems
   "A county-by-county directory of voting systems and
   equipment used in California's 58 counties." For each
   county, this chart lists the county election official, the
   polling place machine type, the machine make and model, the
   absentee voting machine make and model, and whether or not
   the county allows early voting. Includes links to detailed
   information about the county voting machines and to a
   color-coded map of the voting systems. From the California
   Voter Foundation.
   Subjects: Voting -- California...
   Created by dl

   Fast Food and Animal Rights: McDonald's New Farm
   "Activists have been warning for decades that farms and
   slaughterhouses mistreat animals, and for almost as long,
   farmers and food industry executives have scoffed. But over
   the past two years, an unlikely corporation -- McDonald's --
   has taken the lead in the campaign for animal welfare." This
   companion to an American RadioWorks program features
   transcripts and audio clips, slideshows on the egg and
   cattle industries, examples of slaughterhouse inspection
   results, and a McDonald's hen inspection form.
   Subjects: Food animals ...
   Created by je

   From Pokemon to Picasso: Art Rights and Wrongs
   Written by fifth-grade students, this award-winning
   Thinkquest Junior project discusses copyrights, trademarks,
   licensing, music copyrights, and counterfeits. It includes
   pages on how to write letters requesting permission to use
   images or text on a Web site, how to keep track of
   permissions, how to find copyright rules on Web sites, and
   how to acknowledge text and images.
   Subjects: Copyright...
   Created by mrm

   Global Initiative to Enfranchise People with Disabilities
   This site is a "clearinghouse for information on the
   participation of people with disabilities in the electoral
   process." Find news, laws, standards, best practices, and
   more. From the International Foundation For Election Systems
   Subjects: People with disabilities -- Suffrage...
   Created by kgs

   Halloween Safety: Safety Alert
   Safety tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
   Commission, covering safe costume designs, flame-resistant
   costumes, pedestrian safety, and more. Includes a diagram
   illustrating safe Halloween costumes.
   Subjects: Halloween -- Safety measures...
   Created by je -

   How MRI Works
   This site provides a basic explanation of magnetic resonance
   imaging (MRI), with information about magnetic intensity,
   magnets, atoms, radio frequency (RF), visualization, and
   related topics. Also covers the advantages and disadvantages
   of MRI. From HowStuffWorks.
   Subjects: Magnetic resonance imaging...
   Created by je

   Korea: The Unfinished War
   "To fully grasp the ongoing tensions between the United
   States and North Korea, it is important to understand the
   war that ended fifty years ago." This companion to an
   American RadioWorks program from July 2003 includes audio
   clips and transcripts, oral histories, maps, related links,
   and commentary from reporters, historians, and scholars.
   Also features illustrated essays about the effect of the
   Korean War on the Cold War and on integration in the armed
   Subjects: United States -- Foreign relations...
   Created by je

   Moore Collection: Underground Comix
   A searchable and browsable database of approximately 1,000
   bibliographic records of "underground" comic books primarily
   from the 1960s and 1970s. Includes a brief history of the
   collection and a gallery of cover art (contains some images
   with drug themes). From the Special Collections Department,
   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,
   Subjects: Underground comic books, strips, etc. ...
   Created by tm

   National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
   "The National Credit Union Administration, governed by a
   three-member board appointed by the President and confirmed
   by the U.S. Senate, is the independent federal agency that
   charters and supervises federal credit unions." This site
   includes history and background information on credit
   unions, a FAQ, a directory of credit unions, credit union
   data, NCUA publications (such as opinion letters and
   interpretive rulings), and related legislation, news, and
   links. Searchable.
   Subjects: Credit unions...
   Created by je

   Safe Mercury Management
   This site provides "information about the treatment,
   disposal, and management of mercury and mercury wastes."
   Presents detailed information about the U.S. Environmental
   Protection Agency's Safe Mercury Management Program (SMMP);
   state programs for medical and dental waste, mercury in
   automobile switches, collection, and schools; and state
   legislation and regulations. Also includes a FAQ and related
   links. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
   Subjects: Mercury wastes...
   Created by je

   TAOS Project to Prevent Wild & Exotic Pets
   Publications, resources, and advocacy pieces presenting
   arguments against keeping wildlife as pets. Find materials
   "to post, distribute, or present in your local community, at
   club meetings, schools, religious institutions, and other
   organizations," such as Web banners, flyers, and ads to
   place in newspapers. Includes a lovely "Slide Show"
   featuring wildlife in their natural habitats, plus a
   teacher's guide and materials suitable for children. From
   The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS).
   Subjects: Wild animals as pets...
   Created by kgs

   The American Gourd Society
   This organization "promotes interest in all activities
   relating to gourds: cultivation, historical uses, gourd show
   competition, craftwork, and artistic decoration." The site
   includes seasonal growing tips, a FAQ, a bulletin board, and
   slide shows as well as an annotated list of resources and
   related sites.
   Subjects: Gourds...
   Created by mcb

   The Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
   "Many of the slang terms used in mountain biking come from
   the off-road motorcycling culture" and other sports. This
   browsable site gives definitions for more than 200 terms
   used in mountain biking.
   Subjects: All terrain cycling -- Terminology...
   Created by nh

   The Media Borg Wants You
   A series of articles "on the corporate consolidation of the
   information industries." Topics include the Internet, the
   impact of the Telecommunications Act (1996), book reviews,
   the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), FCC chairman
   Michael Powell, and Spanish language media in the United
   States. From
   Subjects: Mass media -- United States...
   Created by tm

   The Steam Automobile Club of America
   This is a national organization for those interested in
   antique, modern, and experimental steam-powered automobiles.
   The site includes searchable discussion groups, and links to
   local chapters and related sites.
   Subjects: Automobiles, Steam...
   Created by mcb

   The Tiger Foundation
   This Web site for "a Canadian conservation organization
   exclusively dedicated to the preservation of wild tigers"
   features facts and trivia, discussions of issues (such as
   conservation ethics and genetic purity), extensive
   references and resources (searchable), habitat maps, photos,
   tiger sounds clips, and related information.
   Subjects: Tigers ...
   Created by je

   The UC Atlas of Global Inequality
   "The Atlas explores the interaction between global
   integration (globalization) and inequality, and provides
   maps, graphics and data." The site includes a database and
   "maps examining some aspects of material inequality, life
   and death, global connectedness ... economic globalization."
   and health. Users may select decades back to the 1960s and
   indicators. Also includes a glossary and bibliography.
   Searchable. From the Center for Global, International and
   Regional Studies (CGIRS) at the University of California
   Santa Cruz.
   Subjects: Equality ...
   Created by dl

   U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Dialing for Dollars
   Facts and statistics about the telemarketing industry, such
   as number of telemarketing establishments, annual payroll
   for employees in the industry, and sales numbers. Includes
   facts about telephone usage in U.S. households. From the
   U.S. Census Bureau.
   Subjects: Telemarketing -- Statistics...
   Created by kgs The Complete Dictionary of Ultimate Lingo
   What do the terms "banana cut," "bullet," "fish," and
   "give'n'go" have in common? They are all part of the slang
   used in the sport of ultimate Frisbee. This searchable site
   has a browsable list of ultimate lingo as well as links to
   related sites throughout the world.
   Subjects: Flying discs (Game) -- Terminology...
   Created by nh

   Who Killed The Red Baron?
   This companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOVA
   program investigates "the most famous aviation mystery of
   World War I" involving "the notorious Baron Manfred von
   Richthofen." Includes articles, competing theories about the
   incident, a slideshow on the aerial arms race, a teacher's
   guide, and related resources.
   Subjects: Richthofen, Manfred, Freiherr von, 1892-1918...
   Created by sf

   Find extensive information about issues facing wildlife,
   such as circuses, exotic pets, and animals in zoos; the Cape
   Wildlife Center in Massachusetts; and the Urban Wildlife
   Program, which "promotes nonlethal means for resolving
   conflicts between wildlife and humans," such as model
   guidelines for nuisance wildlife control, backyard bird
   feeding, and what to do if you see a turtle in the road.
   Includes instructional videos. One of five "Animal
   Information Centers" maintained by the Humane Society.
   Subjects: Wildlife conservation...
   Created by kgs

   Yummy for Dogs
   A collection of vegetarian dog food recipes, including
   "Beagle Bagels," "Canine Corn Bread," "Terrier Tea Cakes,"
   and more. Also includes a few bird and wildlife recipes.
   Describes how to bake and sell dog biscuits to raise money
   for local animal shelters.
   Subjects: Dogs -- Food -- Recipes...
   Created by je

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