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NEW THIS WEEK for October 30, 2003


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With the support of our contributors, we "fired off" a number of sites
related to fire safety and management, as well as two very interesting
photo collections of the fires.  Other resources feature snowmobiles,
terrorism, women's history, fashion, recipes, temples in India,
Halloween clip art, arson, and Veterans' Day.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Alternative energy sources, energy tips, encephalitis, child welfare,
recipes, and more.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors!

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                             NEW THIS WEEK

(Note: some of our most interesting resources below have URLs that
"wrap." If you can't view the sites through this mailing, see us
online, at )


   New Jersey Women's History
   This site "is a resource for students, teachers, and all
   interested people who want to know more about the history of
   New Jersey women." The site includes notable facts, images,
   documents, materials for educators, a bibliography, and
   related links. Searchable and browsable.
   Subjects: Women -- New Jersey -- History...
   Created by mcb

   California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CDF)
   The CDF is "dedicated to the fire protection and stewardship
   of over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned
   wildlands. In addition, the Department provides varied
   emergency services in 35 of the State's 58 counties." This
   searchable site includes statistics about the department,
   the California Fire Plan, and information about resource
   management, emergency response, fire safety, and more. Click
   on "Current Major Incidents" on the site map to learn
   detailed data about pending fires.
   Subjects: California. Dept. of Forestry ...
   Created by cdt

   Cavern of Clipart: Halloween Clipart
   This browsable collection of clip art contains images of
   bats, candy, "spooky eyes," haunted houses, vampires, cats,
   witches, and other Halloween-related subjects. From
   Halloween Online.
   Subjects: Clip art...
   Created by jh

   CFIDS Association of America
   This organization is "dedicated to conquering chronic
   fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), also known
   as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)." This site features fact
   sheets, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options, a
   self-assessment questionnaire, research information,
   resources for patients and physicians, and an archive of
   articles from the organization's publications. Searchable.
   Subjects: Chronic fatigue syndrome
   Created by nh

   Chasing the Sleeper Cell
   Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline
   program that "takes viewers inside a secret national
   security investigation to witness how America's intelligence
   agencies pursued an alleged Al Qaeda cell operating in the
   United States." The site features "profiles of the alleged
   terrorist group and their recruiters," interviews, a
   chronology of the investigation, and background information
   on counterterrorism and U.S. intelligence. Includes video
   and transcripts for the program.
   Subjects: War on Terrorism, 2001- ...
   Created by je

   Clean Snowmobile Facts
   "Controversies about snowmobile emissions and access to U.S.
   National Parks and other public lands have prompted studies,
   rulings, lawsuits, and technological innovations aimed at
   producing cleaner, quieter snowmobiles. Sponsored by the
   Montana Department of Environmental Quality, this website
   presents objective and balanced information about all
   aspects of the debate, including concerns and possible
   solutions." Includes a FAQ, a glossary, publications, and
   links. Searchable.
   Subjects: Snowmobiles...
   Created by je

   The Digital Michelangelo Project
   "Since 1992 [Stanford University] Professor Marc Levoy and
   his students have been investigating methods for digitizing
   the shape of three-dimensional objects using laser
   scanners." This site presents the efforts of "a team of 30
   faculty, staff, and students" to scan and produce 3-D
   computer models of "the sculptures and architecture of
   Michelangelo." Includes an overview and timeline of the
   project, photographic essays, video clips, and related
   links. In English and Italian.
   Subjects: Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564...
   Created by sf

   Ecological Effects of Fire Retardant Chemicals and Fire
   Suppressant Foams
   This report discusses the toxicity of fire suppressants and
   retardants to vegetation, algae, aquatic invertebrates, and
   fish. Includes a summary and a list of the chemicals used in
   the study. Also provides links to related reports. From the
   USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.
   Subjects: Fire extinguishing agents...
   Created by kgs

   Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL)
   This directory of international law Web sites features
   sections for general international law, human rights, and
   economic, environmental, and criminal law. Directory entries
   include site descriptions and legal citations. Browsable and
   searchable. From the American Society of International Law.
   Subjects: International law...
   Created by smb

   The Elegant Universe
   This site is a companion to the Public Broadcasting Service
   (PBS) NOVA program about string theory (the idea "that the
   fundamental ingredients of nature are inconceivably tiny
   strings of energy, whose different modes of vibration
   underlie everything that happens in the universe") as
   explained by author-physicist Brian Greene. Includes
   interviews and articles, information about the film's
   special effects, interactive features on multidimensional
   math and supersymmetry, a teacher's guide, and related
   Subjects: String models...
   Created by sf

   Fire Effects Information (FEIS)
   This database offers "information about fire effects on
   plants and animals. ... Background information on taxonomy,
   distribution, basic biology, and ecology of each species is
   also included." Each reference includes a bibliography. Also
   features a glossary. Searchable and browsable. From the U.S.
   Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.
   Subjects: Fire ecology...
   Created by kgs

   Fires in Southern California
   Natural color and thermal infrared images taken by the
   Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection
   Radiometer (ASTER) of the October 2003 wildfires in Southern
   California. From the National Aeronautics and Space
   Administration (NASA) Earth Observatory.
   Subjects: Wildfires -- California, Southern -- Photographs...
   Created by dl

   Loma Linda University: Vegetarian Resources
   This site provides vegetarian recipes, healthful
   substitutions, fact sheets, a vegetarian food guide, and
   sample articles from Loma Linda University Nutrition &
   Health Letter (NHL), "the only university-associated
   publication devoted to vegetarian and vegan issues." From
   Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center.
   Subjects: Vegetarianism...
   Created by je

   MODIS Active Fire Mapping Program
   This site from the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing
   Applications Center features "information on current large
   fires, active fire maps, and fire imagery as seen by the
   MODIS instrument on board NASA's EOS satellites, Terra and
   Aqua." Provides daily fire information including current
   fire updates, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
   large incident map, fire imagery, animations of active
   fires, interactive maps, and links.
   Subjects: Fires -- Maps...
   Created by mrm

   MT Plugin Directory
   Use this "officially sanctioned home for Movable Type
   Plugins" to spiff up your blog with interesting and useful
   features. Includes enhancements for calendars, comment
   systems, archives, layout, and other blog features. Plugins
   are accompanied by instructions. Searchable and browsable;
   updates continuously posted (on this site's own MT blog, of
   Subjects: Web publishing -- Computer programs...
   Created by kgs

   Museum of Costume, Bath
   The Museum of Costume, housed in the Assembly Rooms in Bath,
   England, "focuses on fashionable dress for men, women and
   children from the late 16th century to the present day." The
   site features images of highlights from the collection and
   lists from the "Dress of the Year" program. Also includes
   information about the history of the 18th century Assembly
   Rooms. Available in English and French.
   Subjects: Costume museums...
   Created by mcb

   Napoleonic Caricatures: A Brown University Digital
   This site presents a searchable and browsable collection of
   satiric prints of Napoleon Bonaparte. "Satires made in
   Britain and continental Europe that depict Napoleon as a
   diminutive brat combat Napoleon's self-constructed imperial
   image as a powerful god-like ruler." Includes an
   introductory essay, a chronology, and "Who's Who." From the
   Brown University Library.
   Subjects: Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821...
   Created by sf

   NFPA Online
   The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) aims to
   "reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on
   the quality of life by providing and advocating
   scientifically-based consensus codes and standards,
   research, training and education." The site features public
   education materials, fact sheets, news items, and other fire
   prevention resources. Technical codes, journal articles, and
   other professional resources are only available to paid
   members. Searchable.
   Subjects: Fire prevention...
   Created by ag

   Outdoor Action Guide to Nature Observation & Stalking
   This site presents material on observing and stalking
   wildlife, including advice on safety precautions, what to
   wear, visual and auditory awareness, and an illustrated
   guide to animal tracking. From the Outdoor Action Program,
   Princeton University.
   Subjects: Tracking and trailing...
   Created by dfs

   Scripps Ranch Brush Fire, October 26-27, 2003
   Hundreds of photos, taken by photojournalist Karl Grobl and
   other photographers, graphically depict the strength of and
   destruction caused by the October, 2003, brush fire in
   Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California.
   Subjects: Scripps Ranch (San Diego, Calif.) -- Fire, 2003...
   Photographs | New this week
   Created by nbh

   Slate Citation Machine
   This tool generates bibliographic citations in MLA (Modern
   Language Association) and APA (American Psychological
   Association) format from information entered in a form. The
   site includes templates for single- and multiple-author
   books, encyclopedia articles, broadcast programming,
   interviews, Web sites, personal e-mail messages, online
   forum postings, and articles from magazines, newspapers,
   print journals, and online publications. From the Landmarks
   for Schools educational Web site.
   Subjects: Bibliographical citations...
   Created by mrm

   Spam: How it is Hurting Email and Degrading Life on the
   This report argues that "spam is beginning to undermine the
   integrity of email and degrade life online." The "Summary of
   findings" includes useful statistics on e-mail usage and the
   impact of spam. Also includes statistical charts on typical
   Internet activities. From Pew Internet & American Life, an
   initiative funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
   Subjects: Unsolicited electronic mail messages...
   Created by kgs

   This site describes and shows many of the thousands of
   temples in India. Includes an a geographic listing of
   temples, information on temple architecture, highlights of
   festivals and fairs, information on the beliefs and legends
   associated with the temples, a glossary of temple terms, and
   related links. The abodes of Ganesha, Shakti, Shiva, Skanda,
   Surya, and Vishnu are featured.
   Subjects: Temples -- India...
   Created by nh

   Three Sisters Cookbook
   This browsable collection of recipes includes dishes
   featuring the Iroquois "three sisters," corn, beans, and
   squash, which are often planted together in the garden.
   Includes soups, salads, casseroles and other main dishes,
   breads, and desserts. From the Oneida Indian Nation.
   Subjects: Cookery, American...
   Created by je

   U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: American
   Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2003
   Contains facts and statistics regarding American Indians and
   Native Alaskans of the United States. Topics include
   population and age distribution, income, families,
   businesses, homeownership, veterans, and language. Features
   quotes and audio.
   Subjects: American Indian Heritage Month...
   Created by tm

   U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Halloween: Oct. 31
   Contains facts and statistics regarding "trick-or-treaters,"
   pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns, candy, and costumes. Includes
   relevant place names (such as Transylvania County and
   Tombstone) in the United States, quotes, and audio clips.
   Subjects: Halloween
   Created by tm

   U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Thanksgiving Day
   Facts and statistics regarding turkeys, cranberries, sweet
   potatoes, and pumpkins. Includes quotes and audio clips.
   Subjects: Thanksgiving Day...
   Created by tm

   U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Veterans Day
   Contains facts and statistics regarding veterans in the
   United States, including women and African American
   veterans, wars served, where veterans live, and the
   aggregate amount received in benefits. Features quotes and
   audio clips.
   Subjects: Veterans Day...
   Created by tm

   U.S. Fire Administration Kids' Page
   This child-friendly resource features advice on smoke
   alarms, escape planning, and home fire safety. Each section
   offers tips from "Exty," the talking fire extinquisher, and
   includes quizzes on the information covered. Hydro's Hazard
   House is a game in which users pick a room in a house and
   search for fire hazards. Other fire safety activities
   include a word search, crossword, coloring book, and a
   Junior Fire Marshal Certificate Quiz. Includes a
   Parent-Teacher Lounge to "help you guide children through
   the Kids Page."
   Subjects: Fire prevention...
   Created by mrm

   U.S. Fire Administration: Arson
   This site offers "resources to assist fire departments and
   local communities in the prevention and control of arson
   fires." The "Publications" section lists reports and other
   information on topics such as abandoned buildings, juvenile
   arson, church arson, rural arson, burn patterns, and more.
   Includes a media kit for Arson Awareness Week, held in early
   Subjects: Arson...
   Created by kgs

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