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NEW THIS WEEK for October 23, 2003


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Ferries, diners, digital archives, North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Dias
de los Muertos, the Rosenberg spy case, whirligigs, skateboards,
pearls, plagiarism, Canadian sound recording, the World Series, and
that peachy new U.S. $20 bill.

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                             NEW THIS WEEK


   Ferry Information: Staten Island Ferry
   The Staten Island Ferry provides service between St. George,
   Staten Island and Whitehall Street in Manhattan. The site
   includes a schedule, a fleet profile, and information about
   new ferry terminals. From the New York City Department of
   Subjects: Staten Island Ferry...
   Created by mcb

   Staten Island Ferry
   This site features information about the New York City ferry
   service between Manhattan and Staten Island. Includes
   photos, a history of the ferry fleet (from pre-1905 ferries
   to future ferry designs), information about special events,
   and details about the ferry service. This unofficial site is
   not affiliated with the New York Department of
   Subjects: Staten Island Ferry...
   Created by ag

   American Diner Museum
   This Rhode Island museum is "focused on celebrating and
   preserving the cultural and historical significance of the
   American diner, a unique American institution." Read about
   the history of diners, learn diner slang, and find links to
   other diner sites.
   Subjects: Diners (Restaurants)...
   Created by ha

   Early Americas Digital Archive
   This "is a collection of electronic texts and links to texts
   originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to
   approximately 1820." Also includes "'Gateway to Early
   American Authors on the Web,' which allows you to browse a
   list of early American authors whose texts are available ...
   on sites that others have posted on the World Wide Web."
   Searchable and browsable. From the Maryland Institute for
   Technology in the Humanities.
   Subjects: America -- In literature...
   Created by dlm

   Extreme Cold
   Cold weather safety tips and information about cold weather
   health conditions from the Centers for Disease Control and
   Prevention (CDC). Features checklists for preparing your
   home and car for winter weather, a FAQ on health conditions
   such as hypothermia and frostbite, indoor and outdoor safety
   pointers, a bibliography, and related links. Some material
   available in Spanish.
   Subjects: Cold -- Physiological effect...
   Created by je

   Food for the Ancestors
   This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service
   (PBS) program presenting a "culinary-history exploration of
   Days of the Dead [Dias de los Muertos]" as celebrated in
   Puebla, Mexico. The site includes a description of the
   holidays and their altars (ofrendas), the traditional art
   depicting skeletons (calaveras), and a few recipes including
   one for "Salsa de Gusanos de Maguey (Worm Sauce)" with a
   clip of someone eating it. Not for the squeamish.
   Subjects: All Souls' Day...
   Created by mcb

   From Windmills to Whirligigs
   This site focuses on the "unique science and art connection
   to wind" with features and activities centered around
   "Vollis Simpson and his windmill-powered whirligigs."
   Includes photos, an interactive map, a comic strip, and
   activity ideas such as motion machines and pinwheels. From
   the Science Museum of Minnesota.
   Subjects: Whirligigs...
   Created by je

   Future State: US Department of State for Youth
   This U.S. Department of State site features information for
   young people about U.S. foreign affairs, diplomatic history,
   the Secretary of State, and the operations of the State
   Department. Includes news and events, activities, and
   information for parents and educators. Searchable.
   Subjects: United States. Dept. of State...
   Created by sf

   Government Views of the Rosenberg Spy Case
   "This site concentrates on primary government documents and
   information about both the Rosenberg case and the people
   involved. Resources include a number of declassified
   documents from such Federal agencies as the FBI and the
   Central Intelligence Agency, as well as documents obtained
   under the Freedom of Information Act." Includes links to
   documents about the case and trial, the Cold War, and the
   Verona Project. From the Cohen Library of the City College
   of New York.
   Subjects: Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953...
   Created by kgs

   Illustrated Shakespeare, 1826-1919
   "This online collection of selected electronic facsimiles
   seeks to share with a wider audience meetings of book art
   and Shakespearean text, and suggests the variety of
   responses of visual and book artists to the stimulus of
   Shakespeare's words. This online collection of 12 works ...
   includes images produced by an array of technologies
   available in the 19th and early 20th century." Browsable and
   searchable. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison
   Subjects: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616...
   Created by sf

   International Comparisons in Education
   The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), through
   the International Activities Program and the Annual Reports
   Program, collects, analyzes, and disseminates "statistics
   and other data related to education in the United States and
   other nations." The site includes education indicators and
   trends in mathematics and science, reading, civic education,
   and adult literacy. Data also available relating to primary,
   secondary, and higher education.
   Subjects: Education -- Statistics
   Created by saw

   Internet Resources on Aging
   "Browse or search AARP's database ... and find more than 500
   of the best sites for people over 50." Topics include
   genealogy, computers and technology, Medicare and Social
   Security information, classic 1950s TV shows, chat rooms,
   and more. Also covers statistics, research, and other areas
   of interest to gerontology professionals.
   Subjects: Aging...
   Created by jh

   Kim's Nuclear Gamble
   Companion site to an April 2003, Public Broadcasting Service
   (PBS) Frontline program that "traces the delicate maneuvers
   and clumsy turns that have brought the world to the brink of
   a nuclear showdown in East Asia." Includes background
   information about North Korea and Kim Jong Il, a look at
   North Korea's nuclear weapons programs, a chronology of
   U.S.-North Korea relations, interviews and analysis, a
   teacher's guide, program transcripts, and video clips.
   Subjects: United States -- Foreign relations...
   Created by je

   Looking Beyond SARS
   "NPR presents a five-part series on the world after SARS,
   examining such issues as the science behind detecting and
   treating the disease, to the response by health care workers
   on the front lines." Features audio clips of the programs, a
   fact sheet and timeline on SARS (severe acute respiratory
   syndrome), commentary, and links to related coverage from
   National Public Radio (NPR).
   Subjects: SARS (Disease)...
   Created by je

   The New Color of Money
   A "source for information about the U.S. government's latest
   redesigns to ... currency. The U.S. government has unveiled
   the new design for the $20 note -- that includes enhanced
   security features and background colors." View a tutorial on
   design features of the new bill, report receiving a new bill
   on a "money map," and play currency-themed games. Includes a
   glossary and educational materials. From the Department of
   the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
   Subjects: Paper money -- United States...
   Created by je

   North Korea: Nuclear Standoff
   Collection of news stories and background information on
   North Korea and its nuclear programs. Features a map of
   North Korea, historical overview, and information about
   U.S.-North Korea relations, nuclear research and development
   in North Korea, and North Korea's leaders. From the NewsHour
   with Jim Lehrer, a program of the Public Broadcasting
   Service (PBS).
   Subjects: Nuclear weapons -- Korea (North)...
   Created by je

   The Perfect Pearl
   Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOVA
   program that "travel[s] to exotic locations around the world
   where pearls are grown and harvested." Features articles on
   the history of pearls, culture of freshwater pearls, and the
   mysterious deaths of akoya oysters in Japan. Also includes
   activities, a teacher's guide, program transcript, and
   related resources.
   Subjects: Pearls...
   Created by sf
   A searchable and browsable directory of skateboarding links,
   with sections for museums and history, professional skaters
   and teams, organizations, news, magazines, and more. Also
   features links to sites about snowboarding, surfing, street
   luge, and other related sports. Links to commercial content
   are clearly marked.
   Subjects: Skateboarding
   Created by nh

   Synthesis: Using the Work of Others
   This tutorial explains plagiarism and its consequences and
   describes techniques for taking notes and quoting sources to
   avoid plagiarism. Includes a section on copyright,
   information about citing Web sources, and plagiarism and
   copyright infringement quizzes. From the University of Maine
   at Farmington Writing Center and Mantor Library.
   Subjects: Plagiarism...
   Created by mrm

   Take Back Your Time Day
   This is "a nationwide initiative to challenge the epidemic
   of overwork, over-scheduling, and time famine that now
   threatens our health, our families and relationships, our
   communities and our environment." The site provides a
   handbook, petition forms, reading suggestions, and
   information about celebrating the date in October that
   "falls nine weeks before the end of the year, symbolizing
   the nine full weeks more we work each year compared to our
   trans-Atlantic neighbors."
   Subjects: Quality of life -- United States...
   Created by jh

   Travels With the Tall Ship Rose
   The "HMS" Rose, the "world's largest active wooden sailing
   vessel" is "a replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate
   that cruised the American coast during the Revolutionary
   War." The site features a history of the original ship, a
   virtual tour, articles, ship sounds, and related links.
   Subjects: Rose (Ship) ...
   Created by mcb

   Truth, War & Consequences
   Companion site to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
   Frontline program that "examines why the U.S. went to war in
   Iraq, what went wrong in the planning for the postwar
   occupation, and what is at stake for both the U.S. and for
   Iraqis." Features interviews with "key players in Baghdad
   and Washington," reports and commentary, audio clips and
   transcript of the show, related links, and a teacher's
   Subjects: Iraq War, 2003...
   Created by je

   United Nations Association of the United States of America
   A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, "UNA-USA's main
   objectives are to teach Americans about the U.N., and to
   encourage support for strong U.S. leadership in the U.N."
   The site includes fact sheets on the United Nations, policy
   papers, educational resources, information about United
   Nations Day and other outreach activities, news and action
   alerts, and related resources. Searchable.
   Subjects: United Nations associations...
   Created by jh

   Vietnam: Journeys of Mind, Body & Spirit
   This online exhibit provides a "journey through a changing
   Vietnam" and an opportunity to "experience the incredible
   diversity of its landscape and its people." Themes explored
   in the exhibit include religion, ceremonies and traditions,
   shamanism, industry, and festivals. Includes educational
   resources. "Organized by the American Museum of Natural
   History, New York, and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology,
   Subjects: Vietnam...
   Created by sf

   The Virtual Gramophone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
   This site is "devoted to the first half-century of recorded
   sound in Canada" as produced on 78-rpm recordings. The
   searchable database provides details about original
   recordings, and selected entries have links to label images
   and audio. Also includes biographies of Canadian artists, a
   history of recorded sound in Canada, and a bibliography.
   From the National Library of Canada. Available in French and
   Subjects: Sound recordings...
   Created by mrm

   Who's Who in Post-Saddam Iraq
   "As Iraq moves into a post-Saddam Hussein era, a wide range
   of religious, ethnic and nationalist groups are making
   claims to national and local political power. ... BBC News
   Online looks at the roles of key individuals and groups in
   Iraq's post-war politics. " Include profiles of the Iraqi
   Governing Council and Islamic, secular, Kurdish, and other
   Subjects: Iraq -- Politics and government
   Created by je

   wiredscholar: The Planning for College Destination
   This site from Sallie Mae, a "leading provider of education
   funding," presents basic information on preparing for,
   selecting, and applying to college, and information about
   paying for a college education, with an emphasis on
   financing and financial aid. Free registration allows
   students to access information relating to more than two
   million scholarships, and an "Award Analyzer." Some material
   is fee-based. Information available in English and Spanish.
   Subjects: College choice...
   Created by smb

   The World Series at 100
   National Public Radio (NPR) special feature from fall, 2003,
   "Marking the Centennial of the Fall Classic, Remembering the
   First." Includes audio clips of "Memorable Moments in World
   Series History," an interview with the author of "Autumn
   Glory" (an account of the first World Series in 1903), and
   related Web links and NPR stories.
   Subjects: World Series (Baseball)...
   Created by je
   This official site from Major League Baseball (MLB)
   celebrates the centennial of baseball's World Series with a
   collection of articles, statistics, team information,
   photos, coverage of the 2003 World Series, and other
   resources for fans. Navigation through the extensive
   material on this site may be difficult due to a cluttered,
   ad-heavy page design.
   Subjects: World Series (Baseball)...
   Created by sek

   ¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina!
   This site is designed to help Hispanic girls ages 9-14
   "build and enhance their own self-esteem, mental health,
   decision-making and assertiveness skills, and to prevent the
   harmful consequences of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs."
   Find information about family history, planning for the
   future, and Latina role models. Includes homework tips. The
   "Hablemos en Confianza" section provides information for
   adults. Available in English and Spanish. Searchable. From
   the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.
   Subjects: Hispanic American teenage girls...
   Created by sf

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