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NEW THIS WEEK for October 2, 2003


                           Tip of the Week:

We have added more sites to our California Recall Election collection.
As a reminder to our California readers, this collection includes
voter guides (for more information about the candidates and
propositions) and quick facts (for polling-place look-ups, absentee
ballot information, etc.). Expect changes and additions to this site
after the October 7 election.



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We bid farewell to some interesting people, including Althea Gibson,
Edward Said, and Elia Kazan. Also find sites about Pakistani recipes,
palimpsests, preserving pumpkin, and the Patriot Act, not to mention
lovely watercolors from the USDA Division of Pomology.  Then
browse sites related to mysteries, beagle detectives, housecleaning,
elections, the Wright brothers, and the history behind the names of
the Florida Keys.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Topics include bioscience, Jewish history, architecture, Muslim Halal
laws, food preservation, plagiarism, campaign disclosure, and the
history of recall elections.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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                             NEW THIS WEEK


   Althea Gibson
   This is the official Web site for Althea Gibson who
   "overcame unbelievable odds to achieve international acclaim
   and success ... in both amateur tennis and professional
   golf." Gibson, who died in 2003 at the age of 76, was "the
   first African-American to win both Wimbledon and the U. S.
   Championships." The site features a partial chronology of
   her life from 1927 through 1975, photographs, and
   information about the Althea Gibson Foundation.
   Subjects: Gibson, Althea, 1927- ...
   Created by mcb

   American Masters: Elia Kazan
   This site about director Elia Kazan is a companion to a
   documentary about blacklisting in the movie industry.
   Includes an essay about Kazan, a timeline of his career,
   filmmaker interview clips, and video clips of footage not
   included in the original documentary. Also includes links to
   related sites. The documentary is part of the Public
   Broadcasting Service (PBS) American Masters series.

   Subjects: Kazan, Elia...
   Created by mcb

   Beagle Brigade
   The Beagle Brigade is part of the U.S. Department of
   Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection
   Service (APHIS). These dogs "sniff travelers' luggage for
   prohibited fruits, plants, and meat that could harbor
   harmful plant and animal pests and diseases." This site
   features a brochure about the program, an interactive map of
   "Detector Dog Teams," and information about donating a
   beagle to the team or adopting retired dogs. View some of the
   dogs in the document, "USDA's Detector Dogs."
   Subjects: Beagle (Dog breed)...
   Created by mrm

   Certification Requirements for 50 States
   This site provides links to teaching certification
   requirements for each state. It also includes links to
   online position announcements and other related sites. From
   the University of Kentucky College of Education.
   Subjects: Teachers -- Certification...
   Created by saw

   Death Among the Books: Bibliomysteries for Booklovers
   "Librarians, authors, publishers, and bookdealers are
   featured in these charming mysteries." A short, partially
   annotated, bibliography from the Manchester (Connecticut)
   Public Library.

   Subjects: Detective and mystery stories -- Bibliography...
   Created by mg

   Edward W. Said: A Bibliography
   Arranged chronologically from 1964 to 2000, this is a searchable
   bibliography of works by and about the noted researcher,
   writer, and Palestinian advocate, the late Dr. Edward Said,
   professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia
   University. Prepared by a librarian at the University of
   California, Irvine to accompany Dr. Said's lectures for the
   Welleck Library Lecture Series.
   Subjects: Said, Edward W....
   Created by jf

   Election Central
   Cautionary perspectives about voting software, from "the
   Web's First Blog on Verified Voting, Election Reform &
   Democracy." Provided by Warren Slocum, Chief Elections
   Officer and County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor, San Mateo
   County, California.
   Subjects: Electronic voting...
   Created by kgs
   Find hundreds of Indo-Pakistani recipes, as well as Chinese,
   English (British), Italian, American, Arabic, and Mexican
   dishes. Searchable, or browse by cuisine and type of dish.
   Includes a food glossary, weights and measures conversion
   table (most recipes use metric measurements), and
   information on food safety, calories, and nutrition.
   Provides an illustrated list of spices and foods in both
   English and Urdu. A few misspellings, but overall a
   toothsome site.
   Subjects: Cookery
   Created by nh

   How to Clean Anything
   This site contains more than 1,000 tips from a "group of
   cleaning professionals" for cleaning your house, yard,
   vehicles, pets, and belongings. Also features stain removal
   ideas, a glossary of cleaning terms, a directory of cleaning
   service providers, and feature articles. Searchable.
   Subjects: Cleaning...
   Created by sf

   Indian Arts and Crafts Board
   "The Indian Arts and Crafts Board, a separate agency located
   in the U.S. Department of the Interior ... promotes the
   economic development of American Indians and Alaska Natives
   through the expansion of the Indian arts and crafts market."
   This site provides the text of the Indian Arts and Crafts
   Act, links to the museums operated by the board, and a
   directory of arts and crafts businesses (browsable by
   state). The link to exhibitions is "under construction."
   Subjects: Indian arts...
   Created by sek

   Infinite Secrets
   This companion to a PBS NOVA program concerns a mathematical
   treatise by Archimedes thought to have been lost but now
   recently discovered as a palimpsest ("a manuscript with a
   layer of text written over an earlier scraped- or washed-off
   text"). Features a history of the manuscript, information
   about the technology used to read the erased text, and
   essays about great surviving manuscripts, contemplating
   infinity, and approximating Pi. Also includes library and
   teacher guides.
   Subjects: Archimedes...
   Created by sf

   Jewish Language Research Website
   A clearinghouse on Jewish linguistics for scholars and
   others interested in languages created by or adapted locally
   by Jews, such as Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-French, or
   Judeo-Iranian, as well as the better-known Yiddish. Provides
   articles (some accompanied by bibliographies) by
   university-affiliated linguists, information on Hebrew
   computing, and links to other relevant Web sites. Updates
   available through RSS (syndication) and through a free
   e-mail subscription.
   Subjects: Jews -- Languages
   Created by bb

   Key Names: A Gazetteer of the Islands of the Florida Keys
   An annotated compilation of every place name for islands and
   keys (low islands or reefs) in Florida. The "search"
   function is really just a sophisticated browse, though it
   works well enough. Includes a brief glossary. From librarian
   Jim Clupper of Monroe County Public Library, Florida.
   Subjects: Florida Keys (Fla.) -- Gazetteers...
   Created by kgs

   Liberty in the Balance: Security Collides with Civil
   This four-part series that ran in September 2003 in the
   Sacramento Bee "examines how the crackdown on terrorism has
   come into conflict with the civil liberties that set America
   apart." This is a good introduction to post-9/11 issues related to
   intellectual freedom, including the Patriot Act. Includes
   discussion of the role of librarians in defending free
   speech in an open society and survey results indicating that
   federal agents have stepped up formal and informal library
   Subjects: Civil rights -- United States...
   Created by kgs

   Literary Traveler
   "Dedicated to the exploration of the literary imagination,"
   this Web site features "articles about writers, creative
   artists, and the places that they lived and traveled." Read
   about the homes and travels of Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway,
   Jack Kerouac, Edgar Allan Poe, Beatrix Potter, Thomas Wolfe,
   and many others. Browse articles by author or location. Also
   includes essay contests and information about literary tours
   and events.
   Subjects: Travelers' writings...
   Created by mrm

   Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Magnificent Master
   This Web site presents information about the life and works
   of classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. It features a
   lengthy biography, a list of his works organized by genre,
   an image gallery, creation histories, and commentary from
   musicians and music critics. Also includes sections on
   Beethoven's relationship to other composers, artists, and
   thinkers and to other opera composers. Also available in
   German. From the Raptus Association for Music Appreciation.
   Subjects: Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827...
   Created by sf

   Mark Twain Papers & Project
   "The Mark Twain Papers contain the private papers of Samuel
   Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) that he himself segregated
   and made available to his official biographer, Albert
   Bigelow Paine." The site includes a brief description of
   holdings, a bibliography of works published by the Mark
   Twain Project, searchable databases listing all known
   letters to and from Mark Twain, and links to online
   exhibits. From the Bancroft Library, University of
   California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: Twain, Mark, 1835-1910...
   Created by mcb

   NIAID Biodefense Research
   This site from the National Institute of Allergy and
   Infectious Diseases (NIAID) provides "biodefense-related
   information for biomedical researchers, the public, and the
   media." Includes news, fact sheets, and other information
   about the national bioterrorism defense effort, biosafety
   labs, clinical trials, research projects, and funding
   opportunities. Searchable.
   Subjects: Bioterrorism...
   Created by saw

   Remembering the Flint Sit-Down Strike, 1936-1937
   This interactive exhibit explores the 1936-37 strike at
   General Motors in Flint, Michigan, through numerous oral
   histories, an audio timeline, a map of the strike location,
   and a narrated slideshow. Searchable. From Michigan State
   University; "created with support from the National Science
   Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities."
   Subjects: General Motors Corporation Sit-Down Strike...
   Created by sf

   Resources for Home Preserving Pumpkins
   "Pumpkins offer far more than a door-stop at Halloween."
   This site provides ideas and safety tips for various methods
   of preserving pumpkin flesh and seeds, including canning,
   freezing, drying, and pickling. Features links to further
   information on the preparation of pumpkin butter, fruit
   leather, and canned winter squash. From the National Center
   for Home Food Preservation.
   Subjects: Pumpkin...
   Created by je

   The Founders' Constitution
   Online version of "The Founders' Constitution," an anthology
   of documents from the 17th century through the 1830s about
   popular government in the United States. "The materials are
   arranged according to broad themes. ... Then they are
   arranged by article, section, and clause of the U.S.
   Constitution, from the Preamble through Article Seven and
   continuing through the first twelve Amendments." Searchable
   and browsable. From the University of Chicago and the
   Liberty Fund.
   Subjects: Constitutional history -- United States...
   Created by saw

   The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China, 1933-1946
   A searchable collection of more than 5,000 photographs taken
   by Hedda Morrison "while resident in Beijing from 1933 to
   1946." Also includes a chronology, publications about the
   photographer, a selected bibliography, and a list of the
   contents of the photographer's albums. From the
   Harvard-Yenching Library of the Harvard College Library.
   Subjects: Morrison, Hedda...
   Created by sf

   The National Book Foundation
   This organization's programs include the National Book
   Awards and National Book Month (both held in October). The
   site features lists of award winners from 1950 to present
   (some with links to essays and acceptance speeches), reading
   lists and trivia for National Book month, features such as
   "100 Life-Changing Books" and "The Book That Changed My
   Life," and information about the organization's other
   programs and publications.
   Subjects: Literary prizes...
   Created by sf

   The Safe Schools Coalition (SSC)
   The SSC wants " to reduce bias-based bullying and violence
   in schools and to help schools better meet the needs of
   sexual minority youth and children with sexual minority
   parents/guardians." The site features publications and
   stories on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues
   for students, educators, and parents. Also includes
   information and links to international, national, and
   Washington state resources. Links are also organized by
   type, topic, and audience. Some materials in Spanish.
   Subjects: Homophobia in schools...
   Created by jf

   The SEC Mutual Fund Cost Calculator
   "The Mutual Fund Cost Calculator enables investors to easily
   estimate and compare costs of owning mutual funds." Includes
   frequently asked questions. From the U.S. Securities and
   Exchange Commission (SEC).
   Subjects: Mutual funds...
   Created by kgs

   The UnGreening of America
   This special report expands on a Mother Jones magazine issue
   focusing on the weakening of environmental laws under the
   current federal administration. Contains a timeline of
   environmental policy changes, profiles of members of the
   administration, information on threatened places, and
   related facts and links. From
   Subjects: Environmental policy -- United States...
   Created by tm

   The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers
   This presentation of almost 50,000 images "documents the
   lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright and highlights their
   pioneering work which led to the world's first powered,
   controlled and sustained flight. Included ... are
   correspondence, diaries and notebooks, scrapbooks, drawings,
   printed matter, and other documents, as well as the Wrights'
   collection of glass-plate photographic negatives." Also
   features a timeline and family tree. Searchable and
   browsable. From the American Memory Project of the Library
   of Congress.
   Subjects: Wright, Wilbur, 1867-1912...
   Created by sf

   USA Patriot Art: Cartooning and Free Speech in War Time
   Companion to a traveling exhibit of work by "political
   cartoonists questioning the [actions of the United States]
   government" in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001
   terrorist attacks. Contains images of works, text of the
   introduction from the show's program, and a poster
   announcing the exhibit. Includes work and commentary of
   cartoonists Mike Marland (whose cartoon was banned), and
   Todd Persche (who was fired from his job).
   Subjects: Political cartoons
   Created by tm

   USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection
   Find approximately 175 images of fruit watercolors from the
   collections of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
   National Agricultural Library. The "USDA established the
   Division of Pomology in 1886. ... An important focus of the
   division was to publish illustrated accounts of new
   varieties." Includes illustrations of apples, pears,
   berries, and other fruit varieties. Browsable.
   Subjects: Botanical illustration...
   Created by je

   This site provides information about the ingredients in
   common foods, personal care products, and over-the-counter
   drugs, with an emphasis on animal by-products, pork,
   chemicals, and additives that are not "halal" (compatible with
   Islamic dietary guidelines). Search or browse ingredients,
   products, companies, and related sites. The extensive
   section on terminology is based on the book, "A Muslim Guide
   to Food Ingredients."
   Subjects: Food -- Composition...
   Created by bb

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