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NEW THIS WEEK for November 6, 2003


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More fire sites; holiday resources, including two great sites on
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Butterflies, holidays, strawberries, papyrus, and women associated
with the paper chase.

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                             NEW THIS WEEK


   Alzheimer's Association: Diversity Toolbox
   Offers materials "on Alzheimer's disease, dementia care, and
   other dementia-related topics" for families, caregivers, and
   health practitioners serving ethnically diverse communities.
   The site includes resources in other languages (including
   Chinese, Korean, and Spanish), links to Web sites, and
   information about providing culturally sensitive care.
   Subjects: Alzheimer's disease...
   Created by bb

   Alzheimer's Association: Kids and Teens
   The Alzheimer's Association has created a page for children
   and teens that explains the disease and offers reviews of
   age-appropriate books and links to relevant Web sites. This
   is a useful resource for families dealing with a disease
   that can be very frightening for children.
   Subjects: Alzheimer's disease -- Juvenile literature...
   Created by bb

   Archive Journeys: Bloomsbury
   "Tate's archive provides a fascinating insight into the art,
   ideas, lifestyle and relationships of Vanessa Bell and her
   artist friends Duncan Grant and Roger Fry, the three main
   artists associated with the Bloomsbury Group" of writers,
   artists, and intellectuals in London. This well-illustrated
   site includes a timeline (1900s-1940s), biographies, and
   information about members, lifestyle and beliefs, and
   influence. From the archive of the Tate galleries in
   Subjects: Bell, Vanessa, 1879-1961...
   Created by mcb

   Buddhist Ceremonies
   Briefly describes Buddhist marriage and funeral rites, and
   festivals and special days throughout Asia. Includes
   information on the Buddhist New Year, Vesak ("Buddha Day"),
   Magha Puja Day ("Sangha Day"), Asalha Puja Day ("Dhamma
   Day"), Uposatha ("Observance Day"), the Elephant Festival,
   and more. From BuddhaNet.
   Subjects: Buddhism -- Rituals...
   Created by tm

   California Spending Plan 2003-04: The Budget Act and Related
   An analysis of the 2003-2004 California budget from the
   California Legislative Analyst's Office. The introduction
   explains the Legislature was "faced with addressing an
   enormous two-year General Fund budget shortfall in
   developing the state's spending plan for 2003-04."
   Discussion includes factors underlying the shortfall, key
   actions taken to address it, and details on the adopted
   budget package.
   Subjects: Budget -- California...
   Created by kgs

   Conservation and Art Material Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO)
   "CAMEO contains chemical, physical, visual, and analytical
   information on over 10,000 historic and contemporary
   materials used in the conservation, preservation, and
   production of artistic, architectural, and archaeological
   materials." Browsable by material name; searchable by
   material name and other characteristics (such as density or
   melting point). Some entries contain images and authority
   files. Site also includes a searchable conservation
   organization directory. From the Museum of Fine Arts,
   Subjects: Preservation of materials...
   Created by smb

   Directory of Holidays
   This site describes the origins of patriotic holidays
   celebrated in the United States including Labor Day,
   Citizenship Day, Columbus Day, United Nations Day, Veterans'
   Day (formerly Armistice Day), Thanksgiving, Martin Luther
   King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and
   Independence Day. It also includes suggested lesson plans
   for upper grade activities and a few links to related
   resources. From the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
   Subjects: Holidays -- United States
   Created by jh

   Family and Relationships: Get the Facts: Coping with Holiday
   Questions and answers about coping with stress and family
   problems during the holiday season (Halloween through
   Christmas). By psychologist Dorothy Cantor, a former
   president of the American Psychological Association (APA).
   Subjects: Holiday stress | Stress (Psychology)...
   Created by tm

   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
   "Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a condition characterized
   by abnormal facial features, growth retardation, and central
   nervous system problems. It can occur if a woman drinks
   alcohol during pregnancy." This site presents basic
   information about FAS, fact sheets on alcohol use and
   pregnancy, and details of the FAS education and prevention
   activities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
   (CDC). From the National Center on Birth Defects and
   Developmental Disabilities of the CDC.
   Subjects: Fetal alcohol syndrome
   Created by je

   Fire Safety
   This site pulls together information from the Centers for
   Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on fire safety and
   wildfire prevention. Includes fact sheets and publications
   on wildfires, air quality and forest fires, worker safety,
   and protecting your home from wildfires. Some material
   available in Spanish and Chinese.
   Subjects: Wildfires...
   Created by je
   This site "contains listings of residential fire safety
   resources contained on other Federal web sites, primarily
   the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Injury
   Center, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S.
   Fire Administration." Includes "statistics and data; funding
   opportunities; where to order publications; forms; the
   latest fire-related consumer product recalls and links to
   other fire safety sites." Some material available in
   Spanish. Searchable.
   Subjects: Fires -- Safety measures
   Created by mcb

   Florida Case Puts Focus on End-of-Life Decisions
   "The legal battle over the care of Florida's Terri Schiavo
   has focused the nation on the rights of severely injured
   patients -- and the plight of family members who often must
   decide when to end life support." This National Public Radio
   (NPR) program discusses end-of-life medical decisions and
   describes the process of setting up a living will. Includes
   audio clips from the program and links to related Web sites
   and NPR stories.
   Subjects: Terminal care...
   Created by je

   Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants
   This companion site to an ongoing National Public Radio
   (NPR) show contains transcripts and audio clips from
   programs covering horticulture and gardening topics such as
   Irish gardens, plant diseases, ferns, and desert gardening.
   The site also features plant profiles, a blog, and photos.
   Subjects: Plants...
   Created by je

   Military Women Veterans: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
   This site presents the history of women in the American
   military "from the American Revolution to Panama, Bosnia,
   Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq." It provides information about
   combat issues, current women veterans' issues, the National
   Guard, military academies, women spies, prisoners of war,
   and more. Also includes links to related material. Authored
   by a woman veteran, who reminds the nation how "amazing
   women, do amazing things."
   Subjects: Women veterans -- United States...
   Created by jh

   National Association for College Admission Counseling
   Professional guidance counselors are the primary audience
   for this site, but college-bound students and their parents
   will find a "Prep for College Calendar," college fair
   information, and articles on a range of admissions subjects
   including financial aid, college interviews, and essays.
   Also includes research and survey results on topics such as
   late admission opportunities and diversity in higher
   education, and links to related sites. Searchable and
   Subjects: Universities and colleges -- Admission...
   Created by ccm

   Observing the Sky
   This NASA-funded "skyblog" covers astronomical events and
   observations, NASA discoveries and spacecraft, and other
   topics related to astronomy. Includes image galleries and a
   topical index. Searchable.
   Subjects: Astronomy...
   Created by je

   Optics for Teens
   This site provides an introduction to the field of optics
   and its applications in science, engineering, and medicine.
   Illustrated articles cover concepts such as electromagnetic
   radiation, lenses and mirrors, reflection and refraction,
   and the human eye. Includes career information, "online
   laboratories," a section on optical illusions, lesson plans,
   and related links. From the Optical Society of America, a
   professional membership organization.
   Subjects: Optics...
   Created by je

   Propaganda Postcards of the Great War
   "The site features a collection of war-themed postal cards
   produced during World War 1 (1914 - 1919)." Includes
   annotated images of hundreds of postcards, information about
   selected artists, and links to related sites. Searchable and
   browsable. Available in several languages. "All cards shown
   [on the site] are from private collections."
   Subjects: World War, 1914-1918 -- Propaganda...
   Created by mcb

   San Bernardino Fire Information: Joint Information Center
   "This site is the official source for information about
   fires in the San Bernardino National Forest. [It] primarily
   focuses on the Grand Prix and Old Fires," as well as
   provides "some information for the fires in Los Angeles, San
   Diego, and Ventura Counties." It has information about road
   and school closures, evacuations, maps of the fires, photos
   and videos, prevention and education, and related links.
   From ESRI (mapping company) and various governmental
   Subjects: Wildfires -- California...
   Created by dl

   Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies
   Companion to a PBS NOVA program that "chronicles the lives
   and covert activities of the so-called 'atom spies' in the
   1940's." Features information about "translations of Soviet
   cables decrypted back in the 1940s by the Venona Project,"
   the U.S. government's effort to intercept messages from
   Soviet military intelligence. Also includes transcripts of
   "interviews with the closest relatives of some of America's
   most notorious atomic spies," biographical information about
   20th century spies, and a teacher's guide.
   Subjects: Spies -- History...
   Created by mcb

   Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America
   Companion site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
   Independent Lens program that "explores the stories of five
   immigrant kungfu monks from China's Shaolin Temple: the
   legendary birthplace of kungfu, Zen Buddhism and today's
   contemporary kungfu mecca." In addition to profiles of the
   monks, this site features information about the Shaolin
   Monastery, an article exploring the influence of kung fu in
   western culture, a slideshow, filmmaker profiles, and
   related resources.
   Subjects: Kung fu...
   Created by je
   Love to look at the stars but wish you knew which was which?
   This site offers a free monthly map of the sky for the
   southern and northern hemispheres in print-friendly formats.
   Stars, planets, and major constellations are clearly
   labeled; each map includes lists of items easily seen with
   the naked eye, with binoculars, or with a telescope, as well
   as a sky calendar, tips for observing the night sky, and an
   astronomical glossary.
   Subjects: Stars -- Atlases...
   Created by nh

   Solar Flare Theory
   This site features general information about solar flares,
   soft and hard x-ray (high energy x-ray) images, a glossary,
   a FAQ, and links to related information. Also provides
   information about the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
   (HESSI) project, including images of a paper model of the
   spacecraft. From the Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar
   Physics at NASA Goddard's Space Science Center.
   Subjects: Solar flares...
   Created by mcb

   Solar Physics
   "The Solar Physics Group at NASA's Marshall Space Flight
   Center was formed in the early 1970's in conjunction with
   the Apollo Skylab Mission. These pages contain an overview
   of solar physics itself along with highlights of our own
   work." The site features images and information about the
   sun including general facts, the structure and features of
   the sun, and the sun in action (sunspot cycles, solar
   flares, coronal mass ejections, and surface waves).
   Subjects: Sun...
   Created by mcb

   Space Environment Center
   This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
   site, "the official source of space weather alerts,
   warnings, and forecasts," provides current information on
   geomagnetic storms, solar winds, solar flares, and aurora
   activity. The education page features a glossary of
   solar-terrestrial terms, a primer on space weather (in
   English and Spanish), short essays on related topics, and
   classroom materials. Information is also grouped by users:
   navigation, radio operators, utilities, satellite operators,
   and news media. Searchable.
   Subjects: Space environment
   Created by jf

   SPIRAL: Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian
   SPIRAL provides consumer health information in Chinese,
   Hmong, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Thai, and Vietnamese.
   Pamphlets are also available in English so that health care
   providers will understand the contents. Browsable by
   language or subject. The site also includes links to Asian
   and Pacific Islander health resources. From South Cove
   Community Health Center (Boston) and Tufts University Health
   Science Library, with support from the National Network of
   Libraries of Medicine.
   Subjects: Health education...
   Created by bb

   Stress Management: Managing Holiday Travel Stress
   Provides basic tips for managing stress while traveling by
   car and airplane during the holiday season. Includes
   information on planning before traveling, and advice for
   parents of young children. Maintained for by "a
   physician, researcher, and writer with an interest in stress
   and its effects on the human body."
   Subjects: Travel...
   Created by tm

   Treasures in Full: Caxton's Chaucer
   This site contains images of "William Caxton's two editions
   of Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales,' probably printed in 1476
   and 1483." View images from the two editions separately or
   side by side. Site also includes background information
   about printer William Caxton, a timeline, a select
   bibliography, a brief glossary, and related links. From the
   British Library.
   Subjects: Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491 | Chaucer,
   Geoffrey, d. 1400. Canterbury tales...
   Created by sf

   Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
   "The Veterans of Foreign Wars [(VFW)] has a rich tradition
   in enhancing the lives of millions through its community
   service programs and special projects. From providing free
   phone cards to our nation's active-duty military personnel
   to raising money for the World War II memorial, the VFW is
   there." The site describes VFW programs in the community and
   for veterans, and provides news and related links.
   Subjects: Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States...
   Created by mcb

   This is "interactive global Internet portal for people who
   are partially sighted or blind," their families, friends,
   and related professionals. It features "the latest
   information on vision impairment, its prevention, and vision
   rehabilitation" including articles, statistics, a
   bibliography of "low vision" literature, links to related
   sites, downloads, and a glossary. It also includes
   information about legible fonts and a guide to accessible
   Web sites. Searchable.
   Subjects: Blind...
   Created by jh

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