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NEW THIS WEEK for November 20, 2003


             Tip of the Week: Finding Biographies, Part 2

As noted last week, we use a special subject heading, "People," for
all of our entries featuring individual biographies.  

You can hone in on biographies on particular topics or for particular
groups by using Advanced Search.  

Go to Advanced Search:

Make the first field a Subject search, and use the term People

Make the second field a Description/Title/Subject search, and use any
topical term. Try the following:

                             Subject: People
           Description/Title/Subject: humor

                             Subject: People
           Description/Title/Subject: opera

                             Subject: People
           Description/Title/Subject: Nobel


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IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

Get ready for Thanksgiving with a few new sites about turkeys, then
browse the Web for art, inventions, wildfires, workplace bullying,
Jonestown, aging, ethnic medicine, magnetic storms, and Ye Olde
World Wide Web.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Everglades, fisheries, the Ice Ages, horses, and more.

Bon appetite, and happy holiday!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors!

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                             NEW THIS WEEK


  Cornell University Library Windows on the Past
   This resource provides a single place to search and browse
   significant, historical, digital collections created by the
   Cornell University Library. Topics include witchcraft,
   agriculture, international women's periodicals, math books,
   monographs, Ezra Cornell, and more. Searches can be very
   broad, or scoped to specific collections.
   Subjects: Digital libraries...
   Created by kgs

   AgeLine Database: Books and Articles About Life at 50+
   "A searchable electronic database containing detailed
   summaries of publications about older adults and aging,
   including books, journal and magazine articles, research
   reports, and videos." Includes citations to recent
   general-interest publications, browsable by categories such
   as health or money, and representative bibliographies of
   recent research and policy studies, browsable by categories
   such as long term care or community living. From the
   American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
   Subjects: Aging...
   Created by rmr

   American Choices: Understanding Foreign Policy Debates
   This "foreign policy self-assessment ... asks you to weigh
   some of the fundamental trade-offs facing U.S. policymakers.
   At the end of it, you get a summary of your beliefs, and how
   they compare with others." Also includes annotated listings
   of foreign policy Web resources. From "e-thePeople, a
   nonprofit organization whose nonpartisan mission is to
   improve civic participation through Internet technologies."
   Subjects: United States -- Foreign relations...
   Created by sf

   Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
   "Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana
   University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500
   Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater" which cover the
   years 1938 to 1969 and include images of the United States
   and locales throughout the world. The site includes
   information about Cushman, a timeline of his life, and a
   searchable database of images that is also browsable by
   year, location, or subject. From Indiana University's
   Digital Library Program and the Indiana University Archives.
   Subjects: Photograph collections -- Indiana -- Bloomington...
   Created by rmr

   The Churchill Papers: A Catalogue
   The papers of Sir Winston Churchill from "childhood letters
   and school reports to his final writings" have been indexed,
   and the over 70,000 entries are searchable or browsable by
   time period. Note that while this is an index, the search
   results are quite detailed and include abstracts. The site
   also provides a brief biography of Churchill and an overview
   of his papers. From Churchill College at the University of
   Subjects: Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-196...
   Created by smb

   Coolest Inventions 2003
   "Time Magazine picks the top new inventions of 2003" in the
   categories of music and fashion (high-tech sunglasses),
   health and safety (nasal-mist flu shot), gadgets and robots
   (robotic cat), transportation (Toyota's hybrid car), extreme
   sports (remote-controlled golf caddy), and "light and dark"
   (the "new black"). Includes a browsable list of almost 40
   inventions, and lists of past "best inventions" starting
   from 2001.
   Subjects: Inventions
   Created by jh

   Cyber Times Navigator
   "Navigator is the home page used by the newsroom of The New
   York Times for forays into the Web." Designed for reporters
   and editors, this selective list provides briefly annotated
   links and is updated frequently. Covers areas such as search
   engines, sites with materials for journalists, reference
   sources, telephone directories, online publications,
   politics, New York, commerce, entertainment, and sports.
   Requires free registration.
   Subjects: Web sites -- Directories...
   Created by pmm

   A Deep Fried Delicacy: The How-To on Deep Frying Turkey
   "Deep-fried turkey, a concept that started in the South, is
   gradually rising in popularity nationwide." This site
   provides guidelines for deep-frying turkey, including
   equipment, ingredients (with links to specific recipes),
   location, preparation, and safety tips. Includes detailed
   information about the frying oils, including selection,
   filtering, storage, and shelf life. From the National Turkey
   Federation, a turkey industry organization.
   Subjects: Cookery (Turkey)...
   Created by pmm

   Directory of America's Hospitals
   The American Hospital Association and U.S. News and World
   Report have created an online directory of hospitals in the
   United States that includes information on the types of
   treatment available, specialized services, and contact
   information. Searchable; browsable alphabetically and by
   location. Includes a glossary and related feature articles.
   Subjects: Hospitals -- United States
   Created by bb

   Father Cares: The Last of Jonestown
   "On November 18, 1978, 913 men, women, and children --
   followers of cult leader Jim Jones -- died during a mass
   suicide and murder in Jonestown, Guyana. In the months
   preceding the tragedy, Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple
   followers recorded their thoughts" on audio tape. These
   tapes form the basis of the 1981 radio documentary presented
   on this page. Also includes an interview with a survivor.
   From National Public Radio (NPR).
   Subjects: Jones, Jim, 1931-1978...
   Created by kgs

   Government of Gibraltar
   The official site for Gibraltar provides information about
   the history, government, laws, port, business, culture,
   geography, weather, and tourism of this small country in the
   western Mediterranean that has been linked to Great Britain
   since 1830. Also includes information about "the Barbary
   Apes, the only wild primates in all Europe."
   Subjects: Gibraltar...
   Created by nh

   Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI)
   In August 2003 President Bush "announced his Healthy Forests
   Initiative to improve the health of our nation's forests and
   rangelands. ... The primary goal of the projects is to
   reduce the fire danger and return our forests and rangelands
   to a healthier state." This site from the U.S. Department of
   Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service includes the text of the
   plan and background material, news, accomplishments, a
   brochure and posters, and links to related sites.
   Subjects: Forest reserves -- United States...
   Created by cdt

   Honolulu Academy of Arts
   This museum, founded in 1927, is located near downtown
   Honolulu and Waikiki, Hawaii. The site features images of
   items from the museum's permanent collections in the areas
   of Asian and Western art as well as items from Hawaii,
   Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. It also includes
   information about and images of philanthropist Doris Duke's
   Islamic-inspired home called "Shangri La."
   Subjects: Honolulu Academy of Art...
   Created by mcb

   How Wildfires Work
   "An average of 5 million acres burns every year in the
   United States, causing millions of dollars in damage." This
   site discusses how wildfires start, burn, and die, with
   information on common causes of wildfires, impact of
   topography, and fighting wildfires. Includes links to
   additional resources. From HowStuffWorks.
   Subjects: Wildfires
   Created by pmm

   Magnetic Storm
   This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service
   (PBS) NOVA program about the magnetic field that protects
   the Earth from radiation, its current weakening and
   potential for continuation or reversal, and effects of these
   changes on animals. The site features essays, images of
   auroras ("the most visible signs of Earth's magnetic
   field"), a simulated flip of the Earth's magnetic field, a
   teacher's guide, and related links.
   Subjects: Geomagnetism...
   Created by sf

   Maritime History of the Great Lakes
   A digital library containing ship lists, regional histories,
   government reports, newspaper accounts, and other resources.
   Topics include shipbuilding, shipwrecks, and the working
   lives of steamboats, schooners, and the people who sailed
   them. Searchable. Maintained by librarians from the HALINET
   system in Canada.
   Subjects: Great Lakes -- Navigation -- History...
   Created by kgs

   MEDLINEplus: Clinical Trials
   "A clinical trial is a research study conducted to evaluate
   new treatments in people." This site has background
   information and guides to understanding numerous clinical
   trial concepts. It includes related news, directories,
   research, statistics, a glossary of clinical terms, an
   interactive tutorial, sound files, and other resources. From
   the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National
   Institutes of Health.
   Subjects: Clinical trials
   Created by jh

   Nature: Great White Bear
   This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service
   (PBS) Nature program about the habits of polar bears, their
   secrets for survival in the Arctic, and "the challenges of
   studying polar bears in their freezing habitat." Also
   includes a list of online and print resources.
   Subjects: Polar bear
   Created by rmr

   Norbest [Turkeys]
   This site from a turkey marketing cooperative provides tips
   for selecting, thawing, stuffing, roasting, and carving
   turkeys. Includes a browsable directory of recipes (ranging
   from traditional Thanksgiving preparation techniques to
   everyday dishes and unusual recipes), nutrition facts, safe
   food handling, turkey statistics, a virtual turkey farm tour
   (from breeder stock to "turkey doo"), and more.
   Subjects: Cookery (Turkey)...
   Created by jh

   On Fire: Photographs by Larry Schwarm
   A gallery of high-quality photographs of the prairie fires
   that "sweep across the Flint Hills of Kansas each spring."
   From the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections
   Library (RBMSCL) at Duke University.
   Subjects: Photography of fires...
   Created by kgs

   PLoS: Public Library of Science
   PLoS "is a non-profit organization of scientists and
   physicians committed to making the world's scientific and
   medical literature a freely available public resource." PLoS
   offers its searchable and browsable PLoS Biology journal as
   an "open access" publication such that "everything is
   immediately available without cost to anyone, anywhere -- to
   read, download, redistribute, include in databases, and
   otherwise use."
   Subjects: Science -- Periodicals...
   Created by mlc

   QuickStudy: Library Research Guide
   This site from the University of Minnesota (UM) Libraries
   has eight modules designed to teach library research
   techniques. The modules include "the process of choosing a
   topic; designing a research strategy; finding different
   kinds of sources such as articles, books and internet sites;
   evaluating sources; [and] essential citation information."
   Although some of the information is specific to UM
   libraries, much of it can be applied to research in any
   Subjects: Library research -- Study and teaching...
   Created by mrm

   Recall: Search The [Internet] Archive
   Find old Web sites, view earlier versions of sites, and dig
   up information about the people and places of the Web of
   yore. "Recall is a search engine at the Internet Archive
   that indexes the text of over 11 Billion pages. The archive
   has pages dating way back to 1996 through the present day."
   The "About" page provides extensive search tips.
   Subjects: Internet -- Archival materials...
   Created by kgs

   Safe Turkey-Day Shortcuts
   This brief but informative tip sheet offers "a number of
   shortcuts you can take in preparing your holiday turkey that
   are safe and can decrease the time spent in preparation";
   also advises against bad practices, such as partially
   precooking turkeys. From Colorado State University
   Cooperative Extension.
   Subjects: Cookery (Turkey)...
   Created by kgs

   Turkey for the Holidays
   This guide includes information on turkey cooking
   techniques, selection, carving, side dishes, nutrition, food
   safety, and using leftovers. Also features interesting
   trivia and facts about turkey and Thanksgiving, ideas for
   family activities and craft projects, and related links.
   From the University of Illinois Extension.
   Subjects: Cookery (Turkey)...
   Created by jh

   Viral Hepatitis
   Site provides information on each of the five forms of the
   hepatitis virus: A, B, C, D, and E. Includes fact sheets,
   FAQs, maps, information on vaccines, recent outbreak news,
   and more. The Resource Center features educational
   materials, a glossary, and related links. Also includes
   online training materials. Available in English and Spanish.
   From the Division of Viral Hepatitis, National Center for
   Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and
   Prevention (CDC).
   Subjects: Hepatitis, Viral...
   Created by cdt

   When You Are Concerned
   "Leaving the wheel can be a watershed event for an aging
   driver." This online "handbook for families, friends and
   caregivers worried about the safety of an aging driver"
   covers such topics as monitoring driving habits, resources
   for help, safe driving tips and equipment, alternative
   transportation, and how to help the elderly cope with giving
   up driving. From the New York State Office for the Aging.
   Subjects: Aged automobile drivers...
   Created by mg

   The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute (WBTI)
   The dual mission of this organization is "to raise societal
   awareness of ... health-endangering work place psychological
   violence" and "to create and communicate long-term,
   research-based solutions for individuals, employers and
   public policy makers." The site offers a definition of the
   phenomenon of workplace bullying, a report on abusive
   workplaces, bullying studies tutorials for targets and their
   families, legal remedies, a list of employment attorneys,
   proposed anti-bullying laws and ordinances, and links.
   Subjects: Bullying in the workplace...
   Created by mrm

   WW2 People's War
   This site "aims to capture and preserve for future
   generations the story of the British people during World War
   Two." Hosted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC),
   the site allows users to submit and read personal and family
   stories about British military and Home Front experiences
   during World War II. Searchable, and browsable by date,
   location, type of story, military unit, location in Britain,
   or key event (such as the Holocaust). Includes a glossary.
   Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Great Britain...
   Created by sf

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